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Chapter 54: First Arrival in Jade Willow City; A Cliched Scene?

“He left just like that?”

Standing alone atop the mountain, Bai Yunfei looked in a stupefied manner in the direction Ge Yiyun had disappeared.

The surroundings suddenly darkened, waking Bai Yunfei up with a start. It turned out that floating fire on one side was slowly disappearing in midair.

“Why did he leave right away?… In this kind of situation, shouldn’t he have given me some soul armaments and soul skills again, or spent his energy helping me improve my power, at least until I break through to the Soul Sprite stage?” Somehow, these thoughts unexpectedly appeared in his minds at this moment.

“Er, how can I have such greedy thoughts…?” Bai Yunfei was startled and laughed in self-derision. He then climbed up a large tree, ready to get some rest.

“Anyway, tonight I was really very lucky to have run into senior Ge Yiyun already. Let’s continue my journey tomorrow and reach Jade Willow City as quickly as possible…”

… … … …

At the foot of the mountain, Ge Yiyun was walking slowly with his hands behind his back. Even though his footsteps were obviously very slow, he was strangely covering several hundred meters with every few steps.

“I can’t have too much connection with him again. Until now, my help has still been within the boundary of ‘right fate’. If I help him more, I’m afraid something unexpected will happen. It’d be better for me to be careful…” Ge Yiyun argued to himself in his mind as he walked, “As for his strange cultivation speed, I’d better not interfere. No matter what secret he has, this won’t do my Fate School any harm…

“Besides him, there’s still that guy called Li Chengfeng. If what he said is true then…” Ge Yiyun slightly frowned, “When I just arrived in Azure Clouds Province, my fate soul unexpectedly didn’t guide me to someone with such an extraordinary talent for cultivation… But this is also a good thing. As I knew about the guy from him, this is not within the influence boundary of the fate soul’s guidance so I can do a lot more things now. If that’s case…

“Anyway, as long as there’s something helpful to my Fate School in facing the future disaster, I definitely won’t ignore any possibility of getting it!”

… … … …

At noon two days later, when Bai Yunfei saw a spacious main road again, his eyes were almost brimmed with tears — he had finally reached a normal route!

After setting foot on this main road, where it was impossible for him to get lost, Bai Yunfei was somewhat elated inside. He looked around as he walked. Seeing a sinuous river beside the road and seemingly endless lines of willows, he sighed emotionally in his heart, “No wonder it’s called Jade Willow City. There are so many willows… Speaking of it, this kind of naming is really lazy. This place has lots of willows so it’s called Jade Willow City, then a place with lots of pine trees would be called Green Pine City and a place with lots of poplars Poplar City… Such a way of naming isn’t stressful at all…”

While letting his mind wander, he slowly went into the city. Of course, he had taken out that torn straw hat and put it on his head again — although he had yet to notice any danger in this place, it would be better for him to be as low-key as possible.

However, as opposed to when he had entered Snowpeak City last time, Bai Yunfei was not very nervous this time. Perhaps this was because he had left Snowpeak City without any incident last time or because this place was already very close to the boundary of Azure Clouds Province. At the moment, besides carefully paying attention to the situation in the surroundings, Bai Yunfei was also somewhat enjoying the scenery around him.

After going into the city, Bai Yunfei was immediately a bit amazed by how prosperous this Jade Willow City was. Last time, when he had been in Snowpeak City, he had only taken a hurried stroll, and at that time it had been near dusk so he had not been in the mood for ‘enjoying’ the scenery like he was now. Therefore, it could be said that this was the first time he had really seen the scenes in a big city.

The streets were so spacious that it could accommodate four carriages running side by side. On both sides of the streets, there were all kinds of business shops, looking especially splendid and luxurious. Bai Yunfei even felt that the things he bought from some small street-side stands were obviously better than those he had bought from the so-called ‘large shops’ in Talus City. Amidst the coming and going people, a wide variety of voices and cries could be heard constantly, and the thing that made him feel energetic the most was that…

“So many beautiful women…” Bai Yunfei eventually could not help sighing with emotion after standing in a trance in the middle of the street for half a minute.

Somehow Bai Yunfei always felt that graceful and charming figures kept showing up on the street one after another. The scents of their cosmetics had even spread through the entire street. These beautiful young girls were strolling on the street, either alone or accompanied by someone. Their crystalline voices could be heard from time to time when they talked.

Under Bai Yunfei’s ‘audacious’ gaze, a young girl carrying a basket in her hand quickly walked past him with a slight blush. Watching her silhouette disappear into the crowd, Bai Yunfei unexpectedly could not help letting out a sigh.

However, the expression on his face suddenly became strange afterwards. He withdrew his eyes and felt into a trance for a long time then shook his head with force, mumbling, “What was wrong with me just now? Impossible, in the past I definitely wouldn’t have acted like this. Just now, when facing these young girls, I unexpectedly started to make frivolous remarks about them in my mind as if this was a natural thing to do…”

While pondering over the ‘abnormalities’ in his mind, he slowly headed for the center of the city. For the time being, he was no longer interested in enjoying the beauty of women.

