USAW Book 2 Chapter 180 and End of Book 2 Comments

Chapter 180: Upgrading in Batches

Chapter 3 has been retranslated, nothing major has been retranslated


With Chapter 180, Book 2 of USAW has been finished.

Here is the author’s comment on the end of Book 2.

It’s been four months since the start of this book, and over five hundred thousand characters have been written since then. For the average author, this type of output would be rather low, but for me, I can still hardly believe I wrote so much. Five hundred thousand! Wow….

To be frank, I’m not really happy with how the second book turned out. I’m sure a good few of my readers would share the same thoughts, and in truth, the storyline of the second book has plenty of deviations from my original one. For example, the substory in Gaoyi City; that was where the biggest discrepancies were. There’s plenty of reasons for this, but the biggest factor was due to my state of mind when writing it.

For those readers that accompanied me since my debut in July, they know that I went from a lazy university student to becoming a company worker that works day in and night out. If I’m being honest, it’s been incredibly hard for me to adjust to this extreme change in situation.

Because of the orientation and introduction to my job, Upgrade Specialist took a three week hiatus in July. For a newbie work, taking a pause is an extremely dangerous thing to do. I know I lot plenty of my readers during that time, and that the rest of my readers had nothing to read from me during that time. Some readers may have given up my work due to a lack of interest (That’s how I felt).

It took a frontpage recommendation on the fourth week of August after my book restarted on August 7th for my daily view count to go back to normal.

In the first ten days following the 7th, I found myself with plenty of things weighing heavily on my mind. It was exceptionally exhausting, and after the third week, my state of mind was completely different from before. Even with the pre-existing plotline and ideas, I didn’t have that same feeling as before. So when I finished off the Gaoyi City arc so soon, some of the plans I had weren’t even written in there.

Plenty of my readers wanted me to hurry to the Crafting School arc already. Haha, So with the end of the second book, the third book will start the beginning of the Crafting School arc. It’s a very important plot shift for sure, as it’ll serve as the turning point in the main character growing stronger. A lot of readers were angry that the main character was in a constant state of ‘being chased down and hunted’ and ‘hunted to the point of desperation’. Haha. Personally, I don’t think those plots were that important….But rest assured, there won’t be such ‘miserable’ events like that in the future. The Crafting School arc should make up for that, I hope. Becoming stronger is the secondary focus, and crafting is the main focus here. When the time comes when Bai Yunfei is completely decked out in X equipment, he’ll bring the pitchforks to the continent and be the wolf in sheep’s skin or what have you.

The third book will have plenty of important plans and ideas. The initial plotline will have to be revised since a lot of the subplots and such were removed. So, I’ve no other choice but to take a day off to make sure everything’s in order first. I hope that when I finish writing, all my readers will be able to read it and be happy….

I’d like to make mention that the third book will have plenty of equipment start to pop out. For the more interested readers, please feel free to submit your own customized equipment in the tieba post for the story. Give them whatever name you want, as long as they fit the storyline, I’ll be more than happy to fit them into the plot.

Other than that, there’ll also be plenty of characters that’ll show up. For those interested in making a small cameo as a minor character, feel free to leave your name, sex, and other general description in the tieba post. For the sake of writing, please take it easy, if it’s too confusing to read, I’ll have a hard time making it work into the story, haha~~

There were plenty of authors that started around the same time I did, but many of them have already given up. The reason why I’ve not yet given up is due to my luck and the support of my readers. Each time someone clicks the read button, sends a red envelope, reviews my story, or cheer me on with ZHB, they have given me a lot of support. It’s with their support that I can truly say from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

I can remember there was once a day someone posted a review on Upgrade Specialist In Another World, saying that my work was ‘trash’. It was super early in the morning, and I had only just spent that entire night reviewing a chapter to post when I saw it. It was hard to take in, to be honest. I don’t know what intentions this person had in mind, but to see it had been a great deal of negativity to myself. I really did feel bad after that. When I wrote about this at the end of one of my chapters, I was startled to see so many wellbeing comments when I got back from work. That’s when I really understood that the support of these readers was what I should truly be cherishing most…

Windfire Lightning Ice, Flying Egg-beating Chicken, Libashiji, Darling Yunfei, A-ran, Mo Xiaoxuan, Yang Xinmo, Night Shadow, Li, zplusx, Registering is Hard, Apex, A Sound Pure, Weak Insect That Hopes to Fly, Tai Yu, Traversing East Asia, Call Me Yi Zihan丶,Cancer Dragon, Nomadic Boshang, Master Candy, Zhai, Hong Tashan, Sorrowful Spring, jk1234567, MMO Fanatic, selethky, Bro Zijin, Black Like Night, and all the other readers….there really are fr too many to count. The list really does go on. I really hope that the readers I didn’t get to mention won’t feel that I’ve forgotten about you, haha….

Thank you for your ardent support, I will continue to try my best and hope that you’ll find it in yourself to accompany me down this road. I hope that in the future, I’ll be able to write a story you will all enjoy!

Well, that’s about it. Today’s chapter will probably come out a little latter, but they won’t be short.

A new book, a new story. I hope everyone will continue to support my work! For those with red envelopes, please consider it, and for those who haven’t added this book to their collections, please consider that. I will thank you all in advance!



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