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Hello all,

First of all, I’d like to apologize for not checking the remaining comments on chapter 182 — I only looked at them an hour after posting and didn’t look through them again when posting chapter 183. I’ve gotten spoiled by you guys bringing mistakes/typos directly to me on Discord and email (shout out to TheNoraShinki!), so didn’t think much of not going through the rest of the comments. Just an FYI for everyone, I’m very responsive via Discord, email, and my site chat. Something’s gravely wrong/I didn’t get your comment if I haven’t responded after a full day — which was relevant for the matter I’m addressing. So FYI if you’re contacting me in the future.

With regards to the mention of OCD in chapter 182, it was absolutely in no way to make anyone feel uncomfortable or to offend anyone. Given the context of Dan Fei’s abnormal behavior of digging through trash and then washing herself three times + throwing away her old clothes as a result, I thought nothing more of directly and semi-accurately translating 潔癖 as OCD. I say semi-accurately because it would’ve been more accurate as OCD about cleanliness? Regardless, I’ve changed the use to “obsessively fastidious” (fantastic reader submission there!).

I’d like to also make use of the post to comment on sometimes modern word usage in wuxia novels — ie. in other novels, you might’ve seen words like “loli” or “KO’ed”. Chinese authors like to throw in modern words/slang sometimes, maybe for humor, maybe for more relevance to the audience. That’s why you may see words that obviously don’t belong in the world/time period. For instance, I’ve used the word “awesome” several times in chapters, and really struggled with what word to use there. The author had written 牛逼, which is modern Mainland Chinese slang for something like, “hot damn I’m the shit” or “freaking hell he’s the shizzle”. You get the drift. Obviously that would be a bit out of place in SOTR, so I’ve opted just for “awesome”. But something like loli? Apart from spending a paragraph trying to describe a loli, how should someone translate that ‘un eh? 🙂

In addition, the whole PC movement isn’t really visible in Asia, where, on my tiny island at least, people are regularly described by their skin color. I just wanted to throw this out there before anyone crucifies the author for not being culturally sensitive, it’s just a very different mindset here. What is offensive to Western readers could potentially be casually thrown around here without a thought otherwise.

But really, I’d like to apologize for my thoughtlessness. I take a lot of care and effort in my translations and am proud of the work I put out (other than being so tired I forgot to accept changes on the last four lines of chapter 183… *facepalms*). I seem to have just lost my common sense along the way of pursuit of floweriness and accuracy. I had liked to think that I was putting out high quality work, and that SOTR was a prime example of my literary abilities and effort of thought. I’ll be reflecting for the rest of the day, and may not bring another chapter today (but big, big shout out to the steadfast Count Grey for his support. I declare this week’s sponsored chapters all in honor of Count Grey. 🙂 Now get off Discord and go sleep!)

TL;DR – etvolare apologizes for her thoughtlessness and lack of chapter comment checking. She in no way wanted to offend anyone or make anyone feel uncomfortable. The relevant sentence has been updated.

[edit] And then I go put my foot in it by being *super American*. PC = politically correct.

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  1. I don’t think you should bother about it that much.

    So you translated it as OCD, that’s fine, no need to backtrack or even bother to post this kind of post unless it was innacurate.
    The US people always try very hard to get offended, that’s just a cultural thing I guess. The rest of the world really doesn’t care much. ^^

    Thank you for your work !

    Ps: I’m surprised by the use of modern slang in those novels, I did see some translators use words like loli and such which has always felt weird to me, but to think this is just the tip of the iceberg… ^^

      1. well, that was an unexplored side
        except, that just might have been a violation of a certain right- u know there are all types of it out there
        but the tussle u guys manage to develop out of the void are fun to watch

    1. I didn’t like OCD. But not because I found it offensive but because I thought it didn’t fit the story well. So if the author didn’t use the term originally and there is a more fitting alternative I’m OK with the change but I hope there won’t be any changes to appease some PC whiners.

