Today’s ATG and SR pushed back.

Tiredness Punch was super effective! Chapters are delayed yet again!

I feel like I’m too busy playing catch up lately, arghhh. This was completely unexpected, but tonight’s holiday shopping has worn me out!

Also, to anyone in the US who managed to get the Mario Edition new 3DS, pat yourselves on the back but no smiling, or giggling allowed! It was a deal I was trying to get for my tiny brother but all retail stores were out of stock! Online “pre-orders” were up in like the middle of the day yesterday (that was Wednesday! blasphemy!) for like an hour before they were all sold out! What?! I even bought Pokemon Moon for him! But now he won’t have a console! I’ll have to buy him the fatter one before Christmas! Time is ticking too fast!! alyschu hurt itself in its confusion! Okay, rant’s over. Hope everyone’s shopping went well too!

Current release status for tomorrow: 4 SR Chapters, 1 ATG Chapter.

Latechu signing off! o7

24 thoughts on “Today’s ATG and SR pushed back.” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. 4 chapters SR on the same day? Is it Christmas yet? *-*
    Oh and … sorry for all the trouble you went through. Hope he likes the presents. =)
    But don’t spoil him too much or he might want a sportscar soon. 😉

  2. You need to work out one day a week to be a day off. As it is, your releases get later and later each day until you cant stay awake anymore, take rest days you deserve them.

  3. Uh what? there’s plenty still in stock. I saw a bunch at Walmart and you can even order them from Amazon. Target got cleaned out though b/c they were going for $150.

  4. Pokémon Moon >> Sun
    Although that vulpix is way too cute for my liking

    |–> Everyone has that little thing that makes people remember them, so here is mine !
    ->> The Dao Emperor Apocalyptic Sea Dragon’s will is allmighty and encompasses the heaven and earth !

  5. This is happening quite often recently, but it’s not really your fault since everyone gets tired.
    Maybe you should release chapters less often or something, idk but i wouldn’t mind.

  6. We have to say that we do not understand this American obsession with gift giving. In our country, though we do give gifts, this time of year is mostly just the families getting together for a big family feast that typically lasts two or three days. (It helps that our grandmother’s birthday is on the twenty sixth of December.) And even this only happens every second year, as everyone goes to their other families the other year.

    Our family does not even give gifts. Instead we give some money and let the targets of our exchange pool the money to buy what they really want or need. We find this to be much more functional. If indeed we do give gifts, it is typically small gifts given more for sentimental reasons.

    Then again, this might simply just be because our family is quite dispersed and values more the time spent together than the material goods exchanged. (Though on the other hand ourself are not very close with the family, so we do not really have a vested interest either way.)

    1. You’re not alone, same goes with my family although We do also have a dinner at least once a month at our grandma’s with all 4 generations in one house. Specially during summer (which is now in Australia) with outdoor BBQ. Also school ends around this time so we celebrate graduations if somebody is graduating.

  7. @Alyschu

    You can pre-order it through Walmart for 99$. You will not receive it until midway in December but that is before Christmas so it works out(also free shipping). Doesn’t matter if it’s out of stock right now or not. Only place I found that will do this. At least for today they’re doing it so I hope you see this Message! Thank you for all your hard work :)!

    1. I don’t think she wanted the b/w models but the tier above that that is white and has changeable covers that could be found at target for $150 and sold on Amazon for $199 but only 3 left in stock when I checked just now.

  8. Well, I don’t trulls mind about ATG because I guess it will not be long before the translations catch up with the raws. Spirit Realm pace is pretty slow and many episodes get you pissed off… So I just wait for the Arc to finish, then start reading it again.

  9. I think you should take a day atleast from the week, to rest, or give the responsability to another person.
    In the other hand, what i dont understand is why ATG is getting less and less chapters but SR is getting so much attention, makes me really sad.

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