USAW Book 2 Chapter 176

Chapter 176: Wiping Out the Enemies


Hello everyone,

As many of you might know, I’ve finished up my time as translator for CSG, meaning that I’ll be able to put more time into my other works, such as USAW.

I do plan on increasing the schedule to daily, but not right now.

My immediate plans is to keep the current schedule and also retranslate the chapters He-man did before. This isn’t because I don’t like his translations, it’s because they aren’t mine. A lot of standardization could be had, and I plan to revamp some things, such as the equipment tables and terminology, such as locations and such. These retranslated chapters will go up with the ongoing chapter releases simultaneously.

I’ve spent a couple of hours formatting the new ones, and here’s what they’ll look like from now on.

Upgrade successful
  • Equipment Grade: Normal
  • Upgrade Level: +1
  • Attack: 9
  • Additional Attack: 1
  • Upgrade Requirement: 2 Soulpoints

If there’s any complaints/suggestions, please list them down below and I’ll try to work something out,

Thank you,


20 thoughts on “USAW Book 2 Chapter 176” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

          1. Just a lighter blue would be fine, and if you could add in a little transparency that would be perfect. The way it is now, the black doesn’t contrast enough with the blue, making it hard to read.

          2. But if you want to go with the majority of the suggestions on this page, which is make the blue darker, I suggest you make the text within the boxes white. It would make what’s in the boxes readable.

          3. How about Blue-Screen-of-Death blue
            You can even use that idea in an April Fools chapter! 😀

          4. You’ll need them in some show/hide spoiler sections. So that it is not given away in peripheral vision. I can help with the snippet of code if you would like it.

          1. Ah… well, the issue is… it’s hard seeing the black text against the blue… it’s dark on dark…

          2. The black text against blue background is readable for night mode, but it looks really piercing and the lighter background causes offsetting that makes the text harder to read due to the brightness in day mode; Maybe if the blue was just a box outline, rather than a solid colour? You want to bring attention to it, but not drown out the text, after all. Here’s a quick mockup of what I meant: (woulda used Imgur but it’s failing to upload every time I try) is day mode and is Night Mode (color picker’d the background colour to ensure accuracy). Could even fill in the box with a pastel blue or some other low hue colour to make it more noticable against the day mode background, but I think the border does that well enough on its own, there.

    1. i think most reader would be familiar with the light blue shade when it comes to these kinds of stuff.. maybe try colors around #9fdde1 or R-159 G-221 B-225. It’s around this shade that most VR novels use for status boxes.

  1. Can the box backgrounds at least be light grey or a darker blue like in the RT translations instead of that bright blue. I like using dark mode so the screen isn’t too bright but blue would be kind of weird since it’s pretty bright.


    Do you have an idea of what you want to do when he fails? or when he destroys the item? (Just change it to red?)

    Could you place these entries into those spoiler quotes so that it does not show initially?

    ie: I’m reading it through. I’m at the top of the page, however in my peripheral vision I see the giant blue success. I do not even know at this point what item he’s upgrading. It would detract from the dilemma, the angst, as my peripheral vision already gives the answer.

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