Upgrade Specialist in Another World (异界之装备强化专家) – Index

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Upgrade Specialist in Another World (异界之装备强化专家) is a popular Chinese fantasy web novel by writer Endless Sea of Clouds (茫茫云海). Completed in 2013, it has 1356 chapters and just over 3.61 million characters in total, which are divided into 10 books. The novel belongs to the subgenre of different world in the fantasy genre. It is action-packed, occasionally humorous and even mixed with some elements often seen in role-playing video games. This is the reason why he-man enjoyed it a lot and decided to translate it into English.  Subsequent to he-man’s translation, both RWX and Deceptioning have taken turns on this project.


Just as a gamer found an overpowered skill book called ‘Item Upgrade’ in the hottest virtual reality role-playing game on Earth, something happened to the game’s system, causing his soul to leave his body and go to another dimension. Common sense dictates that he would be born anew then become the greatest overlord of this world by making use of his advanced knowledge. Not in this case! He was already dead. Only some fragments of his soul and that skill book managed to get into that dimension and merge with an ordinary common youngster called Bai Yunfei.

This was the enormous Tianhun continent, where humans could be said to have no limits. There was a group of humans here who could cultivate the power of their own souls then control their bodies, the natural elements and even other people’s souls with that power! These special beings were called — soul cultivators. Come witness how the several fragments of the dead inter-dimensional traveler’s soul and that skill book, which was not governed by the laws of this plane, were going to help Bai Yunfei become a legendary soul cultivator and craftsman!


