TranXending Vision launching with 8 chapters!

Hallo und Grüezi,

I’m the translator for TranXending Vision, a new series from Zongheng written by Li Xianyu. The story is set in modern times in China with a twist – superpowers, mystery, intrigue and sexy times. The main character is a good guy trying to make things better in the crazy world we live in using – you guessed it – TranXending Vision!

Edit: OMG, why is the title like that?


The original is 超品透视 which roughly translates to “Super/Exceed Quality-grade X-ray sight” – which is YUCK. So for 超品, I used Transcending, then changed the middle with X for X-ray, X-men powers… and of course, the power works through his vision so ‘vision’ comes next.

Synopsis HERE.

I will release 1 chapter a day, Monday to Saturday.

Start reading the first chapter here!

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          1. Ein herzliches Wilkommen auch von mir 🙂
            Persönliche Frage die du nicht beantworten musst wenn du nicht willst, woher kommst du dann ? Bzw was is deine Muttersprache?
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            A hearty welcome from me too 🙂
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