10 thoughts on “USAW Book 2, Chapter 132+133!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I just wanted to say I love this story! I have always wanted to either start MTL a story or write my own. I know you didn’t write this story but I still want to thank you for translating it! It helped give me quite a few ideas for some things in my own story. You, DragomirCM and Ensigblog (two small web novel authors) inspired me to start writing my own story. I only have the prologue and 1st chapter written but I have put a LOT of love into it. I Don’t have an editor so there is bound to be a couple of mistakes, but I would love your opinion of it. I go by the pen name of Ethereal Willow. Here is a link to my blog please enjoy!

    I would love some constructive criticism.

    BTW: I’m not trying to advertise my story so please don’t shoot me lol. I don’t really want to start advertising my story until I have quite a few chapters written. When I do reach that point I will be sure not to be another one of those annoying youtubers shamelessly advertising in the comment section.

    1. okay this is embarrassing. I went right to the comment section when I wrote this because Deceptioning usually does them so I didn’t notice that a new writer did these chapters. Anyways Thanks Sean for Translating! You can critique my story too if you want though lol.

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