TMW: Chapter 969

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Chapter 969: This is my original line of work

After Chi Zhuiyun entered the curtain of light, the bloodied Black Tiger and Bear Two, who had just got up from the ground, gaped. They were completely dumbfounded.

He… went in just like that!?

The scene of Chi Zhuiyun entering the Door of Misty Rain dealt a severe blow to them!

It was obvious that Chi Zhuiyun did not use all his strength in that strike, but he was still able to enter?

If they had only seen Chi Zhuiyun’s entry process, they would definitely believe that the light curtain was too weak to withstand a single blow. However, they had previously attempted to charge through the Door of Misty Rain. They were left badly battered, but not a single ripple appeared in the light curtain.

Wasn’t the gap just too huge?

Bear Two and Black Tiger suddenly recalled something as they looked at Yi Yun. Yi Yun’s back was facing them. He was not looking at them, but even so, the duo felt that their black faces were being consumed by flames.

Didn’t this mean that Yi Yun could easily enter the Door of Misty Rain just like Chi Zhuiyun?

In the first round of assessments, they were clearly the first few to exit the array. Yi Yun and Chi Zhuiyun were one of the last few!

“Chi Zhuiyun has already entered the Door of Misty Rain. Wouldn’t that mean that the ten-thousand-year-old Seven Heart Flower will fall into his hands?”

Many people turned anxious, but there was nothing that they could do.

“What is Yi Yun doing? Why hasn’t he made a move?”

Chi Zhuiyun’s strength was inferior to Yi Yun’s, but he had taken the first step into the herb garden. Yi Yun, who was stronger, had ended up falling behind.

And at that moment, Tianya Haoyue had made his move. With his moonblade in hand, he slashed at the light curtain. As blade beams shot out in every direction, a phenomenon of a cliff and luminous moon appeared behind him

Lunar Occultation!


The light curtain looked like it was being swallowed by Tianya Haoyue’s strike, just like a lunar eclipse.

At the next moment, Tianya Haoyue had entered the Divine Lord herb garden as well!

Everyone drew a gasp. It was not difficult for Tianya Haoyue to enter the Divine Lord herb garden as well. Were these top geniuses from the various factions so much stronger than them?

And people recalled that geniuses like Tianya Haoyue had been defeated by Yi Yun a year ago!

All the people that Yi Yun had previously defeated were actually so abnormally strong?

After Tianya Haoyue passed through the Door of Misty Rain, he looked back at Yi Yun and flashed the blade in his hand.

After losing to Yi Yun, he had worked hard in the hopes of crushing Yi Yun so he could avenge the humiliation that he had suffered. And now, the opportunity was here!

A ten-thousand-year-old Seven Heart Flower could help him condensed his Dao fruit!

With this thought in mind, Tianya Haoyue looked into the Divine Lord herb garden. In it, the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was so rich and dense that it condensed to form liquid droplets. This made it look like it was misty and rainy, thus giving the Door of Misty Rain its name. But only when he entered did he know that the so-called misty rain was actually extremely pure Heaven Earth Yuan Qi!

If one were to cultivate in here, the effects would be heaven-defying!

Tianya Haoyue impatiently used his movement technique and he attempted to head further into the Divine Lord herb garden. However, he realized that it was like he had fallen into a quagmire when he took a step forward. His speed was as slow as a snail’s.

It was tough!

Tianya Haoyue was surprised to discover that although his surroundings had rich Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, he had no means of absorbing any of it!

He opened all 360 acupuncture points, but he was unable to absorb Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. What was wrong with the Yuan Qi here?

The outcome of each step being extremely demanding and Tianya Haoyue not being able to absorb any of the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi around him meant that his stamina was rapidly decreasing!

It was not only limited to Tianya Haoyue. Even Chi Zhuiyun was encountering the same situation. However, he was much stronger than Tianya Haoyue, so it was slightly easier for him to advance.

But even so, it would be extremely difficult for him to enter the depths of the Door of Misty Rain.

“This Door of Misty Rain is truly fascinating.”

Yi Yun saw everything clearly from outside. He was in no hurry to begin because he wanted to observe the mysterious traits of the Door of Misty Rain.

He realized that as an enchanted treasure, the Door of Misty Rain controlled every strand of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi like they were well-trained soldiers. Upon entry into the Door of Misty Rain, it was equivalent to entering a Heaven Earth Yuan Qi quagmire.

This was the difficulty of plucking the ten-thousand-year-old Seven Heart Flower.

The location of the ten-thousand-year-old Seven Heart Flower was too deep, and the Door of Misty Rain was expansive. A great deal of energy was needed to take every step inside, so how easy could it be to find a specific flower?

But such a difficulty made Yi Yun itch to try.

He did not immediately enter the Door of Misty Rain but he looked at Shui Ningshuang instead.

“Senior Ningshuang, this junior has a question and is unsure if he should ask.”

“Oh? What do you want to know?”

Shui Ningshuang smiled at Yi Yun. Typically, warriors who participated in such an assessment would rush to be right in front, afraid that the best herbs would be snatched by others. However, despite Yi Yun being very strong, he was in no hurry. This made her curious as to what Yi Yun would ask.

“This junior wants to know what happens if this junior happens to come across other precious herbs other than the ten-thousand-year-old Seven Heart Flower after entering Felicitous Rain Lord’s herb garden?”

When Yi Yun asked such a question, it left everyone somewhat dumbfounded.

Anyone could tell that even Chi Zhuiyun and Tianya Haoyue were finding it extremely difficult to pluck a ten-thousand-year-old Seven Heart Flower. Even a eight or nine thousand-year-old Seven Heart Flower would be difficult enough!

Not only did Yi Yun want a ten-thousand-year-old Seven Heart Flower, he was planning on plucking a few others in passing!

This is way too ridiculous!

“Oh? You have so much confidence?” Shui Ningshuang gave Yi Yun a surprise glance. She knew that Yi Yun wasn’t a simple person, but she refused to believe that Yi Yun could complete such a feat.

A year ago, Shui Ningshuang had seen a projection array of Yi Yun’s battle with Chi Zhuiyun. Yi Yun was stronger than Chi Zhuiyun, but he wasn’t that much stronger.

“If you have the ability, you can take them away. However, the rule is that you can only take one of every strain!”

Inside the Door of Misty Rain, the herbs were grown in different areas. The same herbal strain was grown in the same vicinity. Since he could only take one of each strain, it meant that Yi Yun had to go very far to pluck the second herb.

Such a difficulty left people secretly horrified, but they never expected Yi Yun to nod and say, “Alright.”

Shui Ningshuang’s brows pricked up. “As the saying goes, heroes come from youths, but I need to remind you. The deeper you go into the Door of Misty Rain, the higher the difficulty will be. You must leave sufficient stamina to walk out of the Door of Misty Rain. Do not be overly greedy. If you lack the energy to return, you will only come back empty-handed!”

“Senior, thank you for your advice. I will do my best to choose only herbs that are within my grasps. Actually… herb-picking is my original line of work.” Yi Yun said with a smile.

It had been decades in the blink of an eye. The scenes of his herb-picking days back in the Tai Ah Divine City were still fresh in his mind. Those days were really a cherished memory.

Herb-picking was Yi Yun’s original line of work? No one understood what Yi Yun meant, but at that moment, Yi Yun had finally moved towards the front of the Door of Misty Rain.

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