USAW Book 1 Chapter 70

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Chapter 70: In a Flash

Bai Yunfei suddenly lifted his head. A rare hint of ruthlessness had unexpectedly shown up on his face, and he stared at this young man with an ice-cold expression.

“Get lost!”

This sudden outburst of his stupefied the several people at the scene for a moment, especially Liu Meng and Xiao Ning, who had never seen him behave like this before. They both looked at him with their faces full of astonishment.

As for that black-clad young man, after looking at Bai Yunfei in stupefaction for a moment, he pointed at his own nose in some disbelief, asking, “You told me to get lost?”

Bai Yunfei cast a look at Liu Meng frowningly then stared at this young man, saying rather impatiently, “I don’t care where you’re from. I’m not in a very good mood at the moment so you’d better not provoke me!”

The black-clad young man stared at Bai Yunfei with eyes wide open for some time. Suddenly, his extreme anger seemed to turn into an urge to laugh and he pointed at Bai Yunfei, saying, “Ha ha! Not bad, not bad! You’re unexpectedly talking like this to your grandpa! You want to play the hero in front of women, huh? Humph! Don’t overestimate yourself!”

As he said so, he unexpectedly made a grab at Bai Yunfei’s collar without a warning sign! This man was really the type who had no regard for laws and ethical principles. After just a few words of conflict, he had immediately launched an attack.

Seeing that the opponent’s strike was actually full of power despite looking casual, Bai Yunfei’s pupils contracted slightly. He turned his body and threw a punch with his right fist in an instant, clashing with the opponent’s hand. A soft sound rang out as the young man retreated two steps continuously. But the stool under Bai Yunfei also made creaking sounds, seemingly bearing an extremely heavy burden.

“Oh? Soul cultivator!” After stopping, the youngster exclaimed with an astounded expression. There was even a flash of ‘pleasant surprise’ in the look that he gave Bai Yunfei.

“Ha ha! Who would have thought you’re a soul cultivator?! Very good, very good. Your grandpa likes to trample on strong opponents the most!” After saying so, this man unexpectedly attacked Bai Yunfei again with a face full of excitement.

“Ridiculous!” Bai Yunfei was surprised to see the opponent charge up again. His eyes glittered with fury. In the blink of an eye he stood up, took a step forwards and threw a punch at the enemy’s face. That man’s eyes flashed with surprise. He suddenly made a jump while rushing up and landed on Bai Yunfei’s left-hand side like a wildcat. Curling his fingers into a claw, he unexpectedly made a grab straight at Bai Yunfei’s neck.

His fingernails were much longer than those of ordinary people and, furthermore, seemed to sparkle with a cold light. They cut across Bai Yunfei’s artery, but it was merely an afterimage. Bai Yunfei dashed half a step backwards then threw another punch, hitting the opponent in the right shoulder.

Although he did not use the Overlapping Waves Art, the force of this punch was still large enough to make the youngster move back involuntarily nonstop. Only after knocking over a table was he able to stop. Massaging his shoulder, he looked at Bai Yunfei with a totally astonished expression.

“Mid-stage Soul Warrior?!”

After this brief exchange, the two of them had found out each other’s power level. And they were both at the Mid-stage Soul Warrior level.

The other people on the second floor had already run away as soon as they had seen the two of them fight. At the moment, there were only four people left. Liu Meng and Xiao Ning had also retreated to one side and were looking at that young man in front of them with doubtful expressions.

“He he, not bad, not bad, who would have thought I’d make a misjudgement? I didn’t expect you to be a soul cultivator comparable to me in power.” The young man swung his right arm and was still as arrogant as before. He looked at Liu Meng, who was behind Bai Yunfei. His eyes rolling, he said laughingly, “Young girl, watch me beat this guy to a pulp. Then you should just follow me!”

After saying so, he stared at Bai Yunfei again. Retreating several steps, he said, “Humph, brat, don’t think just because you’re on the same power level as me you can fight me to a draw. Let me tell you something, I’m more powerful than you by Heaven knows how many times. I’ll let you have a taste of something soul cultivators from small schools like you can never obtain in your lives…”

He then raised his left hand, and with a forward flick of it, a huge gray silhouette appeared out of thin air in front of him without a warning sign.

Bai Yunfei was somewhat suspicious upon seeing the opponent retreat, but when he saw the real identity of this gray silhouette, his expression changed greatly all of a sudden. His eyes opened wide and his face was full of bafflement.

A huge gray wolf had appeared in front of the young man!!

Its body was about the size of a calf, its four limbs muscular and powerful. Its gray, needle-like hair covered its entire body and unexpectedly seemed to vaguely gleam. Its fangs were slightly bared, its body arched a little. One after another drop of saliva even came out of its mouth slowly. Its eyes were very red, but they seemed totally soulless.

A ferocious aura hit Bai Yunfei in the face. He even took a step backwards involuntarily, astonishment and shock showing up in his eyes. This was the first time he had encountered this kind of situation so he simple did not know what was going on.


On a large street several thousand meters away from this restaurant, a silvery-robed, long-haired young man was walking slowly thoughtfully. He was none other than Hong Yin.

As always, that white, little animal was lying prone on his right shoulder. At the moment, it seemed to be sleeping. Suddenly, its several long whiskers shook slightly. Then it opened its eyes. Unexpectedly those little rat eyes flashed with a trace of extremely human like amazement. After that, it straightened up its body and gave a couple of squeaks.

