USAW Book 3 Chapter 186

Chapter 186: Elder of the Crafting School

Chapter 8 has been retranslated, no major changes.

I’ve been thinking about the retranslation effort, and while I do want to retranslate the chapters not done by me, I can understand many reader’s wanting to continue on with the newer chapters.

If there’s enough support for more newer chapters, I’ll stop the retranslations effort and do a quick edit of all old chapters so that terms can be standardized up to the most recent chapters.

If not, I’ll continue with the retranslations.

If there are any other concerns, please list them down below in the comments.

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12 thoughts on “USAW Book 3 Chapter 186” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Personally, I’d like more new chapters, but that’s me being greedy. Haha.
    I understand why you’d want to retranslate the old chapters so they are “your” translations. Keep doing that if you want, since I don’t want to ask more from someone who’s already giving us these for free.
    Either way, I’ll respect your choice and hope that the rest of the readers will, too.

  2. I think that the retranslation effort is pretty important, but the community is obviously going to vote for more new chapters xD

    I’m no exception

  3. Over the years I have finally learned to be a patient person, I vote for the re-translations they will get eventually done and like that the translations will be overall consistence, so go for it.
    And let me now take this opportunity to deeply appreciate all your efforts all the people evolved in this, both this novel, this site and every novel in here (even the ones I don’t read) Thank you all.

  4. The retranslations are important, but so is continuing to satisfy the reader base.

    So my proposition is that for every even numbered chapter you do one retranslation. This encourages people to donate as well.

  5. I too don’t really see the sense in retranslating the old chapters. You can do edits if you really want to, but i’m pretty sure nobody would mind reading early chapters done by someone else. But it’s your choice and we can’t force you into anything. Do what you wanna do and don’t sweat the small stuff.

  6. In agreement with those that say keep going with the re-translations. Maybe tone them down, though, and release one every other chapter or one every three chapters, maybe? Priority should be on new chapters, in my opinion, but quick edits is just half-assing it, where you know you’ll need to go back and do it again properly anyways.

  7. I agree with what some people said , keep going with the re-translations but create a “schedule” where the new releases is on top maybe 2-1, 2 new to 1 re-translation.
    I am sure newer readers will be grateful and considering the new and increased release rate it may attract more readers .

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