After having a meal in a quite luxurious restaurant, Bai Yunfei continued to stroll on the streets, ready to go on a shopping spree before resting for a night then resuming his journey tomorrow.

Walking out from a jewelry shop, Bai Yunfei touched the space ring on his hand in a rather satisfied manner, thinking to himself, “Although they were somewhat expensive, they’re all ‘high-grade’ pieces of jewelry. Now I should be able to begin researching the matter of jewelry upgrading…”

“You scoundrel, you’re not allowed to touch my young lady!”

“Oh, you’re pretty fierce for a young servant girl. I haven’t done anything to your young lady either. It’s just that she looks sick so I want to take her to a doctor. How can you say that a young master like me is a scoundrel?”

As soon as Bai Yunfei walked out of this restaurant, he heard the angry scolding of a young girl and the arrogant voice of a man.

Halting his steps, he looked in the direction of the sounds and saw that a luxuriously-dressed youngster with a totally arrogant expression and four people in attendant clothing were blocking the way of two young girls at the entrance of an alley on the right of the restaurant.

In front of them, there was a young girl dressed in servant clothing. Despite being outnumbered, she was not showing any sign of fear. Instead, she was looking angrily at these people with a cold expression.

Behind her, there was a young girl in light blue clothes who was standing with difficulty by supporting herself on a wall. Her head lowered, her body bent, her long beautiful hair was covering her face, making it impossible to see what she looked like. It seemed she was sick and was enduring an extreme pain.

“Humph! Little servant girl, don’t fail to appreciate my kindness. I’m second young master Long. In this Jade Willow City, I’m well-known for being ready to help others. You see, your young lady is so sick that she can’t even walk. You’d better let me take her to my home for treatment. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely cure her. Besides, I’ll cherish her…” As that man talked, his voice changed somewhat, sounding like there was a some kind of viciousness in it.

“No matter the place, this kind of rich good-for-nothing always exists…” Bai Yunfei frowned slightly and said doubtfully in his mind, “Plus, why does this somehow look familiar to me? There’s a word about to come out… ‘Contrived’? What does it mean?”

While preventing the people in front of her from approaching, the servant girl glanced somewhat anxiously at the young girl behind her and said with hatred, “Humph, you scoundrels! Don’t even think about doing anything to my young lady! If she hadn’t taken ill all of a sudden, given her power, she would destroy you lowly underlings with ease! Let me tell you, my young lady is a soul…”

“Humph! Don’t try to scare me with those words! Both of you look very unfamiliar. I think you must’ve come to Jade Willow City to amuse yourself, right? No wonder you don’t recognize me. Let me tell you, in this Jade Willow City, even the Green Willow School has to show the house of Long some respect!” That man interrupted the servant girl and continued to brag.

That servant girl was stubborn but now she was startled, as if she was somewhat frightened. Additionally, she was worried about the young lady behind her so the expression on her face was obviously anxious, with tears vaguely welling up in her eyes…

The people who had been busy going in the surroundings originally had now run far away, seemingly because they were rather afraid of this second young master Long.

“Alright, quit babbling, servant girl. I still have to hurry up and cure your young lady. Just go with me!” That man seemed to have become somewhat impatient. He immediately pushed the servant girl in front of him aside then told his subordinates to catch her, not allowing her to escape.

“Ha ha, don’t be afraid, young lady. Just let me take you to my home. I’ll ask the best doctor to treat you…” Second young master Long said in a ‘friendly’ manner while looking at the young girl in graceful light blue clothes, who was leaning against the wall. At the same time, he reached out his hand, wanting to grab her wrist.

However, just when his hand was about to touch her, another hand suddenly reached out and grabbed hold of his arm, making it impossible for him to move it forwards.

“Oh?” Second young master Long was slightly stupefied for a moment. Turning his head doubtfully to take a look, he saw that a youngster in ordinary gray clothes and a rather broken-rimmed straw hat was grabbing his arm and looking at him with eyes full of disdain.

“Who are you? This is none of your business!” After a moment of stupefaction, second young master Long immediately reacted. He had not expected that someone would dare to stop him!

The disdain in Bai Yunfei’s eyes intensified. Exerting a little strength with his hand, he pushed him away directly. Second young master Long did not seem to have expected this man to dare to attack him first so he staggered backwards continuously. Only when his subordinates supported him was he able to regain his balance.

“You! You’re so insolent! Don’t you know who I am?! Don’t you know who my father is? My father is Long Gang!! Now that you dared to offend me, I’ll make you suffer so much you’ll wish you were dead!” Second young master Long roared as he stared hard at Bai Yunfei, his face totally red.

“These words… Can you be any more cliched?” Bai Yunfei curled his mouth and said disdainfully.

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