TMW: Chapter 956

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Chapter 956: Gui Huazi


Streams of light quickly vanished outside the cruiser’s window, revealing a nebulous mist.

“This is the final spatial transference. The Oracle Fey Kingdom is in that nebulous region.” Elder Duanmu said as he looked out of the window.

Yi Yun nodded. He knew that the Oracle Fey Kingdom was located in an ancient self-standing space. And that space was in this region.

They had rushed from the Primordial Empyrean Heaven, spending a great deal of time travelling.

Before they left the Primordial Empyrean Heaven, they were informed about the event being held at the Oracle Fey Kingdom.

Luo Huo’er did not wish to compete for a spot as an in-name disciple of a Divine Lord, but there were a few warriors from the Luo clan that headed to the Oracle Fey Kingdom.

“We managed to get here in time… ” Elder Shi said. He was a reticent person and he did not speak much on the journey from the Primordial Empyrean Heaven.

Now, as he looked at the nebulous region outside, he reflected and said, “The last time I came to the Oracle Fey Kingdom was a few hundred thousand years ago. I wonder if there will be a chance for me to step foot on this land the next time… ”

A chance?

Yi Yun was somewhat confused. Elder Duanmu said, “After he returns to the Primordial Empyrean Heaven this time, Elder Shi will be in reclusion to break through to become a Supremacy. Accompanying you out here is a way to tie things up. He is trying to adjust his mind.”

Yi Yun understood everything from hearing this. Elder Shi was entering reclusion till his death.

Elder Shi had been in reclusion in the Primordial Empyrean Heaven for hundreds of thousands of years in preparation for his breakthrough. Unfortunately, Elder Shi had failed to succeed.

“Senior Shi… is planning on entering reclusion to his death?”

Yi Yun was somewhat puzzled. He was about to break through to the Dao Manifestation realm soon, and after the Dao Manifestation realm, it was the Dao Palace realm. Above the Dao Palace realm was the realm of Supremacies.

Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi were both in the Dao Palace realm.

It sounded like they were only two realms away from Yi Yun, but the Dao Palace realm itself was highly disparate. Warriors at the same Dao Palace realm could not be compared with each other at all.

Warriors at the Dao Palace realm were not demarcated with a beginning, middle or late stage. Instead, they would establish a Dao palace in their bodies, with floors as their goals. The highest floor that a Dao palace could reach was nine floors.

If one had a nine-floor Dao palace, it was almost certain that they would become a Supremacy.

Warriors with eight-floor Dao palaces had lifespans that reached eight million years. According to such a lifespan, Elder Shi was not considered to be too old. Yi Yun felt that Elder Shi did not need to be in such a hurry to enter reclusion to his death.

At this moment, Elder Duanmu said, “Everyone’s limit is different. Some people might only be able to construct a single-floor Dao palace, but there are others who can construct a nine-floor Dao palace. I have yet to reach my peak, but Elder Shi has already reached it. He has stopped at an eight-floor Dao palace and he has not improved for hundreds of thousands of years. If it goes on, his strength will not only fail to improve, it would slowly go into a downtrend as a result of his age. And to break through to the realm of Supremacies, everything has to reach the peak and proceed with the available momentum. It is extremely difficult to break through to the realm of Supremacies with an eight-floor Dao palace. It is a struggle with one’s life. Upon failure, one would be reduced to dust. Therefore, there are some Dao Palace-realm warriors who know that by doing so means abandoning the path to go further, they would not dare to make the breakthrough.” Elder Duanmu explained.

On one side was a lifespan with eight to nine million years, while the other side was death upon failure.

If a man in the morning hears the right way, he may die in the evening without regret. It was too difficult to become a Supremacy. Yi Yun reflected upon this.

At the same time, Yi Yun looked at Elder Shi and he felt like sighing. This elder, who looked high and mighty to the younger generation of Luo clan disciples, was facing the hard choice of life and death.

On the path in pursuit of the peak of martial arts, he was equally tiny.

And this time, Supremacy Gulan was accompanying them as well. Although he had become a Supremacy, there was a large rift that separated him from a Divine Lord.

The entire Luo clan had not produced a Divine Lord in hundreds of millions of years. It was obvious how hard it was to become a Divine Lord.

As Yi Yun thought about this, a sense of grave danger suddenly enveloped him. It was like a dark shadow had been cast on his mind. Sweat inexplicably oozed out of Yi Yun’s back.

What happened!?

Yi Yun spread his perception out and he noticed that silently in the nebulous mist around his surroundings, a black hand had stretched out, grabbing at the spirit cruiser.

This large hand shuttled through the stars and it was even able to mask the luster of the starlight on the spirit cruiser.

Such terrifying power could instantly crush the spirit cruiser into pieces with a grab!

Yi Yun, who was inside the spirit cruiser, had already seen the large hand. The large hand gave him an overwhelming feeling that he could not resist.


