USAW Release: Book 1 Chapter 5

Here you go, chapter 5, where the saga sort of actually begins:

Book 1 Chapter 5

There’s going to be another chapter tomorrow, so stay tuned for it.



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  1. You might want to categorize your posts (ask RWX to create the category for the novel if it doesn’t exist yet).

    The main page of WW has a nice display of when the last update for each series happened, and your post went under “uncategorized” instead, making it less likely for the readers to notice it when they refresh the page.

    Aside from that detail, thanks a lot for the chapters, I was really afraid that it would be a novel like “world customize creator”, and it turns out it is not, so it is more enjoying to read.
    The other novel is about a guy that is transported into an other world and gets the power to customize everything he wants, at no real cost, so he instantly becomes one of the most powerful from the start.
    While OP characters is fun once in a while, it’s nice to see the same kind of powers in the hand of someone that doesn’t have the knowledge to make it godly right at the start.

  2. sadly i tought the player would be the MC but he actualy merged whit that Bai dude and Bai dude is the dormant one i dont like it at all not going to read it i dont like that bai dude , but still thaanks for translating 🙂

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