17 thoughts on “USAW Release! Book 1, Chapter 79” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Okay, firstly i will said thanks for the chapter. And then, Ren seriously??? You do Desolate Era as well as USAW now? And then being the god that controling WW! Now we talk about your health, pls dont overworked it. Well if you fell sick it was bad news to the whole reader T-T stay healthy Ren!!

    1. I’ll be fine! I’m still the same guy that used to do 21 chapters a week of CD, plus a full time job xD. ‘Only’ doing ten chapters of DE a week was precisely to give me some slack to help in cases like this!

        1. when i first found Ren and CD i seriously thought he had figured out how to make a perfect Machine Translator seriously 21 chapters a week that was hardcore!!

  2. Ren, what happened to Watermelon? Last I saw he was taking a break, but its been months and youve completely taken over, so I’m worried about him.

      1. Really? Its been so long my memory is pretty fuzzy, but I remember it saying he was taking a break and coming back, did this happen behind the scenes?

        Huh, I just went back and looked and all the chapter posts he made have been deleted, so I cant even recheck this.

  3. Ren DE is gonna be released today right? I’m really strung on that title [success], but don’t overwork yourself.
    Its okay if you reduce DE to 7 chapters a week till He-Man comes back. No pressure.

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