USAW Book 2 Chapter 96

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Chapter 96: Entrapment by Jing Mingfeng and the Incoming Ridiculously Absurd Disaster

Dodging an explosion that had rocked the area in front of him, Jing Mingfeng suddenly let loose a strange laugh, “Watch this!”

With a swishing sound from his arms, both of Jin Mingfeng’s hands turned into claws. Then, disregarding the fact that the aunt could strike at him, he lashed out — and grabbed the aunt’s bosom….

Aunt Zhao was dumbfounded and speechless — this was a battle between soul cultivators! What type of soul cultivator would fight by grabbing the breasts of another? This was the underhanded tactics one might expect from a vulgar scoundrel!

Almost instinctively, aunt Zhao gave up her assault in favor to protect her chests with her hands.

Jing Mingfeng laughed darkly as he brought his right leg down. With a stamp and a step to the left, he gave up attacking her to go for the young woman several meters away.

“Hey there pretty girl, smile! Master Bai has a reward for you!” Jing Mingfeng laughed before reaching out to feel her cheek.

The young woman’s face became even more red before she swung her head to dodge Jing Mingfeng’s lecherous hands. At the same time, her eyes frosted over as her right leg flew up to ruthlessly kick at Jing Mingfeng’s crotch.

“Oh dang!” Jing Mingfeng cried out before bringing his left hand to block the leg from reaching his crotch. Scuttling to the side, he dodged a slap aimed at his face to two meters away where he spoke with some lingering fear, “I didn’t think that compared to that aunty, you’d be even more ferocious! I nearly lost my family jewels because of you!”

As he spoke, Jing Mingfeng suddenly felt a gust of wind assault the back of his head. It was a warning that aunt Zhao was coming up to attack him.

Aunt Zhao’s face was flushed red with indignation. She never would have imagined that her opponent would be so shameless, or that she had almost been so careless to allow this depraved knave to nearly come into contact with the young miss again. At this current moment, she wanted nothing more than to tear this man limb from limb before tearing up his mouth, for her anger to fully dissipate.

Jing Mingfeng nimbly dodged to the side and moved back in the young woman’s direction again. With a lecherous voice, he shouted out, “Hey lady, here I come againnnn!”

Alarmed, aunt Zhao hurriedly moved to block him.

“Haha, got you!” Jing Mingfeng’s eyes flashed brilliantly. His right hand that moved at the speed of lightning as it latched onto the lapel under aunt Zhao’s neck while his left hand simultaneously moved to block her. In her fury, aunt Zhao slammed a fist into his obstructing body parts.


Following a single muffled sound, Jing Mingfeng had finally been struck for the very first time and sent flying away. However, he had been prepared for this, and used this backward momentum to somersault through the air and land forcibly on the ground. Clenching his teeth as he shook his left hand, Jing Mingfeng let out a groan in pain. But in his right hand, there was unexpectedly some sort of orange material. Was this…was this the clothes that the aunt had been wearing?!

Looking again at aunt Zhao, she stood there instead of trying to assault him. Her arms were crossed against her quivering bosoms and her entire face was a dark-purple hue in indignation as she gave Jing Mingfeng a death glare.

Jing Mingfeng had… he had somehow managed to steal the underwear she had been wearing!

The young woman could clearly see the offending piece of garment in Jing Mingfeng’s hand with wide open eyes. Her tiny mouth dropped open in utter disbelief at Jing Mingfeng’s action.

Jing Mingfeng smiled in satisfaction. He had originally wanted to bring up the article of clothing to his nose to smell since he was pretending to be Bai Yunfei. The more vulgar he acted, the better. But when he saw how furious the woman was in front of him, the corners of his lips had twitched in indecision before finally deciding to not do such a wretched action.

“Pe… perverted thief! I’ll kill you!!” Aunt Zhao’s entire body shook with fury. With a shake of her right hand, a 1.3 meter long sword appeared for her to grab. There was an orange light to it as it emitted the crisp whistling sound of a sword traveling through the air. With a swing, the tip of the sword made a gap in the ground about a third of a meter deep.

In a burst of strength from aunt Zhao, her right leg stamped down onto the ground so hard a crater had been left behind. Dozens of meters had instantly been shortened as she charged toward Jing Mingfeng with eyes that were shining with a furious desire to kill.

