Hey guys, this is RWX. He-man had some family issues and had a minor accident a while back, and he’s since gone incommunicado. Haven’t been able to get in touch with him, and I’m really praying everything is OK. Since this was one of the stories I’m following, I’m going to make the executive decision to temporarily step in and help translate this novel. I can’t commit to a specific number of chapters a week yet, esp. since I’ll continue to translate Desolate Era full time, but being able to provide this sort of ‘back-up support’ was one of the reasons why I lowered the number of chapters in the past to begin with. When he-man comes back, I will of course pass this back to him with great joy.

I’m trying to keep to previous terms as much as possible, but please do help correct me when I have failed to do so! Anyhow, tldr – USAW is back. Book 1, Chapter 78 – Soul Beast. Enjoy the read! Sticking this for a few days.


  1. Thanks for letting us know, and for filling in. I pray for He-Man to have the strength & support to deal with whatever he is going through.

  2. Thanks for picking it up RWX.
    Although, I’d rather have efforts focused on one novel so that it is finished faster than spreading that effort on multiple novels.

  3. Hope you are doing okey He-man.
    Really looking forward to how this story will proceed. Hope you get back soon He-man.

    Thank you Ren for the new chapter and for stepping in for a while.

  4. Ren, you are totally a superhero too. Thanks for doing this, and also hopefully taking some of the pressure off of he-man so he can get better. I was really concerned about him. I’m praying too that he’s ok, and will come back with a new superpower too.

  5. Did he-man just get his dao foundation stolen? Joking aside, hope he’s ok.

    Thanks for picking it up as a side project during he-man’s absence!

  6. I am not reading USAW, but I really hope that He-man is okay.
    And a big “THANK YOU!” to RWX for picking up this series.
    We, the Wuxiaworld readers/members, are very glad to have you as our Patriarch.

  7. Thabk you Ren, you are awesome, thanks for not left ng readers down…
    I hope Heman gets back on track soon, and hope his family is doing ok….

  8. dat moment when you really want sempai to notice you.

    Jokes aside, thnx for stepping up mate, means a lot to us free loaders. Hope he-mans’ family is well soon

  9. Thanks so much for the update and on picking this up RWX, as I had marathoned all that was released right before he-man gave the notice that he was dealing with some unfortunate circumstances. I have strongly fallen in love with this story so I am very glad to see you pick it up a bit for all the fans sake. Although Desolate Era is my favorite at the moment, this story has such good potential that I wouldn’t be the slightest bit disturbed if your output of DE chapters dropped a tad for the sake of USAW. Hopefully your efforts and all the fans love will help to neutralize any negative karma effecting he-man and family. I sent him a message myself saying to focus on his family above all things, even if we never get a chapter from him again. I know through personal experience how important it is for a family to come together in supporting each other through such times. Being sick or in a hospital in general is an extremely challenging experience, and I’m saying that from being in a long line of doctors and nurses. I’ll continue to do what I can in my prayers and such for his sake. Such a translator for such a story is too great a thing to loose. Yet, as I said, I’ll pray for him and his family first and foremost. <3

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