Book 1 - Rise of the Cloud

Chapter 1: Bai Yunfei
Chapter 2: Equipment Upgrade Technique
Chapter 3: Uncle Wu
Chapter 4: Slaughter in the Coliseum
Chapter 5: The death of Uncle Wu and the Transformation
Chapter 6: Do You Want Power?
Chapter 7: Exploded?!
Chapter 8: Soul Apprentice Stage! Cultivation and Research
Chapter 9: Change
Chapter 10: Target, Blackwood Stronghold!
Chapter 11: First Encounter With Bandits
Chapter 12: Li Chengfeng
Chapter 13: First Time Fighting a Soul Cultivator; the Might of the Upgraded Items!
Chapter 14: Soul Personage Stage, Soul Skills, and Soul Armaments!
Chapter 15: For Bandits Like These, Prepare to Kill!
Chapter 16: Kill! Kill! Kill!
Chapter 17: Declare War on the Blackwood Stronghold!
Chapter 18: Bai Yunfei’s Plan
Chapter 19: The Time is Ripe; Infiltrate the Stronghold!
Chapter 20: Kill the Vice-chieftain!
Chapter 21: The Final Fight Against a Soul Warrior and Flying Daggers!
Chapter 22: Destroy the Blackwood Stronghold and Return to the City!
Chapter 23: A Trend of the House of Zhang, Coming to the Rescue
Chapter 24: Another Encounter With Zhang Yang and A Battle for Vengeance! (First)
Chapter 25: A Battle for Vengeance! (Second)
Chapter 26: A Battle for Vengeance! (Third)
Chapter 27: A Battle for Vengeance! (Fourth)
Chapter 28: Stab Zhang Yang to Death!
Chapter 29: Green Willow School, Luliu, and Yuhe
Chapter 30: Schools of the World!
Chapter 31: Romance by Rescue isn’t Believable
Chapter 32: Soul Warrior Stage and Acupoints
Chapter 33: Meeting Li Chengfeng Again
Chapter 34: Explode! Explode! And Explode!
Chapter 35: +13 brick! Hurling!
Chapter 36: +13 brick! Stunning! Confusing!
Chapter 37: Movement From the House of Zhang and Incoming Peril!
Chapter 38: Initial Success With the Wave Treading Steps
Chapter 39: +12 daggers!
Chapter 40: Research Item Properties Again
Chapter 41: Leave… Peril is Coming?
Chapter 42: I’ve been tricked!
Chapter 43: Fleeing and… Worrying
Chapter 44: Three Days of Tracking; an Approaching Mortal Danger!
Chapter 45: Go All Out! Fight!!
Chapter 46: The Gap in Power!
Chapter 47: Strike back!
Chapter 48: Ninefold Fist Force vs. Glacial Palm
Chapter 49: Run away!!
Chapter 50: Reaching Snowpeak City
Chapter 51: Secret Exposed! Greater Danger!!
Chapter 52: Meet the Old Man From the Fate School Again
Chapter 53: Original Property of the Soul
Chapter 54: First Arrival in Cuiliu City; A Cliched Scene?
Chapter 55: Artificial Respiration is Needed?
Chapter 56: Liu Meng
Chapter 57: Stroll and Tell
Chapter 58: Long Tao Duo [Long Tao = Walk-on Part]
Chapter 59: An Inexplicable Attack
Chapter 60: Bloodhowl Wolf King’s Adopted Son Hong Yin
Chapter 61: Meeting Qiu Luliu Again
Chapter 62: The +10 Additional Effects of Accessories
Chapter 63: Is This Jealousy?
Chapter 64: Green Willow School
Chapter 65: Sudden Event
Chapter 66: You Want to Fight? Let’s Fight!
Chapter 67: The Brick Defeats a Soul Technique
Chapter 68: Mission Accomplished; Conspiracy Discovered!
Chapter 69: Things That Always Happen at a Restaurant
Chapter 70: In a Flash
Chapter 71: First Meeting With Hong Yin
Chapter 72: See Through it
Chapter 73: What Should be Said Has Been Said
Chapter 74: One Against Two
Chapter 75: Help Arrives
Chapter 76: Injury Treatment
Chapter 77: Approaching Crisis
Chapter 78: Soul Beast
Chapter 79: A Powerful Foe Comes to Fight!
Chapter 80: Seven Day Agreement!
Chapter 81: Frantically Rising in Power
Chapter 82: Essence Fireseed, Equipment Mutation
Chapter 83: The Changes in the Two Items
Chapter 84: Battling Zhang Zhenshan Again
Chapter 85: The Foe Retreats, Backlash
Chapter 86: Fireseed Spirit Mushroom
Chapter 87: Middle Soul Sprite!!
Chapter 88: ‘Flame Dagger’ of the Bracer
Chapter 89: Upgrade Complete
Chapter 90: Departure

