TI Vol 19 Chapter 16-5

End of arc.

I have been feeling pretty demotivated lately which is the reason for the slow update. On the bright side of things, I got some time to catch up on anime and readings. And I will be shortening my commute by three hours next month so I am thrilled with that. We are about 76% through this novel so I hope I can mange to finish it.

Also I am on Discord now, sometimes.

TI Vol 19 Chapter 16-5

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  1. Been with you since early days, you can do it

    cutting 3hours out of a commute is massive, happiness is a difficult thing to pin down in studies, but one of the most reliable factors for decreasing ‘happiness’ (as according to this study) was commutes longer than an hour each way, so, cutting 3 hrs should be massively improved for you

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