USAW Release: Book 1 Chapter 10

Here’s chapter 10, guys:

USAW Book 1 Chapter 10

Enjoy reading it. And please check WW tomorrow for chapter 11.


13 thoughts on “USAW Release: Book 1 Chapter 10” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. First thanks for the chapter.
    Second, why the hell are you asking us to come check next chapter tomorrow??? Don’t you know we live for WW? The moment it comes up we will come check it out ;). And when we are on this topic already … Do you think it would be possible to post 2 chapters per day? Because this waiting is killing me.

        1. jajaja So true. He-Man you know well that posting one chapter a day is already a lot of work. But the more interesting is the story the more we want. Cant’ wait to see chapter 11. Been 24 hours without my He-Man drug.

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