TMW: Chapter 993

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Chapter 993: Three Beams of Sword Qi


Yi Yun nodded his head in absolute seriousness.

“About that… ” Felicitous Rain Lord pricked up his eyebrows. Learning the Dao of Primordial Chaos was just too difficult!

Even Felicitous Rain Lord had never had any contact to Great Dao laws that were above Space-time and Yin-Yang.

To comprehend Primordial Chaos, not only did one need opportunities, they also needed perception that only one in a quadrillion of people had.

It was unlike the Major Destruction laws. There was no place to meditate with the Major Destruction laws because the time for the Universe’s destruction had yet to happen.

As for Primordial Chaos laws, the Universe had been born after all. There were still chances to gain insights into it. But even so, mighty figures of the 12 Empyrean Heavens who knew Primordial Chaos laws were a rare breed.

Therefore, Felicitous Rain Lord was unlikely to feel optimistic about Yi Yun’s request to study it.

However, thinking back to the things that Yi Yun had previously done, and how they had far exceeded his expectations, Felicitous Rain Lord said, “The Universe was born from Chaos. In order to meditate over the Primordial Chaos, the most direct method is to find worlds that were recently born. It is possible to connect to the primordial Universe through those worlds where there is the existence of the nebulous Primordial Chaos.

“The 12 Empyrean Heavens is too big, so although the probability of such worlds appearing is extremely low, there are really a few spots like that. For example, the Primordial Empyrean Heaven… ”

Yi Yun had previously been to the Primordial Empyrean Heaven and underwent the Luo Divine Hall’s trials there. However, the landmass where the Luo Divine Hall trials was held was a rather stable place. It was a place that was naturally unsuitable to ponder over Chaos laws. As for places that were conducive to the contemplation of Chaos laws, Yi Yun was unable to head there alone.

“Without me going with you, you will not be able to reach the Primordial Empyrean Heaven.” Felicitous Rain Lord sighed in silence as he looked like he was being put on the spot.

Felicitous Rain Lord had previously said that he had matters to attend to in a few year’s time. And a few years had passed while he watched Yi Yun’s cultivation and attempt at manifesting his Dao in the abode. It was about time that he left.

Felicitous Rain Lord contemplated for a moment before saying, “For you to give up manifesting your Dao midway, I believe that you have thought it through. In that case, accompany me to the Azure Wood Great World.”

Azure Wood Great World? Fairy Ningshuang, who was beside him, revealed a look of astonishment. “Divine Lord, are you sure?”

Yi Yun was momentarily stunned as well.

Felicitous Rain Lord looked at Yi Yun and said with a serious expression, “I was planning on heading there with Ningshuang, firstly because of my own matters and secondly to find opportunities for Ningshuang to make a breakthrough. If you were at the peak of the Dao Manifestation realm, even if you didn’t ask, I would have taken you along. The Azure Wood Great World has plenty of opportunities… but now, it’s the result of having no choice.”

“Your cultivation level is too low to enter the Azure Wood Great World. In there, even Dao Palace realm warriors have to tread carefully,” said Felicitous Rain Lord.

In the Azure Wood Great World, Dao Palace realm warriors had to tread like they were on thin ice. Yi Yun was only at the half-step Dao Manifestation realm, so he was two full realms away. It was no wonder that Felicitous Rain Lord did not consider the matter previously.

But now, he decided on the matter because of Yi Yun’s desire to study the Primordial Chaos.

“You still aren’t aware of what a place the Azure Wood Great World is. It’s a world that is bordering on life and death. In the Azure Wood Great World, a new world is born, while as a result, the old Azure Wood Great World is collapsing.”

What Felicitous Rain Lord said stunned Yi Yun. There was such a world?

“It might not be a coincidence… The last time that I entered the Azure Wood Great World, I saw a mark left behind by a senior.” Felicitous Rain Lord revealed a look of reminiscence. “The reason why I’m entering the Azure Wood Great World is also for that senior. That senior’s martial arts is unfathomable, one that I have never seen before. Perhaps, chasing after that senior’s footsteps will allow me to seek the supreme martial path… ”

Yi Yun could see a yearning in Felicitous Rain Lord’s eyes.

The supreme martial path was a lifelong pursuit for a warrior like Felicitous Rain Lord.

However, after the Azure Wood Great World began collapsing, it was abandoned for hundreds of millions of years. How was he going to pursue that senior in such a world?

“Although all I saw was a mark, I kept having the nagging feeling that such a senior had yet to die. Maybe in the Azure Wood Great World, there are other inheritances left behind by that senior. It might even be possible that the senior is still alive. If that’s the case, there is that tiny possibility that I’ll be able to find that senior.” Felicitous Rain Lord said in a tone filled with anticipation.

How could a senior that represented supreme martial arts for Felicitous Rain Lord die so easily?

“What sort of mark was it?” Yi Yun could not help but ask.

