TMW: Chapter 987

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Chapter 987: Disciple Recruitment

Seeing that Shi Ping and Shi Fei were crippled, everyone in Brocade Spring Court was left at a loss for words. The development had completely exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Originally, Shi Ping and Shi Fei had paid a heavy price to make Yi Yun endure the Helltoothed Dao Tapir’s devouring force. People had believed that Yi Yun was just being sharp tongued, which would eventually end up in him falling for his own scheme.

But no one ever believed that the outcome would reach such a state. Yi Yun’s Dao Domain was not only not crippled, instead, it was Shi Ping and Shi Fei who had a large amount of their Dao drawn away and had their prior insights of Dao drastically reduced. They were at the extreme limit of the Heaven Ascension realm, and they were about to condensed their Dao fruits, but with their Dao Domains gone, how were they going to condense Dao fruits?

Immediately, everyone looked at Yi Yun. At that moment, Yi Yun’s energy was nearly depleted. He was hovering mid-air as he recovered his stamina.

People began to see Yi Yun’s strength as being even more unfathomable. It was hard to imagine that in just one year, Yi Yun was able to possess such a terrifying Dao Domain — if that gray vortex was a Dao Domain that is.

“Felicitous Rain… ” Old Man Changsheng said with a deep voice.

He was incensed and he hoped to kill Yi Yun to ease his fury, but in front of Felicitous Rain Lord, he could not do a thing.

“Yes?” Felicitous Rain Lord gave Old Man Changsheng a perfunctory glance.

“It’s fine if you didn’t appreciate Shi Ping and Shi Fei, but why did you cripple their Dao?”

By stopping Old Man Changsheng at the very last moment — despite it being for a very short period of time — Felicitous Rain Lord had created such an outcome. Although Shi Fei and Shi Ping were crippled by Yi Yun directly, there was no way for Felicitous Rain Lord to shirk any responsibility either.

“Martial practitioners must be able to undertake responsibilities. You said that I didn’t appreciate them, but in fact, my standards aren’t that high. People who know how to compromise are people who I appreciate. Those without sufficient strength but can bear disgrace and a heavy burden are people who I appreciate as well.”

When Felicitous Rain Lord said that, he looked at Chi Zhuiyun. In the final Dao Domain assessment, it wasn’t too much to say that Chi Zhuiyun had born disgrace and a heavy burden.

“Of course, the ones that I appreciate the most are those with strength and know how to beat their enemies through novel means… ”

When Felicitous Rain Lord said that, he cast his gaze at Yi Yun and nodded slightly.

“What I don’t appreciate are people who are unaware of their own limitations, go back on their word, and people who cannot pay the price for their actions. These kind of people are not what I would take in as disciples. Now, I’ll be announcing the disciples that I want to take in!”

When Felicitous Rain Lord said that, everyone’s hearts tightened, especially in the towering tree’s hall. The king and the other important figures of the Oracle Fey Kingdom braced themselves by sitting up straight.

They were actually feeling somewhat disheartened. Yi Yun was simply too dazzling. He had stood head and shoulders above the rest, so they felt that Chi Zhuiyun’s chances were slim.

“I am willing to take in Chi Zhuiyun as an in-name disciple! Chi Zhuiyun, are you willing?”

It was unexpected that the first person that Felicitous Rain Lord mentioned was Chi Zhuiyun.

Chi Zhuiyun was delighted. Back when he chose the ordinary Dao Tapir because he did not dare to face the Helltoothed Dao Tapir, it was equivalent to him giving up. He never expected that Felicitous Rain Lord would still be willing to take him in as a disciple.

“Yes, this disciple is willing!” Chi Zhuiyun said politely.

The Oracle Fey Kingdom king heaved a sigh of relief. Although Chi Zhuiyun’s results were inferior to Yi Yun’s, he had finally passed the assessment.

Seeing Chi Zhuiyun become an in-name disciple, Tianya Haoyue felt extremely jealous. Felicitous Rain Lord did not even mention him, destroying any hope that was left in him.

