USAW Book 2 Chapter 178

Chapter 178: Crescent Moon Blades and Set Equipment!


Chapter 1: Bai Yunfei

Chapter 1 has been retranslated

Major changes:
Qingyun Province -> Azure Cloud Province
Luoshi City -> Talus City

I’ve changed these names to a more western based name since leaving them in Pinyin doesn’t really do much to help western readers. Names of people are one thing, but places may as well be translated too unless there’s a precedent.

Regarding the tables, I’ve talked with the technomancer, and we’ve unfortunately no way to change the background color depending on whether the reader is on day mode or night mode. This means that for those with troubles reading it on day mode, please read it on night mode for the timebeing until WuxiaWorld has a new CMS to be better equipped for better readability.

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  1. Most web browsers have a reader mode now, or a plugin for a reader mode which allows you to change the size and color of text and the background color.

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