TMW: Chapter 951

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Chapter 951: Lacking Dao Domain

On behalf of her master to greet the Third Imperial Uncle?

The palace was filled with important figures from the Luo clan and the alliance. They were stunned when they suddenly heard Shui Ningshuang’s words.

Regardless of Shui Ningshuang’s bearing or the nomological fluctuations around her, they were all stunning. Such a woman’s looks and strength were impeccable. She even had a bearing that placed her a cut above the rest, so how could she be willing to be a slave to others?

How magnificent would one be to have a woman slave like her?

Could it be… ?

People began to guess, and this guess left them stifled.

At this moment, the Third Imperial Uncle cupped his hands and said, “Fairy Ningshuang, you must be joking. I can’t afford Felicitous Rain Lord’s greetings. I should be the one greeting Felicitous Rain Lord.”

The Third Imperial Uncle’s words affirmed what everyone had in their minds. People drew a gasp. The woman’s master was indeed Felicitous Rain Lord!

“Fairy Ningshuang… I recall who she is. Fifty thousand years ago, Fairy Ningshuang had once traversed the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, making a name for herself. However, it was ephemeral, she soon disappeared because she had returned to Felicitous Rain Lord’s side and seldom appeared. Rumors say that Fairy Ningshuang was saved by Felicitous Rain Lord when she was still a young girl. Back then, Felicitous Rain Lord had yet to become a Divine Lord. He was impressed by her intelligence and extraordinary constitution, keeping her by his side. Therefore, Fairy Ningshuang has always been a follower of Felicitous Rain Lord, tending to his daily needs. Fairy Ningshuang is extremely clever, so by serving Felicitous Rain Lord, her strength has already reached an unfathomable stage.”

Shui Ningshuang was Felicitous Rain Lord’s maidservant, so she naturally called Felicitous Rain Lord master. It was not that an impressive woman like her was willing to be a slave, it was because she had gone from an ordinary maidservant to her present stage.

So that was the reason why the Third Imperial Uncle had presided over the national banquet. His invitation of all heroes from various nations was because of Shui Ningshuang’s arrival!

With Shui Ningshuang’s identity, she naturally could become the star of the national banquet. Of course, Yi Yun was also the junior that the Third Imperial Uncle wanted to introduce to Shui Ningshuang.

“I wonder what Fairy Ningshuang is here in the Luo clan for?” The Third Imperial Uncle asked.

This question was critical.

After Yi Yun defeated Chi Zhuiyun, Fairy Ningshuang’s appearance could not help but cause others to have certain thoughts.

This was apparent for the Luo clan clansmen. At this moment, they turned particularly excited as they held their breaths and looked at Fairy Ningshuang intently, waiting for her response. Could Fairy Ningshuang’s appearance here imply that Felicitous Rain Lord had intentions of taking in Yi Yun as a disciple?

Shui Ningshuang said with a smile, “My trip here was not my master’s intention. My master has been staying in the Oracle Fey Kingdom for the past few days while pondering over the laws. Since I had nothing better to do, Chi Zhuiyun’s challenge of all the younger generation of the alliance had sparked my interest, leading me here. After seeing the outcome of Chi Zhuiyun’s battle, I was quite pleasantly surprised.”

Shui Ningshuang smiled at Yi Yun as she said this.

Yi Yun got up and gave a Shui Ningshuang a bow.

At this moment, Yi Yun had become the focus of the banquet.

Prince Crimson Firmament and Bai Yueqing were both sitting opposite Yi Yun. As they looked at Yi Yun, they felt their hearts turn somewhat sour.

To Crimson Firmament, if Yi Yun could become the disciple of Felicitous Rain Lord, it was a great thing for the Luo clan, but for him, it did not necessarily mean that it was good. This made him feel wry and bitter.

“Fairy Ningshuang, what do you think about Yi Yun?” Third Imperial Uncle asked in an extremely solemn voice.

All these years, the Third Imperial Uncle had been cultivating in the back mountains of the royal palace. Other than the invasion of the Fey Phantasm Sect, very few things could stir him.