“Holy shit, I took this joke way too far! Time to withdraw!” As an earth-shattering amount of power began to engulf the area, Jing Mingfeng’s face began to change. Unable to think of any other solution to escape, Jing Mingfeng could only use his soulforce to reinforce his legs and make himself even faster than before. Like a wild dog that had just broken free from its chains, Jing Mingfeng flew to the right side entrance of the street.

“Lady, this servant of yours is far too violent! She’s adamant in stopping us from being together, so I’ll split first. I’m sure fate will ensure that we will see each other again in the future. Until then, don’t you forget this handsome me!” Jing Mingfeng did not forget to let out a final remark as he desperately tried to run.

The aunt chased after him in hot pursuit. However, she had to restrain herself from attacking despite her fury when she saw that he was planning to escape onto a street with plenty of people. If one of her sword strikes were to fly out, there was a good chance a commoner would be injured.

Jing Mingfeng had naturally thought about that as well so when he made it out onto the streets he cried out loud, “Help! There’s a murderer, run away!!”

His voice caused the entire street to stop in a daze. Taking advantage of the confusion, Jing Mingfeng bent over and quickly scampered into the crowd.

Arriving at the street entrance, aunt Zhao stopped with an angry reluctance. Staring at the crowd in front of her, she let out a groan and began to restrain her anger so that she could spread out her soulforce and find the soulforce of Jing Mingfeng. Half a moment later, her eyebrows flew up in shock. Confused, she spoke, “He’s gone? But how? I can’t even detect any presence of him left…”

“Aunt Zhao, are you okay….”

Aunt Zhao was startled to hear the voice of her young charge behind her. Whirling around to look at the young woman, she took in several deep breaths to pacify her own indignation. Putting away the sword, she gave a small smile to the young woman and shook her head, “I’m fine, but that wretched man somehow used some sort of method to hide his soulforce. He’s gone.”

The young woman was surprised. Staring at the throng of people who had already went back to normal, she questioned, “That man… how strange was he! Just how could there… be such a shameless soul cultivator like him…”

“Hmph! That shameless pervert. Not only did he treat the young miss rudely, he actually… he actually…” Aunt Zhao’s face began to distort with resentment again as her arms unconsciously covered her own chest. Furious, she declared, “If he and I ever meet again, I will definitely cut off both of his hands! Then I’ll tear apart that foul mouth of his!”

“Yes aunty. Let’s not get mad. Let’s return to our inn. If he ever appears again, you’ll have to beat a lesson into him…”

As the two women walked down the road toward the inn, aunt Zhao could be heard continuously cursing the name of that ‘depraved knave’ over and over while the young woman whispered several words of comfort.

Unbeknown to the two, following quietly behind them a hundred meters was a man with an extremely prominent beard. Walking with the two until they got to their inn, the man looked at it for a moment before turning around.

The man walked off to another inn not too far away and booked a room for the night. Within the closed doors of his room, he sat by the table and poured himself a cup of tea to drink. With eyes that flashed incessantly, he began to ponder to himself.

“I didn’t reveal my own soulforce and even managed to use the Soul Concealment Art to mix it up a bit, so they should think I was trying to hide my strength. Haha… this way the blame will be perfectly pinned on someone else…”

The corners of his lips turned up in a sinister smile. With a shake of his right hand, an orange piece of cloth from a woman appeared. In this moment of thought, the smile on his face grew even more vulgar.

“Hehe, Bai Yunfei, this is the price of angering Jing Mingfeng… let’s see how long it’ll take for me to break you!”


From the inside of an inn on the eastern streets, Bai Yunfei suddenly felt a chill run up his spine while meditating. It caused him to be shaken back to awareness.

“What’s going on tonight? Why am I so uneasy? I feel like my heart’s going to leap out at any second…”

“Is this because of all the traveling I’ve done? Forget it, I’m done cultivating for tonight. Let me get a good night’s sleep…”

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    1. Aye it is pretty stupid. I don’t mind them showcasing Bai’s naivety, but to use such a moronic way of doing so is simply obnoxious. Realistically this guy would’ve already been hunted down by the master of someone he stole from or assaulted.

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