USAW Book 2, Chapter 129 & Announcement

Chapter 129: Destroying the Evidence

My finals are coming up in less than two weeks, so I will need to put translating on the backburner in the meanwhile.

I’d rather not freeze releases, but I will not guarantee chapters to come out until after the 19th.

For anyone else taking finals, I wish you luck,


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  1. Good luck, I found studying for anything worked best right before bed, as your brain tends to keep working on it in your sleep.. when I was going to college I was a total night owl lol… I’d stay up all night then go to classes in the morning and then go to bed right afterwards.. made a huge difference tho 😀 had great grades without doing much of any extra studying.. also helped I was rolling on savings so I wasn’t working most the time I was at college.. least till I ran out of money then I dropped out (I’d rather not borrow a bunch of money.. especially not with the fed selling student loans for dirt cheap to private collection agencies)

  2. Good luck with your finals! And thanks for the chapter, it helps me relax between study sessions to read these awesome stories you guys are translating for us!!

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