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Hey guys, heads for you; yesterday, at around midnight, the VPS server node my server was on died due to some sort of hard drive failure. The Arvixe admins finally brought it back up around 6 AM today, but it appears as though my database was toasted in the process. Fortunately, I have backups and we finally managed to restore one, but the last backup made was at 6 PM yesterday, ergo chapter 9 of Coiling Dragon is missing. I will repost when I have a chance (busy at work right now). Chapter ten will have to come out later, but I promise I will get ten and eleven out for you guys! Thanks for your understanding A!

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  1. Thanks a lot for your effort, I was afraid the ddos is back. I’m sure someone has a copy of chapter nine somewhere that you don’t have to retlanslate it.

  2. Sorry you’re having troubles, Ren. But it is the adversity that builds us and makes us stronger. You don’t need to be the six million dollar man or the bionic woman to feel like you’re having a bad day. Thanks for being part of what makes my day better. Hopefully that helps.

    One thing I did a lot when the site had its past troubles was load the cached page from google. It’s not fool-proof, especially if you still have the original file you uploaded.

  3. Good thing there were backups. And also thank Google for their cache, letting Coiling Dragon addicts like myself get my fix even when wuxiaworld is down.

  4. wow you have so many problems with the website… o; have you explored other alternatives? not that i understand anything on the subject, but it seems that the current system gives you lots of trouble.

  5. RWX, just switch to the Linode. They don’t have such problems. In addition, they restore their VPS in 5 minutes and after 1st minute of crash they notify you about the problem. Their support works at extreme speed too – mostly withing hour or even before you get response.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion and for joining the community, warstalker! Yeah, I’m pretty cheesed. Seriously considering a server switch, but the thing is, we just had one last month and I don’t want to do it again, lol…

      1. I use my Linode VPS (I’ve chosen London as VPS location) for a 4 or 5 years… It costs me 20$/month, I run on it a couple of dedicated game servers… I have 2 TB monthly outbound limit (inbound is free)… So far I had only 2 or 3 crashes… The longest downtime for a server after crash was 40 mins or so and when it happened Linode Team gave me 50% off from next monthly payment for “inconvenience”, even though I haven’t asked for anything at all nor I felt any inconvenience. All other crashes that happened took only 5 min longest to restore as I described earlier. More over, Linode switched ALL their drives and storages to SSD year or so ago.

        Anyway, I’m delighted with Linode’s quality and you will be too 🙂

          1. And this time… you forgot to disable the comments. Don’t forget to wipe them when you disable it

  6. Don’t know if you know chapter 9 is up on spcnet coiling dragon unabridged thread, copy n paste it here? Save you time so u don’t have to wait untill you go home to reload the chapter.

  7. hi Ren, luckily you had backups!
    this morning when i check, i thought another “ddos attack”, good that was something else, but still toast the hardware of arvixe!
    your post chapter 9 was cached by google before the vps crashed, so i got to read it!

  8. dear Ren,
    bless you for your perseverance. ddos attack, migrating server, service failure, hardware failure happened in the past month but this website still striving to give quality translation.

    love you ren ^___^

    many thanks to donors, and authors also

  9. What do you say now? What do you say now, niggas? Who’s da boss?

    I just showed the database who I am!! Killed that muchaf*cka with some query updates, and some SQL injection. It’s easy, you just have to think like a machine. It’s not that complicated for clever guys like me. I did some blind SQL and made the server down!

    Saw that Ren?? That’s what ya get for ignoring me!

    And yo all your crappy white believers, just don’t try to test me, I can fry your laptop with some greps and netcats. I don’t want to use them, but if you force my hand, you’ll get some serious Zero Day stuff!!

    Peace guys. Hacker hearth!

      1. Well, it’s not like I said anything a normal person would feel proud of. xD

        But thank you. Things were calming down, and then this happened. At least the site is back up again. I don’t know how does Ren manage to keep up with RL and at the same time take care of the community. Compared to that I’m only doing the bare minimum to ensure things stay in place.

        See you arround.

  10. Hmmm when i open up this site; Me: ” holyyy, am i in the infernal realm? where is the 9? Just read it this yesterday.” 😀
    Rest assured Ren, just do what u hv to do first. Ganbatte

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