9 thoughts on “USAW Chapter Release! Book 1, Chapter 83” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. RWX Please do not… make the same mistake as totally insane did.. do not work on more than 1 translation… we do not want you to overwork yourself.. your engagement is really great but.. please.. look out for yourself. Just drop this he will come back eventually.

    I do not know what problem he has and I will not ask but there might also be the possibility that he is not that kind of person you believed he is… I am just saying. Do not overwork yourself please.


    1. RWX specifically said that he cut back on his other translation work before so he could do just this- step into the shoes if a currently-hosted translation suddenly goes MIA unannounced.

  2. RWX ! You must have email address to contact He-man ? Please contact him soon to at least know if he is okay and when will be ready to come back!

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