USAW Book 2, Chapter 100

Chapter 100: As Like the Heart Flying With the Clouds, Be Free and Easy

Author Note:

USAW has finally reached a total amount of a hundred chapters. Haha, thank you all for supporting me for the entire time.

My apologies for releasing the second chapter so late. I wasn’t feeling so well today, for some strange reason, I was sent several black tickets today. Yesterday I had seven, and today makes sixteen….

Ai, black tickets really do influence the mood of an author. I really don’t know why Zongheng implemented such a system for doing things….if you have a ticket, then please send the red ones over. Haha, once again, thank you for supporting this author!

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    1. I think red tickets are used to vote for series that you like and also gives the author money? Like donating? So then I’d assume that black tickets are something similar but bad? I’m not entirely sure either.

    2. If you read the raws (here counting machine translations), you might notice that the authors tend to bag for those tickets at every other oppotunity they get, though I do not know what exactly they are.

      Concerning the red thing, then I seem to remember having heard something about money in China being given in red envelopes, so I consider it a reasonably guess that red tickets means it comes with a donation to the author.

  1. I want to thank you for the USAW releases. I’m looking forward for a new chapter every time I finish one. I don’t often post comments but I want you to know you have me deepest gratitude.

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