USAW Book 1 Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: Run Away!!

Having made his decision, Bai Yunfei was no longer hesitant. After taking a look at Zhang Zhenshan, he suddenly shook his body and rushed towards that forest on the left!

“Only now do you think about running away? Too late already!!” As soon as Bai Yunfei moved, Zhang Zhenshan noticed this. Upon seeing that the enemy unexpectedly wanted to flee, he gave a cold snort and also rushed out, chasing after Bai Yunfei.

However, when Bai Yunfei had just run away ten something meters, the Fire-tipped Spear in his hands suddenly disappeared. He then turned around while running and shot two streaks of cold light straight at a pursuing Zhang Zhenshan with a flick of his right arm like lightning!

Flying daggers!!

The moment the streaks of cold light were shot at him, Zhang Zhenshan was a bit surprised to learn that the opponent was also able to use flying daggers. This was indeed somewhat unexpected to him.

However, that was all there was to it. Even though Bai Yunfei’s attack was surprising, in his eyes, it was still not a threat to him!

In the blink of an eye, his body moved sideways, and the two daggers went right past him. Zhang Zhenshan then continued to rush towards Bai Yunfei without slowing down.

But right after he had avoided this attack, three other daggers were shot at him one after another!

His eyes contracting, Zhang Zhenshan moved sideways to the left half an inch again, avoiding the two daggers aimed at his right shoulder and head. He then made a forward grab with his right hand and caught hold of the last dagger directly! As he was wearing the Icesilk Gloves, catching these high-speed incoming daggers was not much different from catching a small rock.


Just when Zhang Zhenshan curled the corners of his mouth and showed a trace of disdain, a miserable cry of an animal rang out from behind him all of a sudden!

His speed dropped and his expression changed. Turning his head around to cast a glance backwards like a flash, he saw that the tracking gray rat, which had been hiding in the distance since the beginning of the fight, had now been nailed to the ground by a dagger, motionless!

“You!!” Zhang Zhenshan’s expression stiffened. Then, with his eyes full of fury, he turned around to look at Bai Yunfei. Channeling his soulforce, he charged up at his fastest speed!

“Zhang Zhenshan, I’ll return your son’s Icesoul Silver Needles to you!!”

When Zhang Zhenshan had just taken two steps forwards, Bai Yunfei’s loud shouts came into his ears. Then he saw the enemy shoot two dots of cold light out with a flick of the right hand again!

“What?!” His expression changing, Zhang Zhenshan wavered a bit in his heart. But as soon as he focused his eyes to take a look, he saw that they were not the Icesoul Silver Needles but two ordinary daggers!

“Humph, it’s not so easy to distract me with words!!” Zhang Zhenshan’s eyes flashed with a cold light. Without dodging at all, he waved his right hand immediately and caught the two daggers then threw them back!

Bai Yunfei bent his waist to avoid the daggers. When he rose, his eyes flashed with a trace of reluctance, which was immediately replaced by determination.

Staring at Zhang Zhenshan, who had already chased up to a place less than ten meters away from his back, Bai Yunfei gave a cold snort then unexpectedly slowed down on purpose. Flicking his right hand nonstop from behind his back, in a breath’s time, he shot four daggers out almost simultaneously.

Right afterwards, his dropping right hand suddenly paused for a moment. Its muscles bulging out, he flicked it with all his might in an even larger movement than when he had thrown the flying daggers earlier!

A trace of blue light shot out — Glacial Piercer!!

His expression remaining unchanged, Zhang Zhenshan waved his right hand, creating an area of blurs and easily knocking down the four flying daggers. But just when he wanted to use the Ice Treading Steps to chase and attack the opponent, the look on his face changed greatly!

In the blink of an eye after the flick of Bai Yunfei’s hand, a streak of light blue light had almost crossed the distance of less than ten meters between the two of them and was about to hit him from the front!

Fast, it was so fast!

This was simply on another level of speed compared to the flying daggers shot at him earlier!