Book 2 - Wandering the Northern Cliff Province

Chapter 91: Just Arrived at Stonegroove City, and the Space Ring is Already Stolen?!
Chapter 92: The Thief of the Space Ring
Chapter 93: Jing Mingfeng,’No Discord, No Concord’
Chapter 94: Jing Minfeng’s Action, Preparing to Retaliate?
Chapter 95: Taking Liberties With Women
Chapter 96: Entrapment by Jing Mingfeng and the Incoming Ridiculously Absurd Disaster
Chapter 97: ‘Superior’ Equipment
Chapter 98: What’s Going On?
Chapter 99: Aunty, I Really Don’t Know Anything!
Chapter 100: As Like the Heart Flying With the Clouds, Be Free and Easy
Chapter 101: Escaping is Important, Time to Go!!
Chapter 102: Kill Them Straight Away
Chapter 103: Chased by a Soul Ancestor! 
Chapter 104: Jiang Fan of the Crafting School!
Chapter 105: Once Again….
Chapter 106: Bird Soulbeast?
Chapter 107: Tianming
Chapter 108: Another Encounter
Chapter 109: ‘The Heart Flies With the Clouds’, Tang Xinyun
Chapter 110: Beaten Black and Blue
Chapter 111: A Deal?
Chapter 112: Disguise Technique
Chapter 113: The ‘Lawlessness’ of Upgrading
Chapter 114: Spirit Recovery
Chapter 115: The Consequences of Not Filling An Hole After Digging It 
Chapter 116: Quickshade Bird
Chapter 117: Release That Bird!
Chapter 118: Taking Care of the “Small Fry”
Chapter 119: Only Two Remain
Chapter 120: Mutual Understanding
Chapter 121: Saving the Quickshade Bird, But What has Happened?
Chapter 122: Soul Contract
Chapter 123: Compliant Rope
Chapter 124: Assistance
Chapter 125: Moonlight on the Rooftops
Chapter 126: An Indescribable Attack
Chapter 127: The House of Zhao, and the….Beast Taming School Again?
Chapter 128: Instakill!
Chapter 129: Destroying the Evidence
Chapter 130: Unexpected Information
Chapter 131: Xinyun In Trouble
Chapter 132: Stay Your Hands!!
Chapter 133: One Spear Shocks the Enemies
Chapter 134: Like A Hot Knife Through Butter
Chapter 135: Self Detonation 
Chapter 136: Astonishment
Chapter 137: The House of Ye
Chapter 138: Rest
Chapter 139: Four Lords of the Capital
Chapter 140: Stand to Watch
Chapter 141: Threefold Slap
Chapter 142: Paying a Visit to the House of Liu
Chapter 143: I’ll be Imposing on You Then
Chapter 144: The Goal
Chapter 145: Use This to Slap Him
Chapter 146: Sending Everyone Flying With a Slap
Chapter 147: A Meeting
Chapter 148: Zhao Xiluo
Chapter 149: Soul Contract
Chapter 150: Give Up
Chapter 151: I’m Not Too Familiar With It
Chapter 152: Unexpected Windfall
Chapter 153: Late-stage Soul Sprite
Chapter 154: Zhao Xiluo’s Visit
Chapter 155: Reconciliation
Chapter 156: Sharing Pointers
Chapter 157: The End
Chapter 158: Honorarium
Chapter 159: Fragments of the Flying Dagger
Chapter 160: There Must Be Treasure In the Mysterious Cave!
Chapter 161: Greater Scorpion
Chapter 162: Mutual Destruction
Chapter 163: You Rascal
Chapter 164: As the Mantis Hunts the Cicada, the Oriole Stalks the Mantis
Chapter 165: Save Me!
Chapter 166: The Oriole Shows Itself!
Chapter 167: Post Battle Analysis
Chapter 168: Walk-on Strawhat
Chapter 169: Going Hunting
Chapter 170: Sudden Mishap
Chapter 171: Crescent Moon Killers
Chapter 172: To Battle!
Chapter 173: Synchronizing Soul Techniques
Chapter 174: Fury
Chapter 175: The Surprise Attack of Shao Ling
Chapter 176: Wiping Out the Enemies
Chapter 177: A Profitable Inventory
Chapter 178: Crescent Moon Blades and Set Equipment!
Chapter 179: Upgrade Stone!
Chapter 180: Upgrading in Batches



162 thoughts on “Upgrade Specialist in Another World (异界之装备强化专家) – Index” - NO SPOILERS

      1. Absolutely nothing is wrong with that, is what I say. In fact I personally HATE, and despise the virtual reality/in-game demographic of Japanese/Chinese novels, manga, and whatever else you can think of. If it doesn’t happen in an actual real world, and is pure in game then all I have to say is meh. . .. . . .. .or maybe. . .. bla . . .. bob. . .. lob. . . law. . . .. . or bob loblaw if you will!

          1. your right, its horrible. the author himself admits to being unable to write a female character NOT in love with the MC. but i kinda feel you posted that just to troll

          2. Still doesn’t make it bad, genius. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t make it bad. It’s obviously not the best, but I’d give it a 6.5/10. If your one reason for not liking the game is the fact that “the author can’t write women not being in love with the MC” you are an incredibly shallow person.

          3. lol Serinitus raging about the author being unable to write a female character NOT in love with the MC makes it seem like he’s never read a xianxia novel.