“I… do not represent the views of master.” Fairy Ningshuang shook her head.

“Fairy, it’s fine if it’s just your personal opinion.” Third Imperial Uncle said. Fairy Ningshuang had accompanied Felicitous Rain Lord for so many years, so she was probably one who knew Felicitous Rain Lord’s judgement criteria.

“Yi Yun is not bad!” Shui Ningshuang gave such an evaluation. Before the Luo clan could rejoice, there was a sudden turn in Shui Ningshuang’s words. “However, he has a very big problem… ”

“What problem is it?”

The members of the Luo clan felt their hearts tighten!

“If I’m not wrong, Yi Yun has yet to grasp his own Dao Domain!”

Dao Domain, Great Dao, Heavenly Dao, Origins. This were the four realms of Dao.

A typical warrior would possess a Dao Domain when they were at the Dao Manifestation realm.

However, for geniuses, it was common for them to have their own Dao Domain at the Heaven Ascension realm. For example, Chi Zhuiyun had a Shura Domain that turned the skies crimson. It enveloped millions of people and shocked everyone!

Felicitous Rain Lord had approved of Chi Zhuiyun because of his Dao Domain.

Without a doubt, Felicitous Rain Lord had placed great emphasis on the Dao Domain.

This represented a genius’s perception and nomological attainments. It determined one’s future development to a large extent.

However, Yi Yun apparently did not have a Dao Domain.

Third Imperial Uncle frowned slightly and he fell silent.

Quite a number of people in the crowd present were surprised. “Yi Yun does not have a Dao Domain? That can’t be!?”

“Gaining insights into a Dao Domain should not be difficult for a top genius. Princess Xue’er had comprehended a Dao Domain more than ten years ago.”

Back then, at the Luo Divine Hall trials, Princess White Fox’s epiphany allowed her to possess her own Dao Domain. Back then, Yi Yun had already lagged behind her, but he should not have lagged behind her for more than ten years!

Furthermore, Yi Yun’s strength was obvious. He could defeat Chi Zhuiyun, so how could he not have his own Dao Domain?

“In response to Fairy’s words, this junior indeed has not comprehended a Dao Domain.”

With Yi Yun saying this, all the guests were dumbfounded.

He really didn’t have one!

Previously, in the challenge that Chi Zhuiyun made, the people who fought all had Dao Domains. Some of the Dao Domains might not have offensive power, but they were still Dao Domains.

Yi Yun did not use a Dao Domain from the beginning to the end, making people believe that Yi Yun’s Dao Domain was unsuitable for battle. But now, it was because he did not even have one!

Why was this so? Could Yi Yun have encountered a bottleneck in his nomological insights that he could not break through?

It was obviously better the early one formed their Dao Domain. There was room for future development. By delaying it for so long, Yi Yun’s progress was already impaired. If he really had a bottleneck, it would be terrible. Bottlenecks were things that no one could tell when they could be broken through!

This made everyone look at Yi Yun with worried looks.

Especially the members of the Luo clan. They were worried that Yi Yun’s weakness in Dao would make him slowly fail to catch up to top geniuses.

After all, the Dao Manifestation realm was extremely important. From Heaven Ascension into Dao Manifestation, Dao fruits had to be condensed. The number and quality of the Dao fruits directly affected his future success!

In the martial world, geniuses who reigned supreme in the Heaven Ascension realm would be slowly be left behind because of their poor Dao fruit qualities. It was not uncommon for them to end up with their potentials being expended.

Even if Yi Yun were to condense his Dao Domain tomorrow, he was already at a greater disadvantage compared to Chi Zhuiyun and others!

Shui Ningshuang nodded. “You are at the Heaven Ascension perfection realm, but you have yet to condense your Dao Domain. It is indeed slow. You are about to step into the Dao Manifestation realm, so nomological insight is extremely important. Without a Dao Domain, the Dao fruits that you condense would definitely be lacking in quality. If this goes on, you might begin to lag behind in the Dao Manifestation realm. It would be very difficult to make up for it!”

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