TI Vol 9: Chapter 8-1

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Vol 9: Chapter 8-1.

ChengXiao said with bitterness when he learned of WangXia’s death in the movie before. “A good warrior with strong combat skills, and an expert in setting traps and mines. He was known for his grappling techniques.”

Zheng patted his shoulder. “Before you become strong enough, death is more likely in the movies for everyone. Don’t overthink it. Carve his name onto this stone tablet.”

This was the tablet the team exchanged together. It recorded the comrades who once fought with them.

“Chu Xuan, Zero, Qi Tengyi, Zhang Jie, WangXia.”

When a person looked at this tablet, these names would be printed in his mind like a magical effect.

“We fought together. We live on the power and sacrifices of our comrades. That’s why we must live on. Carrying these sacrifices and live on together!”

The last line took Zheng a long time to come up with. Similarly, it would be printed in the person’s mind when he looked at the tablet. So that the person would never forget these words!

It was finally time for the most important topic in God’s dimension, that was discussing enhancements and exchanges. Since Zheng became a leader, they would need to know what the next movie was and exchange items necessary for the movie.

“Didn’t you and Yinkong each killed a Queen? The extra rank D reward can be used to buy their freedom. Whew. It would be much better. Bringing in extra people put a lot of restrictions on us. Oh yeah, everyone give me the defensive shields. I will recharge them. They may come in use in the next movie.” Honglu said to everyone.

Hong and Yinkong nodded. Two rank D rewards couldn’t get any worthwhile enhancements, and it felt like a waste to get another weapon. So the rewards were best used to buy freedom for the two girls. After all, the rank B reward and the large amount of points were more than enough to make up this little loss.

Zheng had been in connection with God the whole time. His face looked pale when he finally opened his eyes. It took him a long time before he spoke with bitterness. “The next movie is Resident Evil: Apocalypse, but we are going to encounter another team. The team will randomly selected. We have to enter the movie to know. This is going to be troublesome.”

The others’ weren’t looking so well at this point. Everyone except ChengXiao had experienced a team battle. In these life and death encounters, as soon as one team opened fire, then one of teams would be certain to get wiped. Not only were veterans counted in the score but also newbies.

Honglu pulled a strand of hair and said. “This is probably normal. The previous movie gave us a lot of points and rewards so we can deal with the next team battle. Isn’t that the reason for the plentiful of rewards? I had this question for a while, if someone reached a high level of enhancements then started saving his points to leave this world, will he also be able to cause a change in humanity? The answer is no.”

“Human society is an enormous system. An individual has to be powerful enough to break this system to change it. Like, a god. Otherwise, he is still just an individual. So God setup this countermeasure to increase difficulty at random, and increase difficulty along with your level of enhancements. If you don’t enhance, you are dead when you encounter another team. If you do, the movies will become more and more powerful, until you to survive movies of full scale wars, disasters, and unexplainable phenomenons. This prevented people from saving up points, so no one can leave this world that easily.”

Hong asked in confusion. “If this is so, then aren’t we trapped here our whole life? Never going to go back?”

Honglu laughed. “That’s why you have to unlock the genetic constraint. It doesn’t cost any points and the deeper stage you achieve, the more powerful you as an individual gets, excluding the enhancements and weapons. I still can’t grasp what the fifth stage is like, but its literal description belong to god’s domain.”

Zheng nodded. “Then let’s discuss the enhancements we need. Lan had already gotten the Soul Link ability, so we will start with Honglu. Uh, since you are younger than us, your body isn’t really suitable for close combat or using long range weapons. I think you should learn magic or the like. There’s a rank D enhancement, initial contact with the Weave. It allows you to contact levels 0 to 3 of the Weave. The rank C counter part increases it to 4 to 5, and the rank S enhancement increases it to 10 to 11. This enhancement should be the best for you.”

Honglu’s eyes shone with light. He said excitedly. “This is the magic system from Dungeon and Dragons. Is this real? That’s really…” Then his eyes dimmed down.

“This enhancement needs a lot of magic to support it. Abilities are expensive. Furthermore, the number of uses for its spells is limited. There are only so little uses in a day. I am afraid it won’t be too useful in the movies.”

Zheng messed his hair with a laughter. The boy was smart but still acted like a child a lot of the times. “It will still be stronger than the current you. Don’t worry, we will all grown strong gradually and leave this world together. Haha, don’t you think this is a good start?”

Honglu nodded and accepted this enhancement. He split up the rank B reward to two rank C’s and three rank D’s. He exchanged the rank D and C enhancements, allowing him to use spells up to level 5. However, that only left him with 2500 points, a rank C and two rank D rewards. He spent both rank D’s for a level 0 and a level 1 spell, Ray of Frost and Summon Monster I. He could use the Ray of Frost 7 times, and Summon Monster 5 times a day.

The others watched as the boy expressed excitement from the enhancement. He stood there with his eyes closed, then pointed at an empty area on the floor. A beam emitted from his finger. About a cubic meter of the floor was covered with a layer of frost. The intensity wasn’t strong, even weaker than items taken out of the fridge.

But Honglu said excitedly. “Haha, this is good enough. In the rules, this level 0 magic is only a cantrip. Its damage will increase as my level increases. Let’s take a look at the summoned creature.” He raised a hand then chanted in an unknown language.

A hexagram magic circle appeared in front of him. Special particles floated out of the magic circle then a hound’s head emerged from the center. Several seconds later, a hound of about 1.7 meters came out. There was a little horn on its head but overall, this hound looked like a strong creature.

Honglu studied the hound carefully then circled around it and laughed. “Haha, this is the level 1 magic. How’s it? What do you think? Doesn’t it look cool?”

The hound crouched down following his order. Honglu sat on top of it and let it carried him running around. The platform was filled with the boy’s laughter.


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  1. Foolish boy any mage worth the ink to pen his spellbook knows you take magic missile always, it scales as well and doesn’t miss unlike rays.

    1. Actually magic missle in reality would miss if the enemy was fast enough and dodge at the last minute but with a beam he just has to point his finger,he could wave his finger around and hit the thing while it’s moving and if when its upgrade and it lets him shoot out of multiple fingers then it’s OP

  2. Holy molly. It’s Resident Evil Apocalypse!!! Nemesis is coming to town!!! This is going to be fun.

    Anyway, would the characters from RE:1 remember Zheng?

  3. She’s starting to piss me off, she’s not following the team rules, independently doing whatever she wants risking the team. She didn’t show them the direction last time (to the group of four, wasted the points on a crappy cross that reduces your ability). Tch now she’s acting all maniacal.

    1. She has to use a 3rd of her points for the benefit of the team. The other 2/3 is used for her own benefit as long as it strengthens the group. Even if she told the team she was giving him a cross and they didn’t like it it would be her first warning. She gets three warnings. Plus giving the tank a revival item isn’t bad for the team at all.

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