          4. What makes it bad, is that it betrayed the viewers expectations. We were shown an anime that was different then the rest, the MC had CHOSEN a single girl out of the harem, and “married” her in the game, and raised a little girl for a time and it was a perfect ship. But that perfect romance was utterly destroyed in the following seasons, betraying our hopes, and the characters themselves. Kirito became nothing more than your average harem protagonist. Flirting with other girls while his woman is kinda being molested and held hostage. After that when he saved her, he introduces her as a friend to the new harem candidate Sion(Think thats her name?) and basically just becomes a complete douche bag who forgot about Asuna after the game SAO. Then the plot degraded to just playing video games with the harem (Klein included) and nothing more. Even though Kirito and Asuna agreed their love wasnt just in SAO, overall it was just in the game SAO…

          5. Most people keep confusing the SAO anime with the LN. Don’t we all know (and agree) that practically no anime ever follows the series of events as they occur in the LN?

          6. Let’s remember everyone that SAO Light Novel is a phenomenal read concerning the principles of loyalty and perseverance. The anime is garbage. We all know it. Even Highschool DxD which was actually a rather good LN became just as if not more so trashy as an anime. Just keep these things in mind folks that usually movies and shows of things don’t turn out as well. Just look at the Eragon movie. Its utter garbage. Or the Vampire’s apprentice movie? The books were actually really well written but movie was a level of trash that made the other stuff mentioned look like gold. And don’t forget the Percy jackson movies. Good god…..

          7. I would give SAO a 3 out of 10. To clarify, 5 is an average read. I found SAO have very drastic problems when it came to plot. The author clearly has no sense of direction with where he/she wanted to take it. Character development was honestly fantastic for the beginning of the novel, but then the character drastically change for no revealed reason. The beginning has four major plot lines of which only one gets resolved. The book had potential to get an 8 out of 10 by my standards, nearly on par with the “Name of the Wind.” However, there was far too much content that simply didn’t even relate to any major plot lines. Its like reading Desolate Era, reaching the void level, and then deciding to go back and spend 9 chapters working with a xiantian level expert on a problem. (I chose DE because everyone seems to have read it) Its annoying to read to some, others may like it, but there is simply no reason to spend so long on something that really doesn’t matter and has no application to the major plot lines. Theres plenty of things to critique as a lot things were handled in a very poor manner. (Yui being saved onto Kirito’s helmet, why not just disable the kill function while your editing your helmet?) No one except for Kirito’s first friend dies in a world thats plagued with death. There were good points as well, albeit they were few. If anyone is looking for another novel I’d be happy to recommend one or two or twenty, depending how high of rating you want, how long you want the series, and what genre.

          8. Hey @akola, since you mentioned that “name of the wind” was an 8/10, could you recommend novels that are on the same if not better levels? I have read the ender’s game series just in case you try to mention it.

            I love stories that can keep me hooked all night long, where the world is interesting and the mc does not always get what they want. Male or female

      2. Because of the number. Don’t get the wrong idea, I like CD and TDG. It’s just that there’s also BTTH, CC1 and CC2, and they almost all had the similar genre, environment, power scales, etc. that it seems like there’s almost nothing new about them. While in Ark, LMS, and The Gamer, aside from these three there aren’t much Light Novels and Manwhas that are about real people battling in a virtual reality game where you will level up, collect loots, and stuffs. I thought that this one is going to be like those 3 but turns out it didn’t. Just disappointed on how it turns out to be that way.

        1. I personally do not see how Xianxia and VR-stories are too different from one and another. They practically all do the same thing.

          But yeah, the VR-setting is strangely popular these days.

          1. I’m just looking for a Manhwa that is just about playing a virtual reality online game. Not about saving the world or transcending into godhood. Just a plain story of the adventure of a certain player in a virtual reality online game and his struggles with other guilds and players while also dealing with his everyday life in the real world. I thought that this one is going to be like that but it turns out that it’s another adventure of one man transcending again to the realm of gods. I like the theme though since he’s obviously a craftsman/blacksmith type and that’s what I love a lot when I’m playing an online game.

