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  1. Thanks and Welcome to Wuxiaworld.
    hehe i see you still need to get acquainted with posting the links.
    you used the hold url. lol
    good enough right ( ´・ω・`).

  2. I’m enjoying this massively so far, and am looking forward to catching up the the current releases. Thanks for this chapter!, even though It’ll take me awhile to get to it :3 Really excited that you’ve come to WW. Feels like the entire place has been enriched 😀 This kind of story/genre is a breath of fresh air. Contrast from the types of novels I’ve read so far is a good thing, especially when done as great as this!

  3. Thanks for the chapter!

    Btw, is it just my phone or you really haven’t put Terror Infinity in Active Index? I can’t seem to find the 1st chapter

    1. Okay, found it, but just you know, it really hasn’t been put in Main Index and may be troubling some new readers (like me) later. Anyway, nice work! Now off to read I go ?

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