TMW: Chapter 955

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Chapter 955: The Competition for Disciplehood

In the vast cosmos, a spirit cruiser was mid flight.

The spirit cruiser had reached a nebulous zone before it was devoured by the sudden appearance of a black entrance.

The ancient self-standing space inside the black entrance was where the core of the Oracle Fey Kingdom in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven was. Legends said that at the formation of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, an Ancient Fey had died, leaving behind the world that was in its body. After a long period of time, the world had transformed into a space.

In the ancient space, there was a large floating island, with several small islands surrounding it. These islands were where people of high status lived in the Oracle Fey Kingdom. There were restrictive rings around the area, preventing people from approaching them.

And on the large floating island, there was the vast and bustling Fey empire. In the middle of the Fey empire stood more than ten large towers, with surging martial intent exuding from them.

Chi Zhuiyun lived in one of the towers. Ever since he had lost to Yi Yun in the Luo clan, he had entered reclusion inside the tower.

People would come to visit him, either to comfort him or to gloat, but Chi Zhuiyun did not meet them.

Yu Tianfeng came to the tower’s entrance and he transmitted his voice to the tightly-closed door, “Do you still plan on attaining a higher level of martial arts, or do you plan on always losing to Yi Yun?”

Just as Yu Tianfeng said this, the door opened.

Chi Zhuiyun stood at the door and while looking at Yu Tianfeng, he said, “Yi Yun is no longer my goal. My goal is my own martial path.”

He had thought through it. There were heavens beyond heavens, and people beyond people. Even if he did not lose to Yi Yun, he would have lost to someone else.

Yu Tianfeng was surprised before he shook his head. “I came to tell you that all hope isn’t lost for you to become Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple.”

Chi Zhuiyun’s expression changed.

He no longer treated Yi Yun as his opponent, but he obviously still wanted to become a Divine Lord’s disciple. That was his greatest regret.

“Felicitous Rain Lord is about to leave the Oracle Fey Kingdom. He has failed to recruit a personal disciple, but he has agreed to the Oracle Imperial Patriarch to expand his recruitment by taking in a few in-name disciples,” said Yu Tianfeng.

In-name disciples?

Chi Zhuiyun’s eyebrows pricked up. A Divine Lord might only have a few personal disciples, but in-name disciples could number in the hundreds or thousands. Divine Lords that lived especially long might even have in-name disciples who die of age, resulting in them having tens of thousands of in-name disciples in total.

A person like Felicitous Rain Lord had only become a Divine Lord for tens of thousands of years, but the number of in-name disciples that he had was already in the dozens.

“Don’t underestimate in-name disciples. A Divine Lord’s in-name disciple is comparable to the top geniuses of a large faction. Furthermore, by working for a Divine Lord, their status would not be low. Most importantly, there is a chance of becoming a personal disciple by becoming an in-name disciple!” Yu Tianfeng said as he could tell what was on Chi Zhuiyun’s mind.

A Divine Lord’s personal disciple could sometimes be chosen from his in-name disciples.

“In the disciple recruitment this time, in-name disciples of Felicitous Rain Lord will be coming, so they can compete for a spot as a personal disciple,” said Yu Tianfeng.

Felicitous Rain Lord’s choosing of personal disciples was done through a selection throughout the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. Therefore, his in-name disciples were naturally eligible to compete for it.

“A chance to become a personal disciple!”

Chi Zhuiyun’s eyes lit up.

“It’s not possible for the Imperial Patriarch to block the spread of the news, and now, there should be geniuses from various large factions coming here. However, with your strength, in addition to you having gained Felicitous Rain Lord’s approval, it should not be a problem for you to become an in-name disciple.”

Yu Tianfeng still had a grudge with Yi Yun. Chi Zhuiyun had gained Felicitous Rain Lord’s approval, and if not for Yi Yun’s putting his foot out, causing Chi Zhuiyun to miss the chance of becoming a personal disciple, Chi Zhuiyun would not have to compete to become an in-name disciple.

Now, with the one year finishing, the surprisingly difficult requirement was not something that Yi Yun could accomplish, even if he had three heads and six arms. It was not so simple to become a personal disciple of a Divine Lord.

The news of Felicitous Rain Lord’s recruiting in-name disciples quickly proliferated throughout the alliance!

In the coming days, there were spirit cruisers that constantly arrived at the ancient self-standing space.

The capital of the Oracle Fey Kingdom was immediately where many geniuses gathered.

There were geniuses from large factions who were gathered in the restaurants and tea shops every day. Yi Yun’s name would be mentioned from time to time.

“Perhaps, Yi Yun from the Luo clan might come as well.” A warrior said.

“To compete for a spot as an in-name disciple? That’s very possible!” Another warrior said. They had heard that Fairy Ningshuang had listed the requirements on Felicitous Rain Lord’s behalf. The requirements were prohibitively difficult. Even a genius like Yi Yun could not meet the requirements.

“He has no chance of becoming a personal disciple, but the chance of becoming an in-name disciple obviously cannot be missed. If he comes, wouldn’t our chances of becoming in-name disciples become slimmer?” Another warrior shook his head with a wry smile.

After coming, they realized that the spots as in-name disciples of a Divine Lord were also extremely sought after. Top geniuses had come, and even Chi Zhuiyun was participating in it.

However, they did not leave either. Since they had already come, they might as well take the opportunity to watch the recruitment. It was possible for them to gain insights from the performance of top geniuses.

“The requirements that Fairy Ningshuang mentioned to become a personal disciple are impossible to complete.”

“That’s right. Even Yi Yun could, it’s really too demanding.”

While these warriors were conversing, they suddenly heard a cold snort. “A few frogs in a well. How can Martial Aunt Ningshuang be maligned by people like you?”

This voice made the geniuses who were drinking wine frown. They were geniuses from various countries as well. So how could they be ridiculed? They immediately took an angry glance.

The snort came from one of two black-robed warriors who wore jade bands on their heads. One of them had long hair, with two white horns on his head. He was sneering as he looked at the warriors.

The warriors looked at them with frowns on their faces. It was unknown what faction those two people came from. The clothing that they wore was something the warriors failed to recognize. They could only see the profound patterns on the jade bands.

“Only shallow people will think that others can’t accomplish what they can’t do.” The warrior with the horns on his head said with a tone of arrogance.

“Such impressive blowing of one’s own trumpet, aren’t you afraid that the wind will get too strong and cut your tongue? Try accomplishing it for me to see!” Anger flashed on warrior’s face as he retorted.

“My Senior Brothers, Song Wuchen and Tian Xun, would be able to accomplish it.” The warrior said lightly.

Song Wuchen? Tian Xun?

The warriors present looked at each other. They had never heard any of those names before.

“Junior Brother Zhang, why do you bother to talk to them?” said the warrior beside the horned warrior. “At the recruitment meeting, they will naturally know that Senior Brother Song Wuchen would definitely be able to be promoted to a personal disciple! These people actually believe that Martial Aunt’s requirements were given to Yi Yun, but Yi Yun is just the number one genius of a tiny country, so how can he be worthy to be given the requirement by her? Martial Aunt Ningshuang’s requirements were originally given to Senior Brothers Song Wuchen and Tian Xun.”

The two warriors continued to speak, completely ignoring the dirty looks from the other people in the restaurant.

“Let’s go. It’s just a bunch of people dreaming to ascend to the heavens in a single step. In my point of view, Yi Yun and Chi Zhuiyun can only barely become in-name disciple. They can forget about becoming a personal disciple!”

The youth who spoke left behind a relic and left.

“Promoted to a personal disciple? They called Fairy Ningshuang Martial Aunt? Could… they be Felicitous Rain Lord’s in-name disciples!?” A warrior suddenly said in shock.

After Felicitous Rain Lord came to the Oracle Fey Kingdom, he lived on one of the independent floating islands. There were heavy restrictions placed around it. But now, the recruitment meet was chosen to be held at the Oracle Fey Kingdom’s capital to prevent the gathered geniuses from disturbing Felicitous Rain Lord. The disciples that lived on the independent islands with Felicitous Rain Lord naturally came to the royal capital as well.

With that said, the two people were most likely Felicitous Rain Lord’s in-name disciples. The Song Wuchen they mentioned was likely one of Felicitous Rain Lord’s in-name disciples as well.

These warriors quickly looked in the direction that the two had left in, but the two had taken two steps into the crowd before vanishing, with no traces of them being left behind.

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