  2. You’re very lucky to live somewhere where PC doesn’t exist yet. Where I live it’s a big thing and it’s pretty much ruined our society, (quite literally, some of the policies based on it can be directly and indirectly linked to our economy going into perpetual recession since around 2002). And has led to the collapse of our teriary education system. And for me, someone who studies in the fields of science constantly working with people of all ethnicities, and often doing research based on ethnic differences and correlation, PC has made doing my work and writing proper reports, and communicating my findings properly and accurately nearly impossible.

      1. Don’t worry about it etvo. You won’t be able to please everyone. And trying to will only wear you out in the long run.
        Believe me I grew up trying not to offend anyone but as I grew I learnt some people are just unpleasable. Always demanding and never contributing.
        Just do what makes you satisfied.
        You have many Fans (including me) to call upon you when you need it.

        BTW your grammer and punctuation is very pleasing and easy to read. I can easily understand the content and intentions of the author.

        I also tried using google to translate the raw chinese version into english and got more confused as I read (some words would not even translate).
        So thank you for you’re continued efforts.
        P.S. I don’t usually make comments like these however after reading you’re carefully written, time consuming note, I had to express my support on the person that translates the novel, that makes me happy.

  3. It isn’t a problem and I have always appreciated your translations. Don’t overthink this besides no one is perfect. Remember that you rock Fluffeh Celestial Princess!!

  4. I wasn’t offended at all and I wrote from Latin America. I just want to say that you’re one of the finest translators I’ve ever read so don’t feel bad for the critizising of over sensitive people that doesn’t have any idea of how difficult is to translate a piece of writing and especially at the high level of quality you do. You can’t please all but if you ask the majority of people who read your translations, they will tell you they love your writing style and the heart you put in doing so. So cheer up and continue with the excellent work. I salute you Fluffeh Celestial Princess XD

    1. My thoughts exactly. I only know that PC stands for personal computer as you said, no idea what it means here in this regard. Seems to be something unnecessarily annoying though.

  5. I’m not offended, but obsessive/extreme fastidiousness/cleanliness is probably better. Real world OCD can be more extreme than what Dan Fei did and (more importantly, I think) it breaks the fantasy setting to include such an explicitly modern term. Having said all of that, washing three times might be necessary if it’s really smelly trash (think of running into a skunk in the woods) and sometimes it’s easier to burn clothes than to get the odor out.

    1. Well just like we can use the word “crazy” without the person actually having gone crazy, we can use the word OCD without the person actually being OCD, it just has to display part of the symptoms.

    2. the problem here isn’t that etvo ises the word ocd, but that the author used a modern word that means what she translated as. i looked up the word in my own awesome chinese dictionary app, and it suggests mysophobia as a one word translation of it.

      the character’s bahavior was shocking because she was that ocd about cleanliness, or that mysophobic. only reason people react on the use of ocd here, is that the author hasn’t shown this side of the character, but instead just mentions it with this word in order to explain how shocking it was that she’d touch anything dirty at all.

      sometimes, the right thing to do as a translator, is to be loyal to the original, and blame the author for their choice of words. offended people, be aware that it’s all the author’s fault in this case.

  6. It isn’t a problem, you are already doing an amazing job, so if people(americans) are ofended (they are always ofended about everything, it wouldnt be surprising if they take the sky to court for being blue as a racist) they should translate by themselves, i’m sure they will stop complaning. I think that you guys as translators and editors are doing an amazing job, also donors for sponsoring.

    Thanks a lot for your hard work.

  7. I am offended by constant worrying about Politically Correct BS. You can’t even call a black person black (while calling a white as white is okay, lol) nowadays without some pipsqueak popping up. And that wonderful invention of the word “alternatively gifted”… really? -.-

  8. If you’re into politically correct or dont want to read controversial material (i.e. Rape-MGA, Loli-TTNH, etc.) you should not be reading Xianxia novels.

    1. Rape and Lolis are fine to these people. There was a small push earlier for not demonizing pedophiles… literally some people think sexualizing a 5 year old is fine. That’s the SJW crowd.

