TMW: Chapter 954

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Chapter 954: Before one’s heart reduced to mediocrity, Great Dao lies within one’s heart!

In the nebulous Primordial Empyrean Heaven, the Luo clan’s special spirit cruiser underwent a series of spatial traversals. With space suddenly fluctuating, it appeared above the Luo Divine Hall.

When the doors opened, Yi Yun walked out of the spirit cruiser. The last time he had done this, he had imitated the Shadow Twins’s footwork, allowing him to find his footing in the space with chaotic laws. But this time, he simply stepped forward, and every step he made would produce a ripple.

A bearded old man with a stoic face had already been waiting for him.

“Elder Duanmu.” Yi Yun said with a bow.

“I have already been informed.” Elder Duanmu sized Yi Yun up for a moment before saying, “You have improved once again since the trials. Not bad.”

Elder Duanmu knew that Yi Yun’s talent was outstanding, but he never expected that Yi Yun would be able to attain such achievements. Yi Yun was really a person who constantly created pleasant surprises.

It was indeed difficult to become Felicitous Rain Lord’s personal disciple, and even the present Yi Yun had minute hopes of being one.

“The Primordial Space has already been prepared for you. You have a year’s time. Let’s go.” Elder Duanmu led the way by flying towards the Luo Divine Hall.

When no one came to participate in the trials, the Luo Divine Hall would be like an ancient monument lying dormant in a forgotten world, it exuded an ancient and bleak aura.

The Elders of the Luo Divine Hall were in reclusion for tens of thousands of years. In order to pursue even great heights in martial arts, they had to endure a lot.

Yi Yun reflected over it as he arrived at the Primordial Space with Elder Duanmu.

“Go ahead and start your reclusion.”

“Does he want to condense his Dao Domain in a year’s time?” It was unknown when Elder Shi appeared beside Elder Duanmu, as he asked while looking at the gigantic doors that sealed Yi Yun within the Primordial Space.

“That’s right. Senior Brother, what do you think of it?”

“That child is very ambitious. If he wants to condense an ordinary Dao Domain, it obviously wouldn’t be difficult, but how can the Dao Domain that he wants to condense be anything ordinary? A year’s time is too short. Furthermore, he now has a year’s time breathing down on his neck, so the tension makes it even harder.”

“I have seen too many geniuses throughout my life. They set high ambitions for themselves, but they end up failing to achieve them. They only want to gain insights into the Great Dao, and show disdain to the lesser Dao, but… during their meditations, they end up being led astray! To a warrior that gains insight into the worldly Dao, it is very common to deviate in the meditation process. Some people might even realize that their insights were wrong after many years, and that price paid for that would be terrible!”

Gaining insights into the laws and going astray wasn’t that terrifying. The most terrifying thing was not knowing that one had gone astray! That would be dangerous!

For a young genius like Yi Yun, there was no time for delays!

“Senior Brother, do you mean that Yi Yun might go astray?”

“There is a possibility… I’m just afraid of it happening.” Elder Shi shook his head. “With his talent, it is very out of the ordinary for him to not have gained insights into his Dao Domain after so much time. Even a pure Yang Dao Domain should have been condensed by now.”

Geniuses were prideful people. A top genius like Yi Yun would only have higher ambitions, but at times, that was not necessarily the best thing. What Dao Domain did he want to condense? A Pure Yang Dao Domain? A Dao Domain of the Sword?

Mastering one Dao Domain would also result in enormous combat strength. For example, Chi Zhuiyun’s Shura Dao Domain was the condensation of his killing intent and will.

“It’s pointless for us to fret here. Let’s wait and see what happens in a year’s time.” Elder Duanmu said.

A year’s time was like a snap of the fingers to them.

In the Primordial Space, Yi Yun arrived in front of the Purple Crystal Fey God Stone once again.

This time, there was an even more obvious resonance between him and the Purple Crystal Fey God Stone. It had a feeling like their lifeblood was connected.

Yi Yun faced the Purple Crystal Fey God Stone and he reached out his hand to touch it.


Like he had instantly opened a door, Yi Yun’s eyes glazed over as he arrived in a mental world.

This time, the man or the red lotus woman were not seen in the mental world.

There were only countless nomological fragments constantly shuttling through it.

In the space, there were only nomological fragments, and the rest was all Chaos.

Yi Yun reached his hand out and gestured with it, causing a small nomological fragment to fly towards him. Following that, more nomological fragments flew towards Yi Yun like a flurry of snow.

