volare Labor Day Bonanza Results

volare’s Labor Day bonus chapter event is now over and you can see the results here: http://volarenovels.com/labor-day-trivia-results/

Thanks everyone for participating, translators and readers alike. It was fun!. Special thanks to Grenn and Mr. Priest at volare for putting it all together!

8 thoughts on “volare Labor Day Bonanza Results” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. What about the mistake there was in some question ? Like the SOTR question where no answer was good … but there was no choice of “no answer” ? Well if there was a “no answer” answer I didnt see it … Maybe I’m just blind and too tired x)

    1. I agree. There was no correct answer. But there was not an answer that was named “none of the above” or something like that.

      So I just chose the answer that was close to the real answer. In the results they wrote there was no correct answer. And that gave a bonus chapter.

  2. This quiz idea was honestly so genius and fun!! Even though I have not read all of the light novels in the quiz, I enjoyed figuring out the answers, and the idea of contributing towards a collective goal. Of course, my favourite part about it the quiz was answering questions to light novels I have read.

    Honestly, to the people behind this quiz, I thoroughly enjoyed this. Thank you so much for getting together, making something fun with great rewards


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