          2. Have you read?:
            * So What If It’s An RPG World!?
            * Only Sense Online

            RPG-world is on the “world-saving” level, but it’s heavily comedic and nonchalant to the point that it doesn’t matter too much. Only Sense Online is truly about playing a game…Very slowly. A slice-of-life story.

            If you want an extensive list of recommendations, run a search query for: forums/topic/22141-where-can-i-find-recommendations/
            It’s in Batoto.

          3. You should try The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Manhwa, you practically typed it’s intro just now. It should be exactly what you are looking for.

          1. Most of those are about fighting for survival, being stuck into the game world, or being sent to another world similar to the game. What I mean for the manwha that I’m looking for is just a simple ordinary human being playing a virtual reality online game. It gives you the feel that it might become possible in the real world in the future, that’s why I find those kind of novels and mangas exciting.

        2. Besides Log Horizon, SOA and .hack having people stuck in games the rest are exactly what your looking for, ordinary people in virtual worlds. Besides the gamer isn’t even about video games but a character with video game abilities.

        3. Marzarret, there’s something you have to be able to distinguish. Yes, it is understandable that you may have been disappointed because of the synopsis, but ultimately this is WuxiaWorld, a site for Wuxia, Xianxia, and Xiuzhen novels. Though the site may expand later (not sure), it is, at the moment, just filled with these archetypes of novels such as CD and TDG. I personally very much so enjoy this style, so I’m not upset about it. If you’re looking for those types of light novels (note–manhwa really just means Korean manga/cartoons) then you may need to search elsewhere. Otherwise, enjoy it for what it is.

          Happy Reading,

        4. If you want a solely virtual reality/slice-of-life then I can only think of Zhan Long. It is about an ex-SWAT member being recruited as a bodyguard for a rich heiress and enters the game with her. It separates virtual reality and his life so it stays solely as a game. Sometimes they interlock but that is only in term of the people he meets in game being pursued by him in real life etc. It is more focused on his adventure and exploits in-game.

          1. If you want you could try taming master.
            It got about 50 chapters, it’s to my opinion exactly what you are looking for.

    1. Its a Gamer type skill added to Wuxia fiction. I mean we already have instantaneous learning, inborn bloodlines, divine bodies. You are on this website, so you can’t completely hate wuxia/xianxia. This is Wuxia with LitRPG as a subgenre, and only really because of the one skill. Which honestly isn’t any more ridiculous in comparison to the plot devices that end in peoples hands. So I agree with Saceria. What’s wrong with that. I like the premise, even if the Re:incarnation Idea is a little overworked while trying to be original.

      I look forward to the blended genre’s, the promise of action and humor (lls, tdg, and issth are my favs cause of the troll MCs)


    2. It’s not bad, but if you’re interested with LMS, or Ark story. You should try “Shadow Rogue”, its really interesting VRMMO, and reality plot. And its chinese story too 😀

      Only down fall tho is I don’t know if the translator going to continue translating it 🙁

    3. Zectas is a really good virtual reality and an original creation so its still being written out no translations JawzTranslations.com is where to find it, theres also RoyalRoadl.com they have a lot of fanfics they are making some damn good ones Eye of the Adventure, Emperor Saga, Ages Online are all very good. they might be fanfics but they are very popular and very interesting all just virtual reality game based no like god level sht they’re definitely inspired by LMS as most new VRMMORPG Light Novels are but they all have their own adventures in different worlds and are all very fun and creative

    4. and that is a relief….that it is not again a game stuff, too many of that stuff is so boring, instead reality portrayed is way better

  1. to the point i did read it, its just awesome
    my gamer heart is beating faster
    cant wait for more chapters to this point this Novel
    is something new from the storyline (for us from the West)
    and i really like it

  2. I have a question where did you get this novel ? Just in the Internet looked not found of the writer and the novel . Search gives only the website wixiaworld.

