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  1. Is it me – but first chapters of this novel was nice. but then . It started to get annoying. really annoying. just pure bad fighting.
    So does all this novel like that? no character development. No skill development.
    And this supposed to be one of top rated novels? Really? With this kind of story plot?

    1. Really, what age are you now? Are you expecting people with no master, just barely surviving to develop haxx skillz top form fighting skills from just a few month? He have used several of new skills he learned by experimentation and know where to improve. Not like he have enough resources and time to cultivate.

      Besides, why are you complaining about story to translators, go complain to it’s author instead. Oops, you can’t understand chinese? Ungrateful bastard sheesh

      1. Really, i couldn’t say more.
        We already get this much luxury, don’t we?
        Btw, i hope the MC will meet the sage back then and receive more advanced training from a genuine school.

      2. Well thats the thing because of my age that i have readed allot. And im not one of those “Twilight” book writing style fan. Author way of writing not translator.

        Translator choose which story to translate – and bassicly more or less have readed it allot further. So could answer if it goes the same way.

        + Dude what age are you – did i complain for how He-man translates ? No i didn’t . I just complain about the story of this novel. Like allot people complain about MGA or Renegade immortal novels – that theres like meaningles battles , etc stuff.
        For me how i see mc – his only good thing is his upgrade skill . And like poor xanxia training. Just hack n slash. Yes its the same like comparing JRPG with all those clone Action RPG . its just from those 25 chapters what can i see.

        So it would be really good to have answer from He-man – if this plot of USAW all the same way like those 25 chaps. Or does it goes better like level of really asome xanxia. Sometimes its harder to start write novels – but later it goes awesome. or its stays the same way. Because its one of lamest novels for moment. Thats how i feel after reading first 25 chaps.

        1. I assume that it’s going to get better, probably after taking his revenge, as I guess that he is going to look for someone to actually teach him. I feel like the pace is a bit off as the MC gets too strong too fast thanks to his ability to upgrade weapons and armor without anyone teaching him, but I hope he id going to get some real training as he probably can’t really win later on once he encounters opponents that have trained for a long time, which should be something his weapons can’t help with as you can’t hurt what you can’t hit.

          Btw. readed is not a real word.

        2. I read this novel 2 years ago so I don’t remember its contents well enough to write a summary or a review. You can simply stop reading and wait until the translation reaches chap 100 to give it another try. If the first 100 chaps don’t make you like it, then so be it, find another novel that you enjoy.


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