Feeling the little animal’s strange behavior, Hong Yin immediately halted his steps. He inclined his head looking at it somewhat doubtfully and asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong, Xiao Tang?”

Xiao Tang stood up like a human, seeming to be sensing something carefully. Several seconds later, it pointed to Hong Yin’s left-hand side with its two little claws and squeaked a couple of times again.

Frowning slightly, Hong Yin turned to the direction it was pointing to and closed his eyes to sense things for several breaths’ time. Suddenly he opened his eyes, which were glittering, “The aura of a Soulbeast! Plus, this feeling…”

Without finishing what he was saying, he frowned even more tightly. After considering for a moment, he turned and walked towards an alleyway. The moment he walked past a corner of this alleyway, he immediately disappeared!

People were still coming and going on the streets as usual. Nobody noticed that a living person had just disappeared into thin air…


In the restaurant, seeing the astounded expression on Bai Yunfei’s face, the black-clad youngster laughed out loud very complacently and said arrogantly, “What’s up? You’re dumbstruck? You have never seen this, right? Are you scared? Humph, we can suck soulbeasts into space rings. How can someone from a small school like you possibly understand my Beast Taming School’s secret techniques?! Thunderwolf, go up for me!”

Following his order, that massive gray wolf suddenly made a pounce forwards and jumped up to Bai Yunfei’s face almost in the blink of an eye with its mouth wide open. He could even smell the stench coming out from that basin-sized large mouth.

Bai Yunfei was greatly frightened. It was not like Bai Yunfei had not fought wolf packs when crossing the mountains earlier, but those ordinary wolves in the forest were just like kittens in front of a tiger compared to this wolf. Moreover, its speed was totally beyond Bai Yunfei’s imagination. Right after he had seen its body move slightly, it had gone up to his face just about instantly!

Almost instinctively, Bai Yunfei swung to the left with a slide of his feet. The thunderwolf’s blade-like sharp claw nearly scraped his ear. Taking steps continuously, he moved away half a meter in the blink of an eye, finally avoiding this attack.

However, when the thunderwolf’s huge body went past him on one side, his expression changed greatly all of a sudden!

This was because Liu Meng was behind him!

In terror, Bai Yunfei had dodge instinctively, but he had forgotten this most important detail!

In the blink of an eye, Bai Yunfei’s heart almost stopped beating. He turned around fiercely and saw that the thunderwolf had already jumped up to the two girls!

Actually, there had been quite a long distance between Bai Yunfei and the two girls earlier. It would definitely have given him and that young man enough space to fight each other. However, who would have thought the young man would suddenly release such a soulbeast to attack the opponent?

And to the thunderwolf, this distance basically meant nothing!

Bai Yunfei wanted to shout a warning, but there was simply no time for this. His eyes almost crimson, he channeled his soulforce to the utmost, concentrating all of it into his legs. Then, using an unprecedented intensity, he controlled all the muscles, bones and acupoints he could control in legs and rushed towards Liu Meng at his fastest speed!

But this was not enough! Given his current position, it would be impossible for him to rush up to Liu Meng before the thunderwolf’s attack arrived!

All this takes long to describe but happened quickly. When Bai Yunfei had just moved, he saw Liu Meng pull Xiao Ning, who was beside her, and avoid the attack by a hair’s breadth with a shake of her body almost just a moment before the wolf’s claw could smash into her!

Bai Yunfei’s pupils contracted a bit. He dashed up to the side of Liu Meng, pushed her two more steps aside then raised his right fist and struck the thunderwolf, which had just landed, a fierce blow in the side of its body!

Bang! A loud sound rang out. The thunderwolf was sent flying several meters away directly by this punch, knocking over a table. Its claws were pressed tightly against the wooden floor, creating several long trails. In the end it stopped then unexpectedly sprung forwards again without delay!

Bai Yunfei’s eyes glittered with fury. Instead of dodging, he even charged up with a shake of his body! The wolf’s claw was swiped at him. Bai Yunfei felt obliquely to one side. The moment the wolf’s head went past him, his falling body came to a halt. With a slight shake of his body, he stood firm again. Then, blue veins popping out of his right arm, he hit the thunderwolf fiercely in the stomach!

Ninefold Fist Force!

A dull sound was heard again, but it seemed to be also mixed with an almost inaudible sound of tearing cloth. The thunderwolf’s massive body was sent flying away instantly at an angle and it happened to fly in the direction of that black-clad young man, who was standing in front of Bai Yunfei!

At first that young man had been watching the fight between a man and a wolf with great interest. But in less than a minute, he saw his own soulbeast get knocked back by the opponent with a punch. Very frightened, he hurriedly dodged aside.

The thunderwolf did a roll in mid-air then fell firmly to the floor again. Despite having taken a Ninefold Fist Force strike, it did not seem to be affected at all, or perhaps, it did not seem to be aware of the injuries its body had suffered. Giving a growl, it charged towards Bai Yunfei again.

With a solemn expression, Bai Yunfei reached out his right hand. The Fire-tipped Spear appeared in his hand. He wanted to rush up again to engage the enemy.

However, when he had just taken half a step, he stopped all of a sudden because a man had appeared between him and the thunderwolf!

There had been no warning sign. Nobody at the scene knew how this man had appeared. It seemed in the blink of an eye, there was one more person on this second floor out of thin air.

This was none other than Hong Yin!

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