💎 True Martial World — 908-909 💎

Hi guys, I’ve decided to shift to Wuxiaworld, keeping all the novels I’m currently involved with in one place. GGP from Gravitytales has also wished me the best, so here are the chapters! Chapter 909 isn’t fully edited since Jafz has been busy with school, also one of the reasons why these two chapters are late.

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The sponsored chapters will remain at 28, brought over from Gravity.

Chapter 908

Chapter 909

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The next chapter will be released in a couple more hours.

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Translated by: CKtalon

Edited by: Jafz

34 thoughts on “💎 True Martial World — 908-909 💎” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. I heard the first one to leave was because of an argument and since then more and more people decided to join WW because WW is getting bigger. And it seems to also have a bigger fanbase which means a higher reach.

      I mean I would prefer everything on WW 1 single website to read everything and Ren is a really good Admin that is neither greedy not an ass hole.

  1. No, really. Whats going on??? First it was MW, and now it’s BOTH TMW and IRAS…. 3 top novels at GT shifted over here…. Although i’m happy that WW gained such awesome translators. But, I still would like to get some heads up on whats going on…. :/

  2. Im havin one of those moments asking myself what is the real story behind…n though im happy but im still sad…i love both Wuxiaworld n Gravitytales n these mass exodus gives me a bad feeling Gravitytales will dissappear soon…….

  3. OxO What IS going on?!? Was wondering why there were no updates on GT and all of a sudden I see it appear here on WW… Totally shocked; like Zhang Ye shocked… I’m still waiting for Legendary Moonlight Sculptor to update but Rainbow said he’s going to GT. Just so curious on the moves-_-

  4. Ok rather quick question that would love to get some clarification on. What exactly is going to happen to the donated chapters from GT? Are they going to transfer, donations get refunded, or just disappear? Thanks for any clarification.

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