A black hand had sealed the space around them, isolating them from the world around them. The isolated space seemed to be shattering. This grab would not only shatter the spirit cruiser, it would even cause the space to explode as well!

Not only Yi Yun himself, even Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi, who were beside Yi Yun, had a drastic change in expression. Even they could not withstand this strike!

At that moment, Yi Yun felt a strong sense of fatal danger!

At this point, the bow of the spirit cruiser was covered in a brilliance of light. Simultaneously, a figure flew out of the bow. He was dressed in azure-colored clothes and he held a broadsword. He slashed down at the large hand!


The hand quaked as it disintegrated partially in the void. But very soon, it returned to its normal state. Its fingers moved lightly, drawing out a symbol of a phantasm, sealing the space firmly!

“Gui Huazi!”

The azure-clothed figure stood with the sword in his hand as his body exuded a terrifying aura. His brow wrinkled.

From the nebula came a sinister-sounding voice. “Gulan, it’s been a while.”

The sword-wielding figure was naturally Supremacy Gulan. To traverse the Primordial Empyrean Heaven, a Supremacy was needed to power the spirit cruiser. And since Yi Yun was coming to the Oracle Fey Kingdom, Supremacy Gulan had accompanied Yi Yun. After all, there was a fear of accidents for such a long journey.

And now, an accident had really happened. Gui Huazi was a Supremacy from the Fey Phantasm Sect!

Supremacy Gulan said with a cold voice, “Gui Huazi, as a Supremacy, you actually want to assassinate a junior? Are you only worth that much?”

Gui Huazi did not respond to Supremacy Gulan’s ridicule. The nebulous gasses stirred as the large black hand vanished. A gray and thin figure slowly emerged. He had six arms that hung softly from his body. His body was bent and he looked extremely weird.

His pupils were green as his eyes penetrated the spirit cruiser and his gaze landed directly on Yi Yun.

Yi Yun immediately felt like he had fallen into an ice cavern. The gaze was like a dark hole that would devour him.

“Not bad. Much better than those disciples from the Cloud Trail Empire. Eh, his mind is pretty strong as well? Very good. His soul shall be devoured by me. It would definitely be a delicious tonic!”

When Yi Yun heard Gui Huazi’s voice, it was echoing in his mind like a demon’s whisper.

He was someone from the Fey Phantasm Sect, here to assassinate him!

Previously, they had killed all the Cloud Trail Empire geniuses who were undertaking the trials. Now, he was being targeted!

A Supremacy of a faction would consider their reputation, and they would not attack juniors. However, Supremacies of the Fey Phantasm Sect would not consider this at all!

Gui Huazi may not be able to kill Supremacy Gulan, but if he wanted to kill Yi Yun, it would be much simpler. After all, it was much easier to kill than to protect!

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  2. Ancient blue, so many years do not see what you have grown, the last battle can not take your head, just today with you beheaded!” Ghosts said coldly.

    “Arrogant!” Ancient Blue Venerable sword stabbed out, the two Venerable, fighting together.

    This is completely beyond the real world of Yi Yun battle, the two fight the battlefield, since a space, Venerable Road domain, has formed a world rule, fighting is a world!

    Ghost painting sub-attack, but the ancient blue Venerable, but to protect the spirit of the ship!

    Ancient Blue Venerable and Ghosts of the Venerable’s strength is similar to the ancient blue Venerable because of the guardian of the cloud, everywhere constraints, the shift, the ancient blue Venerable will soon be suppressed, down the wind.

    “Here is the site of the Union, the day of the entrance of the demon country, ghosts will not fight for too long, will soon leave.” Duanmu elders, forehead Qin Khan said.

    Yi Yun handed over to their hands, absolutely can not have any flash.

    They are looking at the struggle between the two Venerable, did not leave the easy cloud around.

    Venerable class of fighting, they simply can not help too much busy, easy to cloud around, you can resist the sudden hit after the battle, to protect the easy cloud.

    At this point, suddenly a wave of space appears, to the side of the world to bring a stronger sense of oppression.

    Yi Yun once again felt a strong life and death crisis, and stone elders also a tight mind, his face changed dramatically.

    “Be careful!”

    Stone long old palm shot, like no power in general.

    But in front of Yi Yun, but suddenly there has been a miniature world, flowers and birds and insects, readily available, forest depressed, gurgling gurgling, vibrant.

    This is the stone of the elders of the channel, although not condensed the world law, but also reached the second realm of the domain – Avenue.

    But when the kind of fluctuations in the impact of this miniature world, Yi Yun has witnessed the world’s creatures have withered death.

    Stone old body startled, his face completely pale, lost the bloody.


    Stone elders heart big horror, ghosts are still with the ancient blue Venerable fighting, this is not a ghost painting attack, from another person.

    Can easily break his own way, let him be seriously injured, the other is probably a Venerable!

