Today’s SOTR has been stolen by :bloboutage:

Hello e’eryone,

It’s been a.. rather tumultuous 48 hours, particularly with the bomb of announcements that volare dropped earlier today. Please forgive the chapter coming in later than usual because of:

  1. The heavenly tribulation
  2. I got sick through the internet
  3. A zombie goat is staring at me in the face

My team may or may not have come up with some of these (there, I said the bit about undead goats!). I saw a reader saying in one of the NUF threads that they loved the funny randomness I share in announcements. Thank you and <3.

But HEY! Tomorrow is also when I announce the chapter 500 art contest. There will be cash prizes and be based off of SOTR content. So get your brushes ready and maybe pick out a favorite scene or character beforehand!

<3 etvo (and hai Broosk!)

18 thoughts on “Today’s SOTR has been stolen by :bloboutage:” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Well, i truly didn’t expect you, etvo, to notice my comment throughout the sea of comments in that thread lol!
    Yeah i do love the randomness that accompanies either your chapter announcements or teasers! especially missing those pikachu meme’s XD
    All of you, wuxiaworld’s translators and editors, truly made this a heart warming community~ moonfox’s replies to EVERYONE, Ren’s commitment that’s rarely seen in people and encourages others to be as committed as he is tot eh things they love, OMA’s freakishly precise release schedule and everyone else i mean i could go on and on but i just wanted to say Thank You and what ever happens in the future, you will ALL have OUR support 🙂

    1. i also really enjoy the sillyness and everything, most translators that comment a lot makes us feel a bit of a connection, like we know them a bit more through these, i know many ppl complain about etvo rambling but i for one enjoy it, every translator here has their own personality, and ill be honest, ill never, never read stuff on qidian bullshit site with their bullshit translations, tried once and felt like i was reading machine translations, ill miss the novels that are dropped, but happy volare and WW are working with other publishers

      1. Yesh you gotta love princess etvos randomness in announcements, littleshanks funny previews and everyones attention, having such cool translators is what has formed this community even if Qidian was not planning a paywall they could never compete with the awesome translators in this community, actually what I will miss the most from Etvo translating gdk is her comments on each episode (except for deynas perfect episode cliffhanger cut that one was powerfull enough to make several of us spit blood I bet)

  2. Okay, well, here are my opinions
    1. Not a good reason… you should obviously use Heavenly Tribulation to save on your electric bill, so it shouldn’t stop you
    2. Not a good reason cause sickness isn’t enough to stop a cultivator
    3. okay, that’s a good reason… zombie goats are a problem and the government has to do something about those things…

    It’s too bad you’re busy dealing with the evil goats…. but hey… at least you can save money on your assassin bills if you learn to control it…

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