USAW Book 3 Chapter 204

Chapter 204: Fourth Elder

With the end of this week, I am now down with finals and on my summer break.

This means several changes.

Firstly, I’ll be increasing my release speed to 7 chapters a week. All new chapters. I will still not accept donations or do sponsored chapters.

Secondly, I’ve decided not to continue retranslating the previous chapters. Instead, I’ve gone back and edited the previous chapters to standardize the terms and fix several minor issues.

Here are examples of some of the terms that were changed

Beiyan Province -> Northern Cliff Province
Yanlin City -> Stonegroove City
soul items -> soul armaments
middle-grade high-heaven tier -> mid-heaven tier.       This one was far too mouthy, so I decided to shorten it.

Thirdly, I’m at Fanime for the weekend, so if you catch me there, hello!

Thank you,



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  1. You should set up a PayPal for donations even if you don’t really want them. I’m sure some people would like to throw cash for a pizza or the likes your way.

  2. Really looking forward to more releases of this novel! While upto this point, the author is not the best, but i still really like this, and hopefully, the writing gets better as we go. Thanks for the chapter 🙂

  3. Thanks for the chapter.
    I started with this series recently.
    I like it. It’s fun though at times it’s violent. I wonder when the romance comes into the picture.

  4. Let me bow to you in gratitude for this beautifull news. I got to say I absolutly love this novel/mc so hearing that you are going to increse then number of release is music to my hears ^^ Thank you very much for the chapter and those to come. Congrats with final aswell.

  5. Dang it, I was only there for Friday and part of Saturday– would’ve said hi, but I also don’t know what you look like, lol. Glad you’re done with finals too btw– UCB also finished a couple weeks ago. Have fun at Fanime!

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