      Rape, on the other hand is fine as long as you’re muslim. Recently, 2 “refugees” were released on probation though they were found guilty of rape. The person that was raped, apparently wrote them a letter or something saying that they are generally nice people, and shouldn’t rape because it enables racism.

  9. People should learn to expect things they don’t like or find offensive in the internet considering the amount of cultures that are merged within, tbh it shouldn’t really matter if you are or not PC to a certain group or not because one can’t know everything from all the readers.

    Anyways, your translations are among the best so there shouldn’t be anything to apologize! > u < -b

  10. Don’t bother with the PC plebs out there etvo! They clearly haven’t stayed on the internet long enough. Catering to them will only make matters worse by having them think everything will go their way. It’s your translation, not theirs. I personally giggled a bit at the OCD part.

  11. It’s amazing how people who submit and lead PC, are actually the biggest racists.
    “Don’t call him black! Because he’s black, it’s offensive.”
    They themselves treat other people based on gender and “race”. How ironic, yet so sad.

  12. FFS, I agree with the sentence change, but that’s because it sounds better.

    Don’t worry about the PC idiots. Knowing them, they’ll probably complain about the usage of idiot because that’s demeaning to people who have low iq. If they don’t, it’s because they feel they haven’t gotten enough of a foothold yet to make that demand.

    Look up BlackLivesMatter, the group who think that trashing and raiding a whole street full of shops was okay, because a kid, who may or may not have been killed due to racism, was killed in a completely different area by completely different people. (Not to mention, their followers being happy about the recent happenings, though some claim otherwise.) This is the type of people you are bending your knee to. It might not seem like it now, but that’s what happens.

    Really, didn’t want to post on this topic but this isn’t the first it’s happen. I don’t want translations tainted by such bull.

  13. It was less offensive than it was just simply a misuse of the word. OCD is a noun while fastidious is an adjective so it fits better.

    Also I appreciate that comment. *blushes like Meng Hao*

    1. Indeed! I heartily agree. Chalk that up to another misuse of the word these days. Next thing we’ll see is it being used as a verb with -ing tacked onto it..

  14. First, I think your doing a great job.
    As for the use of OCD, I don’t mind like everyone else. Just sometime people use acronyms that most commun people use but order doesn’t know.
    I understand the use of modern language in most novel but don’t the mean for acronyms unless the author use it.
    I meam, I’m not a gamer nor a fan of short cut word, so I don’t understand most of them.
    I can understand it a commun knowledge but again not fan….
    Like PC, a part of Personal Computer I can only Personal Comment. ..
    Not really easy to understand.

    Long story short, keep the good work… you’re doing great

  15. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! This complaining and getting offended over the most minor of details is getting annoying. Changing the author’s words to make some p^&*k feel better about themselves just doesn’t feel right. IMO it wasn’t even misused.

  16. Please don’t worry about PC! PC is the most BS movement we have ever had, and you should NOT let yourself change because of it.

    I’m simply tired of feminism and PC trying to oppress and blame people for their own issues. We should all simply try to improve and learn from what we experience, instead of worrying about being “PC”. Everyone of us has our faults, we can improve how we act, but we should NOT change because of issues that others have.

    If you say something with good intentions and the PC crowd gets pissed off, then just say “hard luck, I didn’t mean it as an insult” and get it down with. Because at the end of the day the PC crowd is simply a bunch of people who’re looking to get offended, who are looking for reasons to call themselves a victim, and you should not give them that pleasure.

    Be yourself. Try to be open minded, but don’t give up your free thought simply for other people.

  17. Wait wut… etvolare is a girl?? who knew ahahah… and dont be stress out about that PC stuff… screw that.. thanks for all of your hard work

  18. As an American, and also someone who has been learning Chinese for several years, I really appreciate the translations you do and hope something like this doesn’t dishearten you too much. It’s not easy to translate, and it is especially not easy to translate a different culture/way of thought. (´・Д・)」 加油!