The difference was just too great. He was inferior to Chi Zhuiyun, and as for Yi Yun, the gap was probably the same distance as one end of the world to the other.

It was a given that Felicitous Rain Lord would take Yi Yun in as a disciple. However, what made people puzzled was that even though Felicitous Rain Lord was announcing who he was taking in as disciples, why didn’t he say Chi Zhuiyun and Yi Yun’s names together? Why did he ask them individually?

Could it be… ?

A few people realized a possibility and this possibility left them stifled!

“I am willing to take Yi Yun in as a… personal disciple! Yi Yun, are you willing?”

When Felicitous Rain Lord said that, there was silence everywhere, including the area outside Brocade Spring Court. The projection was shown to everyone allowing millions of people to see it. They were left in shock!

A Divine Lord’s personal disciple!

A Divine Lord had an extremely long life. If they did not die as a result of unnatural means, they could live for tens of millions of years. But in such a long period of time, the number of personal disciples that they took in was a handful.

Typically, some personal disciples who had yet to mature fully would die before the Divine Lord’s death. That resulted in the Divine Lord taking in new disciples.

Once someone became Felicitous Rain Lord’s personal disciple, the amount of resources that they could enjoy would be enviable. Furthermore, Felicitous Rain Lord was no ordinary Divine Lord. He held remnant pages of the ‘Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon’ in his possession!

The ‘Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon’ was one of the top twelve cultivation techniques in the 12 Empyrean Heavens.

How big an opportunity was it to be able to study the remnant pages of the ’’Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon’?

“Personal disciple… personal disciple… Master actually… ”

At that moment, Song Wuchen was sitting not far from Felicitous Rain Lord. When he heard the two words, ‘personal disciple’, his brain felt like it had been struck by a sledgehammer. Immediately, his brain went blank as his ears buzzed.

He was previously worried that when Yi Yun became an in-name disciple, he would be valued greatly by Felicitous Rain Lord and eventually reach the position of personal disciple. But he never expected that now, Felicitous Rain Lord was immediately giving Yi Yun the title of personal disciple!

The thing that he was most worried about had happened. Song Wuchen felt his chest turn heavy as he became short of breath. His heart was filled with anger and disgruntlement, but Yi Yun’s tremendous talent left him completely unsure as to how to beat him.

To gain the personal guidance of a Divine Lord, the remnant pages of the ‘Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon’, as well as top-grade resources, how far could Yi Yun mature considering his rare talent?

It was completely unimaginable.

“Could Yi Yun become a Divine Lord?” A Oracle Fey Kingdom prince said in a daze.

He knew that the moment that Yi Yun became a personal disciple of a Divine Lord, his status would far exceed any prince or princess in the six-country alliance. As for a successor to a large family clan, they were just a joke when compared to Yi Yun.

Just a moment ago, they felt that Yi Yun had no background, but now… with Felicitous Rain Lord propping him up, his background and status were several times stronger than them. These made the Oracle Fey Kingdom prince feel greatly depressed.

“Become the next Divine Lord? It wouldn’t be that easy. Since time immemorial, the number of Divine Lords that exist in the same era is basically fixed. The chances of a Divine Lord’s disciple becoming a Divine Lord as well is extremely small.” Someone else said.

However, they all knew that even if Yi Yun could not become a Divine Lord in the future, he was bound to be an existence only second to a Divine Lord. He would be something far beyond their reach.

“Thank you senior for his appreciation. This junior is willing!”

Yi Yun gave a bow meant for acknowledging a master. Indeed, Yi Yun would not be willing if it was to become Felicitous Rain Lord’s in-name disciple. But a personal disciple was completely different. Up to now, Yi Yun’s practice of martial arts might have given him powerful inheritances, but he lacked a true master that could give him systematic advice when it came to martial arts.

It could be said to be extremely timely to gain the advice of Felicitous Rain Lord before he condensed his Dao fruits.

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