WDQK Chapter 142~

Chapter 142

TLed a little teensy bit by chiaossu and mostly by Law (His translation quality and speed are simply mind-blowing)

Edited and TLCed by chiaossu

Hurray! We’ve come to end of our week-long trial of releasing daily chapters ^.^

We started this daily release trial on the 4th of December and since then,
we’ve done a total of 9 + 8 chapters (correct me if i’m wrong)

From here, we’re hoping to be able to keep up a daily release at least till the end of December 🙂

All the best for those who are having their finals and happy holidays

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  1. if this keeps up then i will name my firstborn after you. i will also try to have as many children as possible so i can name each one after your whole group. it will take a while, but once i have a goal, i can make things happen.

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