Felicitous Rain Lord seemed to cast his eyes to a distant spot through space.

“It was a flower. It constantly phased between life and death, just like the Azure Wood Great World which is the interface of destruction and birth,” said Felicitous Rain Lord. “It’s fine if you want to give up now.”

Yi Yun looked up and said, “Master, this disciple is willing to go along with you!”

The martial path was fraught with difficulties. Yi Yun was unwilling to turn to dust after hundreds of thousands of years. He wanted to try his chances at climbing that peak of martial arts.

Since time immemorial, people who could become Divine Lords were all talented people who experienced great tribulations in life and encountered countless opportunities. If not, how could they trample on billions of warriors to reach the peak?

And the goal that Yi Yun set for himself was not limited to being a Divine Lord.

“Have you thought through it carefully?”

“This disciple has already thought it through,” said Yi Yun seriously.

Felicitous Rain Lord looked at Yi Yun and nodded. “On our trip to the Azure Wood Great World, there will probably be many people from other sects and countries coming along. However, those old freaks at the level of Supremacies will target the core area of the Azure Wood Great World. It’s a place that you can’t enter anyway. As for your true strength, it should be somewhere around the peak of the Dao Manifestation realm, but the people who will be going will mostly be at the Dao Palace realm. There will not be many people at the Dao Manifestation realm. Furthermore, what you face will be different from them. You will have to rely on yourself for everything.”

“As your master, I’ll give you three protective sword Qi.”

Upon saying that, Felicitous Rain Lord stretched out his hand to draw a profound rune mid-air and placed it on Yi Yun’s glabella.

Immediately, an extremely sharp aura surged towards Yi Yun. In his soul sea, there were three tiny revolving swords beside the ‘Three-foot Passage Sword’.

Yi Yun could sense the terrifying power that the small swords had just from probing them.

With Yi Yun’s soul sea and cultivation realm, he could only accommodate three beams of sword Qi.

“These three beams of sword Qi are produced by me, but your cultivation realm is too low. They probably will not be able to produce half of their might. But even so, they will be useful tools to protect your life.”

“Do not think that you are invincible with the sword Qi. People and freaks from the various large sects and Fey kingdoms would typically have their own hidden cards. And killing in the Azure Wood Great World depends on one’s ability. That has the authority over life and death, so even though you are my disciple, my name will not pose much of a threat.”

In an independent world, it was unknown who the culprit was if one died, so there was nothing to speak of with respect to revenge. Furthermore, it was typically a life-and-death struggle between peers. Being killed only meant that he was inferior to others, so there was no reason for Felicitous Rain Lord to seek revenge.

“Thank you, Master,” said Yi Yun. He naturally would not act willfully because of the sword Qi. They were hidden cards to ensure his survival.

“Try your best to cultivate as much as possible. Doing some last-minute preparations is still beneficial,” said Felicitous Rain Lord.

After Yi Yun left, Fairy Ningshuang sighed and said, “Yi Yun’s aspirations are too high. I wonder if it’s a blessing or a curse for him.”

“I’m worried as well,” said Felicitous Rain Lord as he looked into a distance. “But if a warrior does not have any aspirations, he won’t be able to go far either.”

Fairy Ningshuang could tell that Felicitous Rain Lord was not supportive of Yi Yun’s decision and resolution. But in the bottom of his heart, Felicitous Rain Lord recognized Yi Yun’s martial heart, or he would not have bestowed three beams of sword Qi to him.

She had followed Felicitous Rain Lord for tens of thousands of years. Felicitous Rain Lord’s martial heart was also extremely firm or he would not have become the youngest Divine Lord in the 12 Empyrean Heavens. One of the reasons why Yi Yun had become Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple was partly due to Felicitous Rain Lord’s acknowledgment of his martial heart.

Without such determination, one would eventually turn average even if one had astounding talent. In the process of cultivation, warriors had to face numerous enticements. Ordinary Dao Manifestation realm warriors could already become an Elder of a mid-tier sect or a guest Elder. They could enjoy a long lifespan and live a lavish lifestyle like a king.

But the pursuit of martial arts was a lonely and dark path. There were too many unknowns along it.

“It won’t be long before we can enter the Azure Wood Great World,” said Felicitous Rain Lord in an eager fashion.

He looked at the sky of the abode which reflected the world outside. At the moment, it was dark outside, and dazzling stars formed the milky arm of a galaxy. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

And inside Spirit Gathering Palace, Yi Yun was also looking at the milky arm of the galaxy.

Be it now, or when he was a mortal, such a sight was truly mesmerizing.

Every star might represent a Great World by itself, and in this galactic arm, there were countless Great Worlds, with trillions of lives.

As Yi Yun sat inside Spirit Gathering Palace, he pondered over the distance between him and the galactic stars. But when he stretched his hand out, it was like the stars were right in front of him.

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