    “Two Venerable together assassination!” Stone elders heart sank, how he did not think, Yi Yun will be demon cases such as against, as it?

    A junior only, even if the first genius of the first name, it will not be so!

    Originally thought that an ancient blue Venerable, together with the stone elders, Duanmu elders to protect the easy cloud is enough – the number of Carlos Vermont would have been a few, except in the closed practice, sent a Venerable to protect the easy cloud is Limit, after all, the emperor of the Rock, but also more of the Venerable Guardian, Rockets are how do not want to, the demon was sent such a powerful bandits, a Venerable, can not protect the easy cloud of the whole!

    “Palace of the eight layers of your age is not small, the potential has been done, blocking me as a mantis arm when the car.

    With the indifferent voice sounded, a pure white figure, fans misty to appear in the void.

    This white figure, the sound of non-male non-female, facial features blurred, like a ghost in general.

    “The soul of the Taoist! Bad, Young, you and I together!” Stone elders in the hearts of anxious, a ghost painting son, plus a nether Taoist!

    Stone elders and the end of the elders are the strong side of the palace, they join hands, but also could not stop the nether Taoist!

    “Since you want to die, I have fulfilled you, the non – flower, the little man to you.

    White figure said, at this time, behind this white figure, out of a young man wearing a red robe, looks handsome, who exudes a feminine atmosphere.

    “Yes, father.”

    Feminine man said, tone with a touch of disdain, he was only wit

  3. You are so fast,” the nether Taoist frown, although knowing that the election in the country at the mouth of the attack, will be obedient to the demon country, but they can only do so, because they can only determine the day of the door to the demon country is easy to cloud The only way to the demon world.

    “No flowers, come back!”

    Nether Taoist do not have to spend a hand, and he did not want to stay in the days of Yao Yao for a long time to know, when Yu Jun, but in the days of Yao Yao country!

    Of course, when Yujun away from here is very far away, the first time will not be aware of the fighting here, but the means of God Jun, ghosts are unpredictable, once the time dragged on for a long time, so when the rain Jun to that, they must die here The

    For quick fix, and to ensure foolproof, nether Taoist decided to personally shot!

    At this point, the end of the wood elders and stone long old two, has long been humane Taoist played seriously injured! Especially the stone elders, his face, such as gold paper, Qiqiao bleeding, life are folded half, they can not stop the nether Taoist!

    Humble Taoist void a waving, in the distance, a small star because the netet Taoist call, gently tremble up, the stars in the refined gas, was actually the kind of Taoist Taoist movement, was a lot of away from!

    Go hand in hand, withdraw from the power of the stars!

    Yi Yun whole body cold, and this time, the nether Taoist of this type, has pointed to the easy cloud.

    Carry the power of the stars!


    Yi Yun where the spirit of the ship, the surrounding space Qi broken broken! Although the ship is also the Rockets national treasures Ling ship, but the spirit of the ship, after all, is the spirit of the ship, but the shuttle time and space, to provide power tools, how could withstand the Venerable blow?


    Ling ship directly burst open, into debris storm!

    And time and space turbulence also emerged at this time, and the power of the stars together, the Kuang Meng explosion!

    So horrible blow, even if the Taoist territory eight layers of the warrior, but also to be directly spike! Tongtian environment is not to say, must be turned into Jifen!

    “Easy cloud!”

    End of the elders and stone elders eyes are red, over the years, easy cloud in the original space retreat, they have Yi Yun as half of the disciples, desperate guard, easy cloud future, even if not gods disciples, will slowly Growing up a big master of Rockwell, and even become Rockwell’s soul, but now … … nothing!

    “let’s go!”

    Nether Taoist sleeve a roll, directly swept away the quiet flowers, and the devil is also a trick to push back the ancient blue Venerable, the two Venerable people tear empty, directly fled into them, disappeared!

    This is the strength of the Venerable, into a country, want to come, want to go away!

    The day of the demon country, this came, and they are in front, only the broken void, there are space turbulence swept the soul of

  4. you know, I’m still waiting for the author to explain what the hell that blood dragon marrow Yi Yun absorbed before the time skip did. There has been no explanation on how much it strengthened his body, what it did to his bloodline, etc. Kind of amazing the author seems to be avoiding this when he has shown himself to be perfectly willing to waste entire chapters on filler.

  5. Thanks for the chapter CKtalon and Jafz! Hope this guy bites off more than he can swallow and loses some of his mind to Yi Yun’s purple crystal.

  6. I figured being a human, he would eventually stumble upon Dao Palace for body cultivation, but it’s interesting in this universe, that it is a requisite prior to becoming a supremacy. In Martial World, it was a lost cultivation technique for various reasons, and Lin Ming only was able to bust in after screwing Xiao Moxian and gaining her extremely pure Primordial Yin and him already having touched on the realm prior in his cultivation. In this universe, it is commonplace. Interesting…

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