  19. What is wrong with calling an OCD, OCD? I wash my hands so many times my skin looks wrinkled.. One of the types of OCD IS cleanness and hell yeah she is like that. If it was a suggestion like can you write Xiaoyu (Jiang cousin) as Xiao Yu because I confused it with Shi Xiaoyu then it might be valid (just a suggestion :P) but this is nowhere wrong and your translation is awesome. Thanks up until now and I hope you will give us more. Sorry if it was aggressive but can’t handle people who does nothing but consume and criticize others without considering their efforts!

  20. Just going to add a friendly reminder here for everyone, and I’m not pointing a finger at anyone or anything.

    One of the greatest arts one can cultivate is the ability to NOT get offended. If something might could use correction, stay calm and politely share your opinion. It usually reflects worse on someone who gets angry over another who inspired their anger and the anger never is useful to resolution. Keep an open mind, as everything isn’t as it seems and if disagreement is still there after getting all sides of the story, do it respectfully please <3

    That being said, the readers and staff of WW are 99% amazing and very respectful, which is one of the reasons that I really love this place. Could be that these kinds of novels bring a more cultured and honorable audience than one might expect :3

    Also, Etvo, these things happen, so don't take it much to heart. Your still one of the best translations I've seen <3 <3

    I could share a thousand videos of famous people discrediting this whole being politically correct trend as well… but, others have said enough and we can just move on from this minor event now.

  21. I honestly just made an account in order to respond to this… Etvo, your translation is great and I appreciate it. Chinese novels are not PC, they contain bigotry, chauvinism, senseless and gratuitous violence, rape, foul language, and sometimes racism. None of these things should be edited out or reduced as to do so would take away from the particular flavor of Wuxia/Xianxia novels which many of us enjoy reading. My fellow Americans and any group offended by this needs to realize this is an effect of the moral culture represented in these novels and is an integral aspect. If you are offended, stop reading and leave the rest of us alone. I would personally like to see a policy put in place that any comments complaining about these things or demanding political correctness be removed and their poster’s communication blocked as they take away from the reading experience and fill the comment section with responses and flames about “PC” rather than post thanking the author, commenting on how unexpected something was, typos and other fun and useful post adding to the community.

  22. Friend,
    You have not offended me.
    The connotation of words and standards of beauty has changed over the years. In the 1700’s saying that someone was a “Black Man” meant that he was a relatively swarthy Caucasian. In many societies a light skin meant that one didn’t have to do manual labor out in the blazing hot sun day after day. Being fat meant that one was wealthy enough to eat well in a time that many were starving.
    My ideal woman would be someone like Queen Latifah or Serena Williams. Most of the Light Novel heroes seem to like very thin women with skin like white jade.
    Nothing to be upset about.
    Some people run about looking for something to take issue with.
    I always spell the term “Politikally Korrect” because it looks more Fascist—and that is what the whole movement is…
    Saxon Violence

  23. You know when i read about that ocd i never tought it would be offensive people with ilness physical or mental alike wants to be treated as normal people altough its very difficult to do that because you are bound to take medicine (in most cases) that make you feel weird and you cant have a smoke or drink a beer or hell even sleep normal in my case i sometimes slept at 11 and woke up at 4 or 5 in the afternoon… the only things a person that suffers things like that wants is not a special treatment but someone to treat you like a normal being and is kind of cool they mentioned an illness like that because the more you get used to hearing it the more you can threat them like normal people because they are well before i get more of topic the context it was presented is to make an example to how dirty she was im sorry for the long text hahaha
    Pd: your translations are awasome !!!

  24. Let me guess it was a ‘hand full’ of people that brought this up? From what I have read on this thread a majority are ok with OCD. I have enjoyed this translation immensely, and it would be a bit sad to see it ruined by mouth breathing keyboard warriors. You have no reason to apologize to a minute minority of readers because they hate their bleak, sad, unimportant lives. They do this because their opinions hold no sway outside of the internet, and everyone around them knows how small-minded, and petty they are. Honestly I didn’t even notice the part about being OCD. Thanks for reading my unimportant, wall of text opinion 🙂

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