USAW Book 3 Chapter 293 & Announcement

Hello everyone,

I’m sorry for the abrupt lack of chapters for the past 3 days without any communication.

I’ve had a trying few days recently, and combined with several other problems, my drive to translate during those days was basically zero.

As many of you are aware, Chaotic Sword God has been removed from Gravity Tales. Due to the technical limitations of both me and my own site (Free wordpress), I’ve not yet figured a way how to rehost all 677 chapters I translated without manually copying and pasting them over (A daunting and not very appealing option).

Therefore, I decided to just shove it all into an EPUB. I am severely lacking in knowledge on how EPUBs work, so the quality might be shoddy. If anyone wants to try their own hand at it, feel free to contact me and I’ll send all the .docx files to you.

The EPUBs are hosted on MEGA, and the links can be found on my own site here. But for convenience sakes, I’ve included them down below. The first link is for a single EPUB containing all chapters. The following few are separated by 100 chapters each.

Any chapters beyond 677 will not be included, as I’ve not translated those.

Chapters 1 – 677

Chapters 1 – 100

Chapters 101 – 200

Chapters 201 – 300

Chapters 301 – 400

Chapters 401 – 500

Chapters 501 – 600

Chapters 601 – 677

And now, for the USAW chapter

Chapter 293: Strength is as Shown

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  1. if gravity tales is a wordpress site, and you created all those chapters with your own wordpress username… then it should be possible to just export ONLY posts authored by you.

    or if all your chapters had their own wordpress category, then just that categories posts could be exported.

    that will create an wordpress export file that you can then import into another wordpress site with one click.

  2. He cant cause he didnt translate chap 678-815 and the new translater Pipipingu is kinda ass and he was bit*hing at 17k for stopping him from translating csg when its really GGP(GT/QI) fault

  3. Man i should shove my fist up QI’S ass and start making them talk like kermit the frog “We will no longer mess around with Wuxia World. We will also take all blame and lose 50% of what we’ve earned since starting”

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