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  1. Is “Soul Armament” more correct to the original character used? Because with the plethora of odd items that Bai Yunfai imbues, it would seem to be more correct (at least on the surface) to call them just “Soul Items”. “Armaments” implies things crafted specifically to fight with only, which quite a few of his items don’t seem to follow that description accurately enough.

    1. The raws use 魂器, soul tools to be more literal. They’re meant to be articles for war, meaning any single object that can be used to fight. Bai Yunfei’s ability isn’t from this world, so using armament fits better in my opinion.

      1. In that case, it’d seem most correct to refer to any of the various weapon- and armour-type Soul Items as Soul Armaments (Goldsilk Armour, for example, as well as The Brick Of Doom), and the non-combat-specific items as just Soul Items (The stat-boosting accessories and the space ring), based on the definition and etymology of armaments being specifically implements of war, and also keeps the broader definition of “tool” for non-combat-specific items, which seems to be the intent in using the 器 character for the literal definition of “tool”, as you note. But that’s my opinion.

        1. I would agree if soul items was a term made up by Bai Yunfei. The stat-boosting accessories could count as combat-related items, they’re just more rare than any other type of soul armaments.

          Bai Yunfei’s ability is a cheat in this world, and the terms set by the world shouldn’t be called something based off of this cheat.

          1. That’s the thing, though- there AREN’T Soul Armaments as non-weapon or non-armor items in this world, from everything we’ve seen. Only Bai Yunfei has jewelry that provides mystical benefits, which aren’t a combat-specific function. That’s why I don’t think referring to them ALL as Armaments is accurate, but referring to the weapons and armor it certainly would be, because the author deliberately used the character for “tool” to refer to them. Of course, that’s just my inference of his intent, based on how he could have been more specific versus being more general, but I tend to think that authors when they use a specific word, do so deliberately moreso than because they couldn’t think of a better term. But that’s just me.

          2. The author uses soul armament for everything–a blanket sweep for every instance so far. When the people of the world see armor/weapons, they call them soul armaments, and even when they see accessories, they refer to them as soul armaments. If Bai Yunfei were to call them something else, I’d be more inclined to use that.

            To extrapolate even more on the character for tool, one of the Chinese synonyms for armament is 武器, the second character means tool as well while the first means martial/war. While it does mean tool in a literal sense, that’s just one of the many definitions it can fall under. 武器 and 魂器 are very similar in my perspective, and that’s why I believed the author meant armament.

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