USAW Release: Book 1 Chapter 6

Here’s chapter 6, guys. Enjoy reading it!

USAW Book 1 Chapter 6

P.S: I don’t know why there are no spaces between the paragraphs of this chapter. I’m gonna try to fix this later. And there’ll be another chapter tomorrow!

P.S2: Ok, I manually added the spaces. If someone knows how to keep the spaces when copy & paste from Word, please tell me!

P.S3: Alright, guys. Now I have learned how to paste a chapter with spacing between paragraphs. Thanks a lot for helping me!


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  1. I’m not sure what the posting editor is like here, but I’ve come across a very similar problem.

    After writing a chapter in word, I want to post it on my Patreon page, but copying it directly causes the text to be all messed up. No spaces in between paragraphs; turning one paragraph into two at random locations. I solved this problem by first copying it into my WordPress[dot]org, then over to Patreon from that which solved the problem.

    I could also paste it as plain text which worked, but it got rid of any italics or bold formatting which was irritating.

    Hope this helps somewhat! I can’t really say more because I don’t know what editor this site uses.

  2. The problem is probably because word adds paragraph spacing even when there isn’t actually a one line gap in the middle. The browser doesn’t add this gap, so the paragraphs don’t get spaced out properly.

    What you need to do, is press enter twice when creating a new paragraph.

    You can also remove the paragraph spacing in word, by selecting everything and then in the Home Tab => Line spacing, remove spaces before and after paragraphs.

    1. Also, you should be able to completely disable the paragraph spacing feature by changing the Style Set.

      In the Design tab, there should be an option called “Paragraph Spacing” which you should set to “No Paragraph Space” (At least, in Word 2015. you can do it in earlier versions but the exact method might be different).

  3. I use notepad because of that problem with word. It is actually a lot easier to translate english to turkish when using notepad because you only have 1 line for 1 paragraph. You cant miss it if you didnt put space between two paragpahs ^_^ Just double tap enter and you are done! But i can only talk about english to turkish or turkish to english…

    1. I think notepad (or Word) are to bothersome. I dunno chinese to english or about english to turkish. But I’m using my own little tool for an english to german translation. It makes *my* life a bit easier. 😉

  4. excellent chapter, thank you heman… so far the novel is great.. this is a usual case with all novels, they all usually start off great.. but then, more than half of them turn into something unreadable..
    I am really looking forward to this novel, hoping that it wont turn into teen drama and those creepy ecchi moments..

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