Voting for Panda Brigade banner’s design!

Design for Panda Brigade Banner! 



The banner will going to be based on those designs with the most vote! I’ll have the artist make the banner base on that design!


Hey, guys. As what’s been stated before, our loveable Panda is looking for designs for our new banner. If any of you have any ideas that our Translating Panda would like, send us links, or comments about fan arts you’d like to be voted on and, if we have enough, we’ll have something of a competition to see whose fan art will be used.

Now, since i, myself, am not an artist, i’ll just describe everything that I’m about to do to our beloved Panda…

Dogboy90: Oh, Xex! Have you finished tenderising the meat? Excellent! Tie this rope around him, and we’ll hoist him over this cauldron, while I start getting the Tense vegetables and Grammar spices ready.

Dogboy90: Okay, the stew is ready for the meat. Our lovable panda, do you know what we need?
Lovable Panda: …Translations?

Dogboy90: Correct! And now for your reward: A Grammar and Tense Bath, which you will soak in for the next 45 minutes. Enjoy!

The lovable panda wasn’t not harmed in this production. He’s still translating as we speak and will be given another Grammar and Tense bath in another 6 months. Hope you all enjoyed this and will submit your own kinds of art for us to see

#1 by Xex!


#2 by Xex!


#3 by Zynthrall!

#4 by Hot-Pot!

#5 by Fredrick Woo!

49 thoughts on “Voting for Panda Brigade banner’s design!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. #1 is pretty funny, and represents WW so well… but #5 wins in terms of art… *sigh* maybe if #1 was redrawn with color and more detail, but right now, #5 wins, even if Panda-tan is about to be r*ped.

    1. I too coudn’t decide between #1 and #5, the first one is perfect but lacks coloring and the like, whereas #5 is so wrong it’s right

  2. Those are all cool. My personal favorite is #2, its adorable. The last one kind of looks like the are going to “gobble him up” in one or multiple ways. Lol.

    1. Chapter 306 Long Yuyin:
      Although she was often being reprimanded by Nie Li, and had recently received a few beatings, she’d gradually become fond of that feeling. No, she wasn’t fond of getting beaten, but she liked having someone ***** her like a *******. It kept her from feeling lost or lonely.
      Maybe pandas and blood dragon have some… hobbies in common?

    1. it didn’t really take that long, it was just a quick sketch that I threw together in less than 2 hours. I was just procrastinating from doing homework

  3. My vote is for #1

    also #5 gives off a weird rape-y tone, really hope that doesn’t win o.o

    Also for everyone voting this is to decide what the artist makes the banner based off of. The pics above aren’t going to be the new banner.

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