Vote for ISSTH art contest A “scenes” !

Vote for your favorite scene depiction after the jump! Mobile readers beware, there are 27 big pictures in the post! You might want to use wifi or your desktop!

Okay, this is pretty simple. Below you will see all the entries in gallery format, which you can examine closely.

At the bottom you will be able to vote. You are only allowed to vote one time, but during that one time, you can vote for multiple entries. Please choose wisely.

Remember, there were three “scenes” to pick from: Meng Hao’s Gold Core Tribulation, Grandmaster Pill Cauldron Reveal, and Meng Hao and the Blood Mastiff. Most of the entries are pretty obvious, for a few I added a brief explanation. The entries are organized by alphabetical order of the username of the entrant.

There are 27 entries, so if you have a slow internet connection, you may want to give a minute for them to all load.





#5 (First appearance of the Blood Mastiff)

#6 (Sixth Matrix, Temple of Ancient Doom)



#9 (Meng Hao rescues the mastiff: “I’m here to keep my promise.”)


#11 (Blood Mastiff v. the Barbarians)







#18 (Meng Hao and Blood Mastiff v. Blood Dragon)



#21 (Meng Hao and Blood Mastiff in the “poison hell”)

#22 (The Mastiff is injured)

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57 thoughts on “Vote for ISSTH art contest A “scenes” !” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. The jade-face beauty aesthetic of asian handsome heart-throb, in my opinion are truly depict in 27, and in some way 26. 7 and 20 really display a strong image.

      1. To be fair, 27 is actually portraying Fang Mu who is supposed to look pale and girlish.

        The other 2 scenes should be darker-skinned as they are Meng Hao’s true appearance.

        Great job to all the artists! Seriously.

  2. Most Favorite: #11, #18 & #20

    the one meatbun has to comment:
    #15 love the puppy~
    #18 did Meng Hao pig tail his hair? lol
    #26 …all i can say is “a love between a man and his hunny(honey) pot *cough* i mean cauldron”

  3. I saw many amazing ones that i thought i didn’t know how i could ever choose… until i saw #26. That depicted Meng Hao so perfectly tht i fell in love with it immediately. Whoever made that, thank you. Its absolutely beautiful

  4. #20 is probably the best in terms of how good it it, unfortunately it just doesn’t really look like meng hao to me, too manly and gives off a warrior vibe as opposed to meng hao’s scholarly appearance.

    1. It sounds like you would have preferred the artist to show a happy and aloof meng hao scholar whose mastiff was nearly killed, rather than the angry meng hao the author tried to convey and the artist succeeded in conveying

      1. No, just someone in more “scholarly” pose with elegance and actually scholarly look containing bone-chilling indifference instead of imposing aura.

        This pose is… cliche. And Meng Hao is anything but cliche. I voted for this picture, but certainly not because of the pose.

        1. the thing he, he doesn’t always look scholarly, sometimes it’s stated he has a demonic air, or an imposing will, his facial expressions sometimes change many times in the matter of a few breaths, for this specific instance I think it’s perfect, he has a slightly strong but forlorn look with a hint of “you want to fight, then lets FIGHT!”

    1. It’s worth noticing that at the time to vote it’s not clear that the box-to-be-filled is on the lower part of the respective picture. I almost voted 9 and 20 instead of 10 and 21.

  5. I went with 7, that’s a mofo MASTIFF! My uncle loves his Mastiffs so that’s a well drawn blood mastiff, the rest of them they went a bit overboard on the hair and look more like lions imo :-P, 20 was very well done and would have been my first choice if the mastiff actually looked like a mastiff 😛 No offense to any of you that drew the blood mastiff that way but it’s not remotely what a mastiff looks like 😛 11 is the only one that comes near what a mastiff looks like… but ya.. most of them look like lions especially 4… all of the artists that drew small versions drew mastiffs tho :-P… and ya.. sorry to all of you that might disagree but I grew up in the midst of artists and have quite a discerning eye for such things… sadly my artistry sucks ever since I mashed my shoulder to crap when I flipped a moped (ya i literally did.. one of those old school yellow ugly bastards… we tweaked it’s gearing and carb some and could get it going interstate speeds… which btw.. don’t do.. it’s not smart at all! lol )

      1. Ya, that’s what I’m talking 😛 they get that nice burly thick shoulder hair and thick rolls of skin like in 7, if he was worked up they’d stand on end real good, but it’s not to the extreme like a lions length hair, def imposing as f tho, great pyrenees have similar scruffy thick hair.. oh on that note, some of them look like lions more for the nose and structure of the jaw n such imo

  6. wow! cool! i didnt think that there are so many talanted people here, its a pity i cant do the same… =)))
    i want to vote for many of them! However 26th seems to be more awesome

  7. Man , Some of them are really really beautiful . Just like it is done by some professionals. But yeah a lot of these that i find beautiful has an “new” aura on them instead of a “ancient” kind . But still they are really nice.

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