TMW: Chapter 986

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Chapter 986: Price

Shi Fei and Shi Ping were already struggling when the fifth seal was released. With the sudden intrusion of the destructive power, the Dao Domain of Rain that they conjured through their combined forces was like paper being consumed by flames. It shattered immediately!

In front of the powers of Major Destruction, be it the fusion of rain or the perpetuity of the water cycle, it all became meaningless. They were destroyed.

“What’s going on!?”

Shi Fei and Shi Ping watched helplessly as the gray vortex tore through the layers of the rain before their faces changed drastically.

They were in the confines of the Helltoothed Dao Tapir’s devouring force, and once their Dao Domain was destroyed, the outcome would be obvious!

“What is Grandmaster Uncle doing? This doesn’t feel like it’s the release of the sixth seal!”

Shi Fei’s rotund face was trembling. Under the force of destruction, he had an extremely powerless feeling. He felt like he was a tiny boat in a storm and the boat was going to capsize at any moment.

He was still not sure what the gray vortex was as he shot a pleaful look at Old Man Changsheng. The scene of their Dao Domain being rapidly devoured while they waited for death filled him with despair.

Old Man Changsheng finally could not sit still. How could he ignore the disciples he led, especially when they were in a dangerous situation?

He produced a few seals with his hands. As Heaven Earth Yuan Qi gathered, it formed water droplets. He was about to take action to save Shi Ping and Shi Fei, but at that moment —


With an explosion, the water droplets in Shi Changsheng’s hand had dispersed into a mist.


Shi Changsheng turned his head towards Felicitous Rain Lord in astonishment. The only person who could easily dissolve his laws of rain was Felicitous Rain Lord.

“Felicitous Rain, what are you doing!?” Old Man Changsheng asked with a frown.

Shi Ping and Shi Fei were his Immortal Rain Sect’s genius disciples.

“In this world, every action has a cost,” said Felicitous Rain Lord in a casual manner. “Back when they bet on the life of another, their lives were also placed on the betting table. If they did not come to such a realization, how are they to continue down the path of martial arts?”

There was a coldness in Felicitous Rain Lord’s casual tone.

Previously, Old Man Changsheng was afraid that he would interfere and he had not done a single thing. Now, Old Man Changsheng wanted to interfere himself? Felicitous Rain Lord obviously wouldn’t agree to that!

Felicitous Rain Lord stared at Shi Changsheng with a cold look. It gave Shi Changsheng a chill that reached his heart.

He knew about Felicitous Rain Lord’s immense power. Ignoring the fact that Shi Changsheng’s strength was slowly deteriorating, even when he was at his peak, he was no match for Felicitous Rain Lord at all.

Shi Changsheng made another seal with his hands, but no new raindrops were condensed again. But, how could time wait for Shi Changsheng?

At that moment, Shi Changsheng hesitated.


In the shroud of the Helltoothed Dao Tapir’s devouring force, the sound of an explosion echoed throughout the court!

Shi Changsheng looked over and he saw that the Helltoothed Dao Tapir’s world of darkness had been filled completely by the gray vortex.

The Helltoothed Dao Tapir’s world of darkness gave people an irresistible feeling due to the way it seemed to devour everything.

But this world was being gradually assimilated by the gray vortex.

Even the world of darkness was unable to withstand the gray vortex, so how could the Dao Domain of Rain, that was barely struggling, be able to withstand it?

Shi Ping and Shi Fei were anxiously waiting for Old Man Changsheng to rescue them, but what came for them in their despair was the overwhelming gray vortex.

They powered their Dao Domain with all their strength as they released all of their Yuan Qi, but nothing could amount to anything when placed in front of the Dao of Major Destruction.

“Grandmaster Uncle, save us!”

At the instant that the Dao Domain of Rain shattered, Shi Ping and Shi Fei’s faces twisted in horror.


The Dao Domain that they struggled to power did not seem to cause a single stir in front of the gray vortex that seemed to be annihilating everything in its path.

When that loud explosion sounded, their Dao Domains had shattered like a chicken’s egg!

The hundreds of thousands of warriors outside Brocade Spring Court witnessed the scene with their own eyes.

The two Immortal Rain Sect disciples’ Dao Domain had collapsed at the instant that the gray vortex touched down on it, and it expelled them forcefully.

There was no way that they could put up any resistance. Even the Helltoothed Dao Tapir was struggling and twisting in the gray vortex.

The formerly formidable Helltoothed Dao Tapir began to let out painful roars as the gray vortex devoured and ripped it.

Its world of darkness vanished and even a small part of its body had been torn off.

The overwhelming gray vortex swirls raged wantonly above Brocade Spring Court before it gradually shrank. It returned to a tiny vortex before it disappeared.

Only then did everyone jolt awake from the extended silence.

A cold wind blew everywhere as several warriors were shocked to find themselves drenched in cold sweat.

That Dao Domain was truly terrifying!

And at that moment, a figure appeared in place of where the gray vortex had disappeared.

“Yi Yun!”

Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi agitatedly stood up.

Yi Yun was standing mid-air. His face was somewhat pale, but his aura still had a hint of destruction to it.

Through the projection array, the warriors from the six-country alliance were watching that figure mid-air. They remained silent for a long period of time.

Was that destructive storm produced by Yi Yun?

Was that a Dao Domain?

No one could believe it. That destructive storm was completely different to a normal Dao Domain.

Just a year ago, Yi Yun did not have his own Dao Domain. Now, the gray vortex that he conjured was a hundred times more terrifying than a typical Dao Domain. Not only did it withstand the Helltoothed Dao Tapir’s devouring force, it was able to collapse Shi Ping and Shi Fei’s Dao Domain of Rain. What sort of horrifying law was that?

Yi Yun had such a huge improvement in a year’s time?

Just recalling the gray storm’s sweeping through of everything left their hearts palpitating. They only witnessed it with their eyes, but they still could not calm themselves.

And within Brocade Spring Court, Yi Yun was standing mid-air with his eyes closed.

The Yuan Qi in his body was almost completely drained.

“Yi Yun… ”

Just as Elder Duanmu was about to take action, he heard Felicitous Rain Lord say, “He is contemplating the battle that he has just undergone. There is no need to disturb him.”

Elder Duanmu glanced at Felicitous Rain Lord before coming to a stop.

With a Divine Lord watching, it was unlikely that Yi Yun would be in trouble.

At that moment, Shi Changsheng’s figure flashed as he flew towards a corner in Brocade Spring Court.

Shi Ping and Shi Fei were lying there like ragged dolls.

They were covered in injuries, but that was nothing at all.

What was most terrifying was at the instant that their fused Dao Domain shattered, a large number of Dao runes in their bodies were obliterated. From that moment onwards, their future martial path would suffer a destructive setback!

They were originally geniuses, but now, they might not even be comparable to normal people. It was a worse feeling than killing them.

“Grand… Grandmaster Uncle… ”

Shi Ping and Shi Fei had looks of extreme pain on their faces.

They had gone to great lengths in the hopes of crippling Yi Yun, but they had never expected that the ones to end up in such a dire state was they themselves.

Shi Changsheng, who arrived in front of the two disciples, flashed a grim look in his eyes.

He had witnessed his sect’s disciples being crippled, and there was never an junior that had made Shi Changsheng feel so humiliated.

“We… We… ”

Shi Fei and Shi Ping looked at Shi Changsheng with a glimmer of hope. However, when they saw Shi Changsheng’s grim expression after sensing their bodies, their expressions turned completely sombre.

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