12 thoughts on “USAW Release: Book 1 Chapter 20” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. Ha ha, yeah, I get distracted by lots of things on the Internet when sitting down at the computer to translate, videos, articles, live game streams, blogs, etc. =)) so for the last few weeks, the timing of release has usually been off by several hours. But starting from this Monday, I’m gonna try to change this bad habit (by staying offline until a chapter is done) =)). I’ve still managed at least 5 chapters a week though.

      1. I don’t mind at all man! I just notice it because you post about it. We know you will post the chapters but I guess if you tend to get distracted perhaps you shouldn’t say when you will post it.

  1. why not post chapter 25 in 22 hours. chapter 24 in 18 hours. chapter 23 in 14 hours. chapter 22 in 10 hours and chapter 21 in 6 hours? why not just post it all in a big surprise. i still remember the days when translators gave unexpected tsunamis of chapters like BOOM 10 chapters in the middle of the week. what happened? where is your passion? is your real life is more important than us?

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