WDQK Chapter 125~

Chapter 125~
Enjoy 🙂

It’s a little late but here’s a short intro of ourselves ^.^

We’re a two-man translating, editing and TLCing team (with random and occasional help from others)

who decided to pick up our beloved Wu Dong Qian Kun a few months back in June or July~

We both hail from the sunny island of Singapore (though my partner is currently having the time of his life in USA) and are coincidentally both Chinese *insert your shocked expressions here*

I’ve personally always loved reading fantasy genre stories and it’s a joy for me to share WDQK with so many people 🙂 (<3 you dear readers)

to end this off, feel free to leave a comment on any of our pages or posts to help us improve on the quality of our translations or maybe leave a wonderful 'thankyou' that always brighten ups our days or just anything you want to say in general (the internet is one of the 'freest' places afterall~)


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  1. Well thank you very much for all of the wonderful chapters you guys have given us; I have always really appreciated your efforts, and have always found your quality to be top notch!

  2. Thank you for the great work 🙂 WDQK is one of the best novels that is being translated right now. Nice to see MC that does not go on killing spree every other chapter. (Not that those that go are not nice to see, but variety is the king 🙂 )

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