  3. WOW! He-man IS BACK!!!

    I’m glad to see He-man on the Chinese on-line novels translation scene again.
    I’ve missed his excellent translations and insane speed since the abrupt cessation of the original “Stellar Transformation” translation.

    Welcome back, He-man. 🙂 😀

  4. I hate myself now, I should have taken my own advice and NOT read this until it had a good amount of chapters because now I’m hooked. I should have known that anything he-man translates is going to be great

  5. @Marzarret – why don’t we try to ask our good translators to include 网游之诡影盗贼 作者:尘缘暗殇 or Sly Online Shadow Thieves (according to google translate) as their next project. it has the same VR game genre you are looking for. Actually I saw it on other light novel translating site before however the update is very slow

  6. BTW Sly Online Shadow Thieves other name is Shadow Rogue. It has mature content and the story covers the life of the MC in game and in real life very different from other VRMORPG theme light novels we have read.

  7. so over 8days later from the last update there has been no word from the translator and wuxiaworld took it off the main page and has not notified anyone of the recent update.

    1. The main page works on updates. If a series isn’t updated within 8 days the series disappears from the update thing. The same thing happened with Xian Ni, The Great Ruler.

  8. This just seams to be a case where the father is overtaken by the son. There is little doubt now that HEMAN is the true patriarch of our wxia/xianxua influx and enjoyment. This alone makes it impossible for me for me to be upset at all. But even if HEMAN was RENs muse, REN is still the measure and the reason all this took off, and continues to persist. Heart felt thanks to Ren for his consistency and integrity. And my heartfelt thanks to he-man for the legacy he’s unintentionally left behind. Much respect and thanks, I hope that you and yours are well and in good spirits.

  9. I guess this novel got dropped?

    Shame, it is a good novel. I finally got to start reading it, and now I got hooked. Well, even though it was a short ride, it was still fun. Thanks for the translations!!!

  10. Uhm… aren’t any more chapters coming out? What’s the release frequency? Has it been dropped? I seriously hope not, as I’ve been very much been taken by it.

    If it’s been dropped, at least I’d like to know what happens with Liu Meng.

      1. The translator has clearly stated that he is going through some family troubles. The fact you thought of that without even doing any research is just plain rude.

        1. with 1350 chapters he could have done more money continuing than leaving, and as said there was news explaining he got problems. Hoping he will come back or replacement find more time for it (not reading desolate era yet)

  11. I just started this because I had caught up with the other novel I was reading (TDG) and needed something to distract me of the wait…. And now, apparently the future state of updates/translations for this is apparently unknown.

    And RIGHT in the middle of a climactic battle! >_<

    I really hope someone decides to pick this up.. It's really good.

    1. Ren has picked it up but he clearly stated that, as he’s mainly working on Desolate Era, the frequency of updating won’t be that high, and it was around one chapter every 2-4 days. But a few days ago, Ren posted on the HOME about a problem with the site (I’m not really sure what it was about) and said he has to deal with that before thinking about translations. Therefore, as even Desolate Era suffered a bit, Upgrade has, hopefully only for now, been suspended. Unless the original translator comes back, we’ll just have to wait for Ren to solve all of the issues.

  12. Hello, I’m hoping to reach out to the current translator he-man and Ren, who has been helping to translate this and desolate era, regarding the translation of Upgrade Specialist. I have completed reading the entire novel raws and would like to contact you regarding translating this series in Wuxiaworld.

    I wonder if there is any way to work this out? I can show you the translated copies of the next ten chapters from where you left off =D

    1. Just Contact him directly. They often left behind their work e-mail for typo.
      You could write him there if that works.
      If not try Facebook or twitter.

    2. Heyy, sorry for the lack of replies, was busy with job interviews and attending convocations. I have emailed He-man and hopefully he replies me soon! Hopefully it works out too!

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