There was basically no time for Zhang Zhenshan to do much. He had no choice but to make a block in front of him with his right hand and, at the same time, do his utmost to move his body half an inch to the right!


A soft deep sound audible only to Zhang Zhenshan came into his ears, but it expanded into a huge explosion in his heart!

The moment the Glacial Piercer had come into contact with the center of his right palm, that high human-tier Icesilk Glove had unexpectedly been unable to obstruct it in the least!

The Glacial Piercer penetrated into the palm held in front of him without hindrance then went out through the back of the hand without any decrease in momentum. After that, it pierced into Zhang Zhenshan’s right shoulder with another ‘pu’ sound. Even half of the piercer’s handle went into his shoulder. In the end, it seemed to get trapped between bones and stopped, leaving a section of its tip sticking out through the back of the shoulder!

Bai Yunfei’s eyes flashed with a hint of regret. Then, clenching his teeth, he turned around and ran away without hesitation!

Zhang Zhenshan watched him turn into a string of blurs running into the forest up ahead then disappear after several dashes. His body had already stopped moving. There was even a trace of puzzlement in his eyes. As he looked at the perforated palm and the penetrated shoulder, his expression was extremely unsightly.

Reaching out his left hand and grasping the Glacial Piercer in his shoulder, he pulled it out with force. Blood spurted out but he stopped the bleeding very quickly.

After channeling his soulforce to heal the wounds in his palm and shoulder, he lifted his eyes again to look in the direction of Bai Yunfei’s escape, his expression changing repeatedly. In the end he had no choice but to shake his head in frustration and let out a sigh.

“I didn’t expect… to be given so much trouble by a brat of the Soul Warrior stage. Worse still, in the end I even let him run away.” At this point, Zhang Zhenshan shook his head with some self-derision, “Was it because I’d used too much soulforce? Or because I was preoccupied with taking revenge and underestimated him?”

After pondering for a while, he shook his head again, talking to himself, “No, the main cause was his power and not these things… He’s a Soul Warrior indeed, but his mental ability is much greater than I expected. Though he’s a bit inexperienced in real combat and fighting techniques, both his determination and attention to detail are very exceptional!

“Then, the most important thing is the several soul armaments he got…”

As he raised the Glacial Pierce in front of him and recalled the common-sense defying things during the whole battle, his eyes gradually showed a look of doubt and disbelief.

“The crimson spear, the Goldsilk Soul Armor, and the Glacial Piercer… each of them was so beyond my expectations. That move shouldn’t have caused an explosion of the fire element. The attacks that should’ve been irresistible were suddenly withstood easily by him. And this Glacial Piercer, in the beginning, I was able to block it using my gloves, but just now…”

Staring at the Glacial Piercer, his eyes glittered unceasingly. He was trying hard to recall every single detail of this fight against Bai Yunfei. After a long time, when the wound in his right hand had basically been controlled, he seemed to suddenly remember something. His eyes blazing, he said in surprise, “Wait! This Glacial Piercer… Could it be…”

Seeming to have thought of something that even he himself found ridiculous, his eyes glittered. Eventually, he showed an expression of relief and said to himself, “I’m such a fool. Whether this is true or not, won’t I know the answer by checking it out?…”

After saying so, he held the Glacial Piercer in his hand then flicked it out forwards.

The moment the Glacial Piercer left his hand, Zhang Zhenshan’s face immediately showed a look of astonishment, “My soulforce was unexpectedly absorbed by it uncontrollably!”

Then, his eyes suddenly opened wide like balls, staring hard at the Glacial Piercer, which was flying forwards. He even slightly opened his mouth involuntarily, his face filled with shock.

“This speed… How is this possible? How is this possible?!”

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    1. Aww… It sucks that he lost the Glacial Piercer. But he’ll hopefully get it back once he comes back for revenge later. Or he might not even care about a little thing like that by that time.
      Although, letting people find out about his upgraded items is sure to bring trouble.

  1. Thanks for the chapter,
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