Very important announcement (or two)

Fellow Daoists, I’ve been going back and forth on when to announce this, and now seems as good a time as any. I’m posting this separate from a chapter release so as not to distract from the next chapter (which is awesome by the way)…..

I’m pleased to announce that Madam Deathblade and I are expecting a baby Deathblade in just a few months! Wow, big news, huh?

I’m sure many of you are wondering how the translation will be affected. Well that relates to another bit of news. In order to be able to translate more chapters per week, I recently made a deal with my company to reduce my work hours. However, instead of immediately increasing the number of chapter releases per week, what I’m going to do is save the extra chapters up to build an extensive queue of unreleased chapters.

Once baby Deathblade comes in a few months, my schedule and life will obviously change quite a bit. By building up a large queue of unreleased chapters, it will enable me to continue with the current release schedule even if I end up unable to translate for periods of time in the future. I know many of you would love to immediately have more ISSTH, but I would rather ensure the long-term regularity of releases, than increase the number now only to have a dearth of chapters after the baby comes and the sleepless nights set in. Long story short is, the translation shall continue!!

After I reach my target goal of queued up chapters, then I will consider increasing the total chapters per week. Stay tuned for that.

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  1. Congratulations. Even though we fail to realize sometimes, babies are one of the most miraculous beings in the world. I am so happy for you and i hope love be with you in the lifetime of yours for you to cherish it.. May peace and happiness be with you… I love you all 🙂

  2. wow thats awesome. i will assume you haven’t read it, but there is a lot of research on how violence lowers IQ in children, especially toddlers. screaming, hitting, name calling and punishing ruins the mental health and IQ of the child. since most people dont know this and actually abuse their children, im just leaving this here. its a serious business. its never too late to learn and giving your child the best childhood possible is your main goal.

    btw, im not saying this because i think you are a bad person, but because statistically 80% of people in the US still hit their children. unlike some counties in EU, hitting children is still legal in most parts of the world. so please consider doing the research. im sure you will be a much better parent because of it.

  3. Wow! Congratulations to both you and Madam Deathblade! 😀 I wish the three of you happiness and health.

    I also really appreciate the efforts you’re going through to ensure a steady stream of chapters. 🙂 But if things get too hectic between your job and the baby, don’t feel bad about slowing them down. The first few months are especially tough, so take it easy if you have to.

  4. Congratulations Deathblade!
    Don’t worry too much about us; the baby and the wife come first, and we all recognize that!
    That being said, we all appreciate the effort you’re putting in to share this great story with us nevertheless!

    And, most importantly… all the best for the baby! I hope he or she grows up happy, healthy, and with a lot of meaning in their life.
    We won’t complain one bit if you can’t help keeping us updated about it (bragging to us about it), and post a few pictures of baby shoes or a new bottle you’ve bought for ’em either! =3

  5. Congratulations. Me and mrs caledar are expecting our 2nd son next month, so i can easily sympathise with what you’re about to go through and believe stockpiling chapters is a very good idea.

  6. Aww, congratulations! So, you’re going to train Baby Deathblade to be a translator, right? It’s never too early to start! 😛

    I like the idea of stockpiling chapters, you have my support! (*-`ω´- )

    1. Haha, cute!

      Yeah, I grew up hearing my dad read stories to me like Treasure Island and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I think I will add some wuxia and xianxia to the mix!

  7. First of all, a big congratulations 🙂

    though it is sad to hear that the translations might halt for some time in the future, we realize that the real life is important and family is the most important in the life so we wish that your child grows up to be healthy and cheerful.

  8. Congratulations Deathblade!!! All the best! Hope Baby Deathblade doesn’t cultivate too quickly, one minute they can’t talk, next minute they fly all over the place!

  9. Congratulation DeathBlade and Madam Deathblade don’t know what else to say.
    Many changes are going to happen in your life because of the baby Deathblade

    PS: I am very touched to hear that you are making preparation that Translations schedule wouldn’t get affected.

  10. Madam deathblade and baby(ies) deathblade comes first… to even have time to think about us… well thank you..
    praying for a safe delivery and for an awesome familial life afterwards…

  11. Had to register for this… Congratulations!!!
    Maybe you’ll be as lucky as a friend of mine, his little twerp sleeps from midnight to 9 am every day (or you’ll be as unlucky as my parents and spit blood every night)

  12. CONGRATS ON THE YOUNG’N INCOMIN!!…..on another note while I was reading this post, as soon as I saw that you and Madam were expecting a Baby Deathblade for some reason I started snickering like lame a 60’s villain… the middle of my starbucks….in front of the really pretty cashier………….i’m afraid to go back lol

  13. Don’t be shy Deathblade!

    You can always ask your fellow Daoists for a fraternity leave 😀

    Remember you must always answer all questions of your baby Deathblade so it won’t grow up into shy kid Deathblade and will be always hidden in his scabbard.

    Best regards.

  14. Congratulations Deathblade, Madam Deathblade!?
    Hope you have an awesome time with baby deathblade?
    *sob* Really deathblade, your dedication to this translation has moved all of us?, so don’t hesitate to take time off if you need it. But please please please tell us when the baby arrives. Wuxiaworld will celebrate with you! ??

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