The first Dao pattern was completed, and immediately, the space had its first law.

As he continued to construct them, the nomological fragments were constantly being condensed into Dao patterns.

Yi Yun was immersed in his actions, while his mental energy was constantly being drained.

Soon, the entire 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence was condensed by Yi Yun.

The long-haired man in the Purple Crystal had formed a world with his spear, before shattering the world. Following that, he had merged the entire world’s laws into the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence.

This was the Dao of Destruction, and it was even more powerful than Minor Destruction.

In the trial before, Yi Yun had attempted to copy the long-haired man’s methods and he had used the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence to help condense his own Dao Domain, but he had failed.

In the process of condensing his Dao Domain, Yi Yun felt something unharmonious. This snag was something that he never managed to resolve.

And in the battle with Chi Zhuiyun, Yi Yun had gained new insights as to where the feeling came from.

Looking at the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence, Yi Yun quietly stared at it. Suddenly, his eyes flashed with a beam of light.

He pulled out his broken sword and slashed at the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence!


The 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence had shattered, and it was reduced to countless nomological fragments!

This was not the Dao that he was pursuing!

The 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence was the long-haired man’s life-long martial technique, and there was no doubt with its profoundness!

However, that was the long-haired man’s Dao. Although Yi Yun had learned the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence, he had learned it through mimicking it. It was not his own understanding.

By copying the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence exactly, he had learned a martial technique. But regardless of how profound it was, it was only that and nothing more.

Once he was restricted by this, how could he form his own Dao?

Yi Yun brandished the broken sword and he shattered the flying Dao patterns. He tore them apart and reconstituted them from destruction!

The 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence had been completely shattered into tiny nomological fragments!


In Yi Yun’s mind, it was like there was a membrane that obstructed him, but it was shattered by the pure Yang broken sword.

There was still a year’s time for him to go over the eighteen years of insights!

A light flashed in Yi Yun’s eyes as he faced the countless random nomological fragments that appeared once again. Yi Yun thrust his sword out.

The sword had destroyed, and what he wanted to condense was Destruction.

This was Yi Yun’s Sword of the Will, which represented Yi Yun’s martial heart and his obsession!

He wanted to pursue the pinnacle of martial arts and go even further!

Before one’s heart reduced to mediocrity, Great Dao lies within one’s heart!

Coming from the Cloud Wilderness and traversing through space, he had arrived in the wider 12 Empyrean Heavens.

From an ordinary mortal to a Heaven Ascension realm warrior, I can go even further.

Lin Xintong, I will find you.

Azure Yang Lord, I will avenge you.

Sword beam after sword beam, they appeared like snowflakes, lighting up the entire space!

Nomological fragments began to condense amidst the sword beams, condensing in a completely different way from the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence.

Yi Yun did not even think about how he was going to condense them. He slashed out freely as his heart willed, a heart of the sword.

In the sword beams, Yi Yun emptied his body and soul, as he felt free.

He felt like he was in a vast world, enjoying the process while engaging in swordplay!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The swishing of the sword produced sounds that resembled war gongs or thunder.

He had brandished his sword countless times, not knowing how much time had passed.

He was repeatedly drained of all his energy, but every time that happened, the Purple Crystal would palpitate along with his heart, absorbing the energy in the world, nourishing Yi Yun’s limbs and body along with his blood vessels.

The sounds intensified as they increased in both amplitude and frequency!

Yi Yun’s body was drenched with sweat as he was on the verge of his limit.


All of the sounds suddenly stopped.

Yi Yun’s sword came to a stop as he looked straight. At the tip of his sword, there was an esoteric circular pattern that was gradually revolving.


With the sword tip stabbing at it, the circular pattern exploded. Beneath Yi Yun’s feet, countless Dao patterns appeared as golden light circulated around him!

Within the golden flames, Yi Yun felt like he was undergoing rebirth from the flames. A long screech came from behind him as the Golden Crow totem appeared, spreading its enormous golden wings apart!

In the flames, Yi Yun’s eyes seemed to have an additional hint of gold in them.

The entire mental world apparently could not withstand his aura as it began to tremble.

With a cracking sound, space was shattered as Yi Yun was sucked into the turbulence of time and space as he flowed along with it…

Time passed as cultivation knew nothing of time. In the Primordial Space, Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi had once again appeared in front of the hall’s door.

A year’s time was extremely short in the quiet and dead world. It was like a snap of the fingers.

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