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  1. I love how any type of constructive feedback is met with this type of adolescence tantrum response. My feedback was purely meant to help identify a potential bottleneck in the release process. What’s wrong with assigning multiple translators (if possible) to help build a queue of releases up? That way if something unexpected happens, the readers are unaffected. Not trying to be heartless, just effective. As far as the name calling goes, please try to express yourself as a semi adult. We learn in the 1st grade that name calling isn’t an appropriate way to express yourself.

    1. Constructive feedback?

      ” Or replace this peep ”

      I don’t see that being constructive at all, only disrespectful.

      And of course that your constructive feedback will get those kind of answers, it’s a reaction of the frequency/vibe/vibration you’re giving.

      That’s called Karma, you get what you deserve.

      If your feedback was ‘purely’ meant to help, you wouldn’t have called A0132 “peep” nor you would had asked to replace him.

      You may begin by saying thanks to A0132 for the new chapter and constant releases.
      It’s always easy to criticize other people’s work when it’s not you who’s putting all the effort in doing it.

      Every people has a life and also priorities, he’s also skipped many priorities quite a few times in order to release chapters earlier rather than later.

      There’s a saying;

      You may have worked really hard and only made one fault over all the time. People will not recognize all your hard work, but that one error you did will not slip through their eyes.

      It’s easy to point to other’s peoples faults.
      Recognize yours first.

      May you have a good day, and don’t be as hypocrite next time.

      1. Calling someone a “peep” is not disrespectful and was used for its brevity. The “help” I referred to was to fix the bottleneck, so the advice included two possible solutions. “Replacing this peep” is one solution and getting another translator to help build the queue up (if that’s possible) is another. I understand people have other responsibilities, that’s called life. Is translating with Wuxiaworld a job or a volunteer task? If it’s a job, we all have other responsibilities that we must deal with (it’s that life thing I mentioned earlier) so deal like the rest of the world. If it’s a volunteer task, that’s a whole different story. Either way, thanks for the chapters.

        1. So how you wrote your original comment was disrespectful no matter how you meant it. I have been following along with this novel before it was on wuxiaworld, when the translator was still running a blog. The translator does this as a hobby and has done well to notify us of reasons why translations slow down. The translator has thought about quitting before so comments like this serve no purpose. You should know that this is not job for them because of the lack of sponsored chapters.

  2. Hey A0132!

    Hope that you got a warm and cozy new home!! 🙂

    Keep it easy and do not stress yourself to translate, one step at a time mate.
    Priorities always goes first, and it’s your life what’s a priority.

    Thank you for all the hard work, it’s really appreciated!

    And last, but not least, enjoy your new home!

    Namaste. ~

  3. Thanks for the chapters. I have been following along for over a year and appreciate all the hard work. I created this account just to defend you as that first comment was extremely rude and has no idea of why you started translating.

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