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  1. sorry to ask this but i need to know: why is it released so slowly? It’s completed work. Is it completely crowd founded or does it takes so long to translate?

    1. Completed in original language does not mean the translation is completed. It’s like saying some game in Japan is released and asking why the English version isn’t available since the original game is already released

      1. Please try reading it whole instead of ending it at first two sentences. Doing what you’ve done makes your intellect dimmer.
        TDG isn’t fully translated nor completed either but it’s translated and released daily. USAW is completed and only need translation which is done from once a 3 days to once a week.

        1. I don’t know if you are an ungrateful leecher or just ignorant. He-man started translating this but due to personal issues dropped off the grid for the past month or so. RWX has stepped in and is providing to us a couple of chapters per week. This is in addition to the 10 chapters released per week for Desolate Era. If you would have read the main page top announcement you would have known this.

          1. Up until now i didn’t see any increase in released chapters nor did i read announcement besides that of RWX that he takes this project.
            “ungrateful leecher or just ignorant.” you are. Everyone who calls me whatever whey want just because i didn’t see any purpose in adding everything in my comment are ignorant. If i didn’t say something, don’t guess it. My questions have no hidden intent or even obvious one, only curiosity. I’m not your normal person, don’t put me there. “Arrogance”? No, i’m just pissed off, because i need to deal with this everyday for the last 15 years. You people need to stop assuming things, just because you were taught that in school it doesn’t mean it’s right thing to do.

          2. I’m sorry to tell you but the only aggressive person in this thread is you. Most of the work you can read here is voluntary work. People have invested time into something that we benefit from. And to answer your original question, yes, translating from Chinese is not so simple as it may look. Sometime it involves quite a bit of research. Maybe you had a bad day, we all have them. There is no need to snap at people. Related to your original post. That is one “funny” way of expressing curiosity. Just ask your friends and see if they side with you or us in this whole conversation.

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