One thought on “TranXending Vision Chapter 36 out now!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. your releases are too slow. og came on ww after you but they are double the chapters. this is a good novel with good translations but the release rate just sucks. 7 chapters a week may sound good but the raws are in the thousands. this will take years at this rate. then you will get bored and start on another ln and drop this one after 200ish chapters. I have seen it happen and it sucks cause you know you can do more but you start to focus on the money and then the releases stagnate. do you know how deathblade got so many patreons? a crazy fast release schedule which made more people follow him and not catch up in like 2 hours. so this is my rant. the key is be like deathblade and like bao. shoutout to bao. he interacts with the readers which is also a plus. so yeah. don’t ruin this ln. please.

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