TMW: Chapter 970

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Chapter 970: Nightmare-like Day

Yi Yun was about to cross the Door of Misty Rain.

After witnessing Chi Zhuiyun and Tianya Haoyue’s entry into the Divine Lord’s herb garden, no one doubted Yi Yun’s strength. The light curtain would definitely be cracked opened by Yi Yun.

Amongst Yi Yun’s weapons, be it the broken sword or the 999 flying sabers, they all left a deep impression on everyone.

Just as people were waiting to see how Yi Yun would crack open the light curtain, Yi Yun walked towards the light curtain empty-handed. He apparently did not plan on using any weapon.

“He wants to crack it with his bare fists?”

The spectators were left astounded. Yi Yun really was never one to take the beaten path.

Song Wuchen felt extremely irritated when he realized that Yi Yun was not using a weapon. His instincts told him that the first assessment was a result of Yi Yun’s tampering.

The Oracle Fey Kingdom’s king also noticed Song Wuchen’s change in expression. In fact, his attitude towards Yi Yun was no different to Song Wuchen’s. Yi Yun was not a genius of his Oracle Fey Kingdom and Yi Yun had surpassed Chi Zhuiyun, so this obviously made the Oracle Fey Kingdom’s king uncomfortable.

“That Yi Yun might have some strength, but he is way too arrogant. He had previously made such a bold statement that he would pick other precious herbs in addition to the ten-thousand-year-old Seven Heart Flower. Does he really think that the Divine Lord’s herb garden is his backyard?” The Oracle Fey Kingdom king said.

Song Wuchen responded with a heavy expression, “He plans on using his bare hands to rip the light curtain apart. But by doing so, he would definitely expend more energy than if he uses a weapon. Every step in my master’s herb garden would expend a great deal of energy upon entry. By trying to eagerly show off his entry, Yi Yun will expend even more energy. However, he doesn’t know that when he starts picking herbs, every additional ounce of stamina retained would give him an additional chance of victory!”

Although Song Wuchen had screwed up in the first assessment, he was still an examiner. His evaluation was something that many people found reasonable.

“A young man’s contention is only to make his presence felt.”

The Oracle Fey Kingdom king stroked his beard and echoed Song Wuchen. But before he finished his sentence, his voice got stuck. His perfect smiling expression froze completely on his face.

He watched as Yi Yun simply took a step through the light curtain. As his right foot passed through the Door of Misty Rain, a light blue light curtain effused circular ripples. It did not stop Yi Yun’s advancement at all.

Following that, Yi Yun’s body went through as the ripples in the light curtain increased in size. It was like Yi Yun had penetrated a water membrane in an extremely natural manner. He was not slowed down at all.


Everyone watched astounded. What the heck? Did he know how to walk through walls?

“Did I see wrong? Could Yi Yun’s body not be real?”

“Is the light curtain that he penetrated the same one that we attempted?”

The warriors that had been barred entry nearly popped their eyes out when they saw the scene.

They had used all their strength, but they had failed to cross the light curtain. They could only tolerate in silence when Chi Zhuiyun stabbed it open with a strike. After all, Chi Zhuiyun’s offensive strength was crazily strong, but now, Yi Yun… simply walked through it!

Was the light curtain Yi Yun that walked through a fake one?

However, the person who had the ugliest expression wasn’t any one of the assessees, it was Song Wuchen.

He had just made a remark about Yi Yun before such a situation had occurred. From the relaxed manner that Yi Yun walked through the light curtain, he probably didn’t even use any stamina, much less expend his strength!

Today’s Divine Lord assessment was nothing but a nightmare for Song Wuchen. Be it the Nine Palatial Array or the Door of Misty Rain, his face had been smacked so much that it felt like it was sounding with ‘Pa Pa’ sounds.

“Fuck, there must be something wrong with the light curtain!”

Black Tiger, who had smashed his face in, could not accept the situation. Seeing Yi Yun cross the light curtain, he roared and charged right after Yi Yun.

Just as he was about to slam into the light curtain, Black Tiger had a tiny bit of apprehension and hesitation. However, seeing Yi Yun’s back, he wrenched his heart and roared once again, slamming his fist straight at the Door of Misty Rain’s light curtain!

Tiger Split!

A black tiger’s claw struck the light curtain and immediately following that…


With a loud explosion, Black Tiger’s strike bounced back at him, slamming him heavily in the chest. Black Tiger cried out in pain and like a broken bag of blood, he flew back before slamming heavily onto the ground once more.

After being inflicted with two rounds of severe injuries, in addition to the mental blow that he suffered, Black Tiger almost couldn’t climb back up after hitting the ground.

When the assessees present saw Black Tiger’s state, they fell silent. As the Felicitous Rain Lord was in the Oracle Fey Kingdom, most of the warriors that came to participate in the assessment came from the Oracle Fey Kingdom. They did not fully understand Yi Yun, who came from the Luo clan. Now, they finally saw the gap between them and Yi Yun. It was something that made them lack the courage to even chase after him.

And at that moment in the crowd…

“Whew! Whew!”

Two consecutive beams of light flashed. One of them was thin and had pale skin, giving him a sinister look. Another one was short and fat, but he looked harmless in nature.

The two of them had made their move almost simultaneously.


The light curtain cracked as a large gap opened. The two of them entered the Divine Lord’s herb garden.

“Oh? Those two?”

Many people were astounded. The duo were unknowns. In the alliance’s six factions, amongst each faction’s top disciples, other than Tianya Haoyue and Chi Zhuiyun, Luo Huo’er, Princess White Fox and Goddess Xi Ye, did not participate in the in-name disciple assessment. They chose to stay in their respective factions.

Other than those people, who else had the strength to easily crack open the light curtain with a simple strike? They were no weaker when compared to Chi Zhuiyun.

“Could they be Felicitous Rain Lord’s in-name disciples?”

Many people started to guess this, but when they looked at Fairy Ningshuang, they noticed her frowning slightly. From the looks of it, the duo was not Felicitous Rain Lord’s in-name disciples.

Not far from Fairy Ningshuang, Elder Shi noticed the minor change in expression on Fairy Ningshuang’s face. He inquired, “Fairy, could it be that you know the two?”

Fairy Ningshuang said, “No, but I can guess their origins. They are not from the alliance’s six factions. It might be a place that Master has some connections with… ”

The Divine Lord’s recruitment of disciples was not limited to the alliance only, so it was not unusual to have outsiders.

“Some connections with Felicitous Rain Lord?” The Oracle Fey Kingdom king exclaimed gently. The duo’s talent was definitely extraordinary, but their origins were unknown.

However, Shui Ningshuang did not seem to have any intentions of speaking further. In fact, she even seemed to be displeased with the duo’s origins, so the Oracle Fey Kingdom king found it impolite to inquire further.

After the fat and thin youths entered the Door of Misty Rain, they moved at an adequate pace behind Yi Yun. From the looks of it, they did not wish to vie with Yi Yun. Their appearance was unexpected because no one had noticed the duo prior to this, but due to the Door of Misty Rain’s selection, they suddenly stood out.

These made the assessees bemoan their inadequacies. The Door of Misty Rain was separated by a thin light curtain, but it seemed to separate them into two distinct worlds.

“The Door of Misty Rain is an assessment that reveals the gap. Just this alone has eliminated more than nine thousand